Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day Three Hundred & Eight - Googly Green

Shoes: Lilac and green globe Lady Dragon slingbacks Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa

Been babysitting my little nephew today, so just a quick photo. I'm very matchy today, which isn't always like me, but these shoes were just screaming to be paired with this dress.
Wearing: Pale green floral tea dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Very comfy.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Day Three Hundred & Seven - Perk Up

Shoes: Bronze 'Lacey' lace-up platforms Faith

Loving this last little burst of summer weather we're getting today. August has been very disappointing and this past week has been especially cold and dark. I'm trying to get as much wear out of this dress before it completely turns to autumn; because it's so light, it's not the type of dress that will translate well in colder weather. I've also put up more pictures of todays gorgeous shoes on my facebook page!
Wearing: Parrot maxi dress G21 at Asda, black cardi and River Island necklace.
Fit: True to size, 5 1/2" heel with 1 1/2" double platform.
Comfort: They aren't too difficult to get on, but it takes a while to get them off! I thought they were comfortable until I realised in the 5 minutes I had them on, they rubbed the skin off the back of my leg-ouch! I think it's because in order to get them looking right from the front, you have to tie them quite tightly and then it's a struggle to bend your ankles when tackling stairs. Other than that, they have a nice cushioned insole and are easy to walk in.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Day Three Hundred & Six - Feeling Purple

Shoes: Purple suedette and snake platform courts Matalan

Final shoe for the day and such a lovely shape. I really like the platform and cutesy rounded toe.

Fit: True to size, 5" heel and 3/4" platform.
Comfort: Although these have a high heel, it's reasonably chunky and the platform ensures it doesn't feel very high. Really comfortable.

Day Three Hundred & Five - Stud It

Shoes: Black studded ankle boot Oasis

I wanted these boots so badly and then have hardly worn them once I bought them. I guess I just never found the right outfit. I forgot to mention I now have my own facebook page for The Shoe Girl Diaries and Pink Haired Princess-just click the badge to the right and add me!

Fit: Quite narrow, I had to go up a size. Heel almost 4".
Comfort: Fine.

Day Three Hundred & Four - Belated

Shoes: Pink glitter, leopard print Dolly Interbow courts Office

Sorry, sorry I haven't posted for days I know! I've actually not been out of the house or dressed, so I apologise. I do have some shoe images for you though. All of the following pairs I've decided to sell and you can find them on ebay now (they finish next Saturday). I really need to make some room, so had to be ruthless.

Fit: True to size, 4" heel.
Comfort: Quite a 'hard' shoe, although thankfully they don't hurt because they fit well.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Day Three Hundred & Three - Going...

Shoes: Metallic lace up shoe boots ASOS

I spent yesterday afternoon (and evening) listing lots of shoes on ebay. I'll maybe post an image tomorrow on Pink Haired Princess of the 17 pairs I'm selling. I was being ruthless and could've put more up if I hadn't been so tired photographing, weighing and writing up that lot! Most have barely been worn and that's why I can't justify keeping them. Here's one such pair...

Wearing: No outfit post today.
Fit: 4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: No problems with these.

Day Three Hundred & Two - Bright Heart

Shoes: Yellow and black heart Lady Dragon peep toes Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa

Sorry I didn't get the chance to post this yesterday, I was up and out early-a trip to the dentist. Exciting! Mum and I had a little wander around this gorgeous boutique in town afterwards where I was left wishing the shop was actually my bedroom and that the beautiful vintage inspired clothes from the likes of Darling would fit me. I also spotted a stunning little ceramic fawn necklace which reminded me of this ornament my Grandad used to have. Unfortunately the chain was really short and fine and I couldn't think of another suitable (longer) chain I had at home. It was utterly adorable though and I can't stop thinking about it. It was quite expensive though, so would have to be perfect! Wearing: The dental nurse was extremely disappointed that I didn't wear Irregular Choice as she likes to see the soles when I sit on the chair! I actually had intended to wear my yellow Rocko heels, but they looked dirty against this dress, so I opted for a lighter shade with these peep toes. Bright floral dress Dorothy Perkins, black leggings, black cardi, modified horse necklace ASOS, rings Primark.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: I must admit one foot rubbed yesterday and it always seems to in this pair, although my other pairs don't appear to give me any bother.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day Three Hundred & One - Clear Out

Shoes: Faux snake and suede cut out and ankle cuff shoes E-Vie at Peacocks

I didn't even realise yesterday that we reached Day 300. I suppose now that I'm repeating styles the number of days isn't so important. I'm having a clear out today and will be putting lots of shoes up on ebay tomorrow. Now that I know exactly what I own, I know of a few I can get rid of to make room for new pairs! I'm considering selling these, but I like them...maybe it's time to be ruthless.

Wearing: No outfit post today-I'm slumming it!
Fit: 4 3/4" heel and 3/4" platform, true to size. Back zip opening.
Comfort: Totally fine.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Day Three Hundred - Big Fish, Little Fish

Shoes: Green 'Fish Out Of Water' split toe heels Irregular Choice

Been shopping today and bought the most adorable little dress for my friends little girl-such a treat to shop for girls. Unfortunately I didn't have as much choice for clothing for myself-not that I need anything in all honesty! I did go super crazy in Primark with their cute animal themed jewellery though-get yourself down there pronto!
Wearing: Another Pearl Lowe for Peacocks dress-sorry about the crappy photo, it's so dark today (I was very disappointed with this dress because I bought it for £40, only wore it once then it was reduced to £20, then a couple of days later to £10!!-tres annoying). Anyway, teamed it with surprise, surprise black leggings and a little black cardi. Also wore my tiger ring from Primark, bug ring from Topshop and animal station chain from ASOS.
Fit: 4" heel and I find I have to go up one size in split toe styles. They are slightly roomy in length, but I need the bigger size for where the toe splits.
Comfort: The only part that bothers me is the toe section, it can rub or feel a little awkward after a while.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Nine - Pastel Pretty

Shoes: 'Goa' studded bow sandals by River Island Design Forum

Hello chickies! Hope you're enjoying the weekend. It's very windy today, but lovely and sunny. So, I decided to wear some pretty, pastel colours! I think I'm going shopping tomorrow, yipeeee! Haven't been shopping for myself in ages, so really looking forward to it.

Wearing: Pastel pink and green floral and bird print dress Pearl Lowe for Peacocks and black leggings.
Fit: 5 1/4" heel, true to size, adjustable buckle fastening.
Comfort: Let's just say they put the 'killer' in killer heels. With that size of heel and no platform, your foot is actually vertical. That said, they are so stunning that I keep finding excuses to wear them! Hey at least it's a workout for my legs!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Eight - Bright Ideas

Shoes: Green embroidered sandals Unze London

Just a quick one today and no outfit, because I've not had time to get properly dressed or go out at all. How are you finding the blog this time round with the inclusion of what I'm wearing? Do you like this additional piece of information and more details of the shoes?

Wearing: Nothing exciting.
Fit: 4" heel and true to size.
Comfort: I couldn't imagine these being easy to walk in for any length of time given the fact that there is only one little strap across the foot.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Seven - Dotty Cherries

Shoes: Beige Lady Dragon Cherries Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa at Shudoo

I had a trip to the doctors today, not the most exciting of days-but I really haven't been in ages, so thought I'd better pop in. My doctor is great, really funny and always comments on my shoes. "Are those cherries?" Then he said I was a proper Imelda 'De'Marcos-oh bless him!
Wearing: My beautiful blue polka dot dress by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks, black leggings and lots of jewellery (seagull brooch Miss Selfridge, rings and mirror pendant Topshop).
Fit: 4 1/4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: Very flexible and comfortable, the slingback doesn't rub. Easy to walk in.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Six - Bright Contrast

Shoes: Pink concealed platform t-bars ASOS Premium

I wanted to wear a contrast to my dress today which is made up of blue, green and purple flowers and pink seemed like the perfect choice! The shoes are rather plain, but I like their shape and have worn them many times.
Wearing: Dip hem floral dress ASOS, modified black leggings Primark, pink flamingo pendant Miss Selfridge.
Fit: 4 1/4" heel and concealed platform. True to size.
Comfort: The vamp can rub a little at the sides, but otherwise fine. Easy to walk in.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Five - Where Are They?

Shoes: Red and purple strappy platforms Matalan

I must've spent around 30 minutes deciding which shoes to wear today-having such a choice is a novelty! I've become accustomed to wearing a pair on the challenge, then moving them to the back or bottom of the pile, to keep the unworn pairs with easy access. So now that I have the choice of any pair, it's difficult knowing where everything is and being bothered enough to go looking!
Wearing: Cream floral dress F&F at Tesco, striped belt Dorothy Perkins, black leggings and black cardi.
Fit: 4 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform. True to size.
Comfort: They may look high, but they are incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in. Your foot is practically flat and the strapping feels very secure.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Four - Slow Mo

Shoes: Tartan 'Filly' blue peep toes Shoemissy

I'm having a slow day...just not getting anything done very quickly! I thought it looked very wintery outside (and dressed accordingly), but actually it wasn't too bad once I was out in it-silly me.

Wearing: Navy bird print dress Pearl Lowe for Peacocks, green tights Accessorize and cream, pearl cardi Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: 1/2" platform and 4 1/4" heel. I find these a little too small-a half size bigger would be the ideal.
Comfort: Other than the fact they feel a little small at the back of the heel, they are pretty comfy and there are no issues with walking in them.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Three - Creep!

Shoes: Shimmering aqua bow sandals with gold tie and charms Miss Sixty

Why are nice cars always owned by stinky, old men? I just witnessed my neighbour washing his "nice sports car" in the tightest, most hideous shorts I've ever seen. Infact they were pants, not shorts! He shouldn't be allowed out like that and he's probably pushing 50 too which is disgusting, hee hee! I practically ran past him! A definite downside of the good weather-I won't even get started on his long matted ponytail!!!
Wearing: Just had a shower and pinned my hair up, so had to go out 'incognito' with a black silk scarf/turban, huge sunglasses and no makeup! Wanted to wear my pastel blue lace dress from Primark because I haven't worn it enough (or maybe at all) this summer, has really cute puffy sleeves. Had to pop on black leggings too as it's too short without (unfortunately my grey pair have been crushed in a drawer for too long)!
Fit: True to size, adjustable tie fastening. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: The band across your foot does start to dig in to your big toe (almost immediately), a chunky heel means they are pretty easy to walk in.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety Two - On The Up And Up

Shoes: Sporty neon platform ASOS Premium

There was me thinking summer was over and it's been a lovely, sunny day today. I've just been out for a walk although didn't get very far for stopping to chat to my neighbours and people I knew! Hope you're having good weather wherever you are, any bbq's tonight?

Wearing: 2 in 1 dress (black jersey frill, sleeveless top with bright red and pink floral skirt) New Look, black leggings, black cardi and huge black sunglasses!
Fit: a staggering 6 1/4" heel and 1 3/4" platform-the heel narrows to 'knitting needle' size as my Mum would say! True to size. Quite difficult to master pulling that slingback on behind your heel though!
Comfort: The elasticated slingback can start to pinch after a while. Thankfully the rubber sole prevents slipping and gives you something to grip as the heel is worthless in that respect because it is so thin. Personally I find them relatively easy to walk in and comfortable but they are probably best saved for more experienced high heel wearers.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety One - Back To The Start

Shoes: Purple sandal with hole wedge heel Blink

My first post for the new challenge! I'm actually much more relaxed about it this time-there's no worrying that I'll wear all my winter shoes before the cold really sets in or that I pick those fancy shoes to wear only to realise they match perfectly with a dress I want to wear to a party next month! This time it's me choosing from all 200 pairs every day and it's much more natural. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the past year of only wearing a pair once-it definitely was a challenge, but this is more like a diary! A couple of new features are the comfort and fit, which I'll include with every post, because I think it's important and helpful to know, especially if you're shopping online and I'll also include a brief description of what I'm wearing on occasion. I bought these sandals purely for their stunning heel-I wasn't too fussed on the actual uppers. I'll probably be trying to take advantage of any decent weather and wear my more summery pairs where I can!

Wearing: As you can see, my parrot maxi dress (G21 at Asda) with a black cardi and vintage look long, horse pendant.
Fit: 4 3/4" heel + 1/2" platform. For the perfect fit in these I went up a size.
Comfort: Once you get used to the 'rocking whilst walking' effect, they are fine!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The New Shoe Girl Diaries

Sorry for the unexpected break. I've been busy today though in preparation for starting afresh! I've completely lost track of the shoes I still own and those I've thrown away since starting the challenge last year. When you're only wearing them once in a year, it's very, very difficult to recall each and every pair. So I've been going through them all and writing them down. When I was down to my last 70 or so pairs in the challenge, I did this and categorised them (winter, summer, special occasion etc) and it really helped me to decide which needed to be worn when.
As you can imagine it's quite a task! I'm probably going to eventually transfer all the data onto my computer so it's even easier to look at. I've been considering many different options of how to progress with the challenge and the only thing I'm certain of is that I don't want to commit to only wearing a pair once as it seems so wasteful and restrictive, even although it's probably more interesting for you. After my massive clear-out, I currently have just under 200 pairs though and most of you haven't been with me since the start of The Shoe Girl Diaries, so I'm hopeful that the challenge will remain exciting for you all.
I was going to choose a theme perhaps each month and stick to that, but I've eventually decided that my new system should simply be 'what I really wear'. Much more like an online shoe diary. How does someone who owns 200 pairs of shoes decide what to wear? Do I favour one pair for days on end or do I like to mix it up as often as I can? Well you'll find out in the new challenge and I'll try and photograph from different angles to keep it interesting and like I always say, there will always be new shoes! I'm also quite keen to explore the idea of the outfit I pair with the shoes...I don't think I would photograph it every day, because most days I don't even leave the house, but we'll see! I do hope you like the changes and that you'll join me on this new journey!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Ninety - Baby Bambino

Shoes: Pink suede and floral 'Bambino' Irregular Choice

Wow Day 290-unbelievable! I really wished that I had the other pairs that are still stuck in storage to show you, because it would've been nice to see just how many shoes I had owned at one time, in one succession. However my final pair are totally and ridiculously cute, so much so that I'm considering purchasing the blue version too. The only problem is the strap which stupidly features the button hole too far inwards. I had to lengthen the button hole and I just hate taking scissors to a brand new, good pair of shoes! It's worked though and I can now comfortably fasten the strap, although I'm always worried it'll rip or something! I've posted them before on Pink Haired Princess, if you want to click for better images of the doll, but I wanted to show you a side profile here. Come Monday we'll be re-starting the challenge, I suppose. I have a few ideas of how we might change it up to keep it interesting. Have a good weekend!

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Nine - Here Kitty, Kitty!

Shoes: Turquoise 'Kitty Princess' Irregular Choice

Back to normality and here are the last 2 pairs of shoes I currently have left to show you. This pair are my most recent purchase and you will probably remember I already have the pink version. I adore them and years ago when buying my original pair, I really debated which colour to get as they are both so beautiful. I'm pretty happy to own both, although I reckon the pink are still my favourite. I wore the big jewelled button to the centre front of the strap yesterday for a change.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Eight - Weekend Special

Shoes: Pewter and black sandal Miu Miu

And these were my 'going home' shoes on Sunday. My friends expected no less from me, but were shocked to hear how my shoe spending had progressed to designer and more expensive pairs. These were my first Miu Miu's and I think my first ever designer pair. They still remain one of my favourites. They seem to encompass the foot, really hug it, plus they have interesting details all around the shoe, so from every angle there's something to look at.

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Seven - Weekend Special

Shoes: Pale pink satin cherry sandals with crystals River Island

So here are the shoes I wore on Saturday to the wedding. Seeing as they needed to be chunkier heels, these were both the comfiest and dressiest option. Many guest's eye line fell towards my feet as I walked past and one older guy mentioned that they were the first thing he noticed-so they proved a hit! I think I maybe lost a couple of smaller stones as the night wore on, but you don't appear to notice. My feet didn't hurt one little bit, which was a bonus. I highly recommend these sandals, they are also available in blue which look completely different.

Whooga Boots Discount Code

Whilst I retake my photos from the weekend (it's a shame because I quite liked the change of scenery in them), how about a discount on some winter boots? Whooga Ugg boots are offering my readers 15% off for the next 2 weeks-just enter the code 15SHOEGIRL. *6th August 2010-I've been informed that the discount code is not valid on sale items. The clearance sale is expected to finish next week, by which time the code will be active. However please note, the current sale price is much less than full price minus the 15% discount code so it is advisable to purchase now whilst the clearance sale is still on. I'm sorry that I was misinformed about this.*
The boots come in an array of colours including baby pink and violet with several finishes and leg lengths. Wear them rolled down, folded or standard. The site also offers an informative look at the history of the ugg boot, how to wear them and a guide to sizing as well as it's own blog. They also ship worldwide.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Silly Me!

Hello Girlies, unfortunately the other images I took this weekend aren't in focus, so I'm going to have to retake them. I'm sorry for mucking you about this past week. I'm looking after my nephews again tomorrow and Thursday, so can't guarantee I'll get the images taken then. Once I've shown you this weekends shoes, there is only one other pair in my collection you haven't seen. Gasp! I have ordered another pair of beautiful shoes today though! Told you I couldn't stop! The blog will definitely continue-as I've mentioned a million times, I have older shoes in storage which I'd love to show you too.

If anyone has any thoughts on how they would like the blog to continue (seeing as the majority of shoes will be a repetition), then do email me. I'm thinking of perhaps having a theme each month and not repeating the same pair in a month-I think choosing a whole year was a massive challenge and one I'm not overly keen to start again. Do let me know your thoughts and again I'm sorry I haven't been posting as regularly lately.
Pink Haired Princess x x x

Monday, 2 August 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Six - Weekend Special

Shoes: Black and white striped 'Greta' platforms Charlotte Olympia

If you pop over to Pink Haired Princess, you can read all about my weekend antics at my friends wedding. I had a fabulous but very tiring time and you can see a little pic of my full outfit over there. I had yet another last minute change to my shoes, but it was definitely the right choice-no sinking in the grass and so comfortable all day. I wore 3 different pairs over the weekend, so I'll start with my 'going away' pair. I'm a little confuzzled about whether or not I have shown you all of my shoes...I think there are still a couple of pairs to see, so after these images I think we need another plan to keep the challenge going. These shoes were a massive hit with my girlfriends (and everyone actually). They were also supposed to be my choice for wearing to the wedding, but tomorrow you'll get to see those (sneak peek on PHP now).