Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Day 1208 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pastel Sanrio print tights with Hello Kitty plane court shoes
Shoes: It's Time To Have Fun | Irregular Choice x Sanrio 

The next pair of Irregular Choice shoes I bought from the Sanrio collection, are these winged courts.  Last week I shared the Playing Dress Up boots if you missed those.  The pair today, I was most unsure of when ordering, but as I said in my first impressions post, they really went up in my estimations when I saw them for real. 

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Day 1207 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Hello Kitty themed tights and boots with Kitty shaped heel
Shoes: Playing Dress Up | Irregular Choice x Sanrio 

So, this week I have the first of my Irregular Choice Sanrio footwear buys from the collection that launched recently.  I've written a summary of the items I bought and my first impressions over on Pink Haired Princess and I was slightly critical of these boots.  They were a style we saw in the previews and I thought a pair, I'd definitely keep, but when they arrived I wasn't so sure.  Having properly tried them on for this post, I've changed my mind yet again, I really like them! Isn't that typical? 

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Day 1206 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing black knit ankle boots with Eiffel Tower heel and Paris poodle tights
Shoes: Black Eiffel Tower heeled sock boots | Vetements 

I had hoped to have something from my Irregular Choice Sanrio order to show you today, but unfortunately it's not arrived yet. I don't know if I'm keeping all I bought, the collection was quite big and making decisions quickly isn't something I'm good at. I like time to think!  I'd rather return something I didn't need, than regret not buying it in the first place and it selling out. I definitely splurged when it came to the bags and accessories, so I'd feel guilty if I kept all that. I got a few pairs of shoes, but I mostly fell in love with the trainers and boots, which I don't wear, so at least they were easy to discount. I've said it before, but it's really hard to justify shoes and bags to myself at the moment when I'm never leaving the house and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. I've completely lost all desire to go out and our town is just hoaching with mostly non-masked holiday makers, students and visitors. It would be stressful rather than enjoyable, going out in that.  

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Day 1205 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing jewelled T-bar shoes with acrylic seahorse detail and fishnet tights
Shoes: Hippokampos | Irregular Choice 

Another old Irregular Choice sale buy I got a long time ago, but haven't shared yet.  These also came in green, which we all know I'd usually be drawn to, but I really loved the multi-coloured gems on the black pair. The other pair were just one colour. I also love the multi-coloured trim, edging the shoe and the strap, it's stunning in real life, such vivid colours and a reptile finish.  This shoe is just crazy embellished, they really threw everything at it, yet they're still pretty subdued compared to others in my collection. 

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Day 1204 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing fishnet tights and Dolce and Gabbana furry shoes
Shoes:  Furry leopard print courts | Dolce & Gabbana

Yay, I eventually bought myself some birthday shoes!  My b'day was back in May, but I hadn't seen anything at the time and I wasn't going to buy something just for the sake of my wee tradition.  I'd rather wait until something special appeared.  I'd actually seen these elsewhere, about three times the price I bought them for and even that would be significantly cheaper than the original retail price.  I've also seen them in black and white zebra stripes or a plain blush pink, but leopard was my favourite, so I was so excited to find them.