Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Twenty Four - Birthday Blues

Just eaten way too much at my Dads birthday lunch, yummy home baking, Cadburys mini-eggs and birthday cake! Good times! Hope you are all having a nice weekend.
Navy suede ankle boots with large button detail New Look

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Twenty Three - I Loves It

Stunning shoes today, but they are a complete bitch to get on! As much as I adore Irregular Choice, their fluctuating sizing drives me nuts, these shoes are small and narrow. Although I hate those pesky elasticated button fastenings, at least you have that little bit extra pull, these shoes fasten with a stud and I broke 2 nails and chipped 3 trying to get them on! I'm sure you would agree it was worth it though, because aren't they gorgeous?
'Cherry Loves It' black suede and pink felt shoes Irregular Choice and spotty tights Matalan

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Twenty Two - Guilty Pleasure

Took a little trip to see my Granny today because she hasn't been keeping well. I came away with a handful of chocolates and a Clinique Eye Makeup Remover she got for Christmas but doesn't use. We had a cup of tea, shortbread and millionaire shortbread and I refused countless more cakes, it must be a Granny's job to feed you up! It was absolutely freezing out, so I definitely wore the best footwear as these boots are super cosy. I adore them, you can't help but notice them and they match my hair!
Pink leather and suede Guilty Pleasure boots with cuff Irregular Choice

Day One Hundred & Twenty One - Frilling Eye

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I accidentally erased the photos I took, so had to retake them today. I love the detailing on these shoes, so unusual, although I don't often wear them because they have a kitten heel and I can't walk in low heels.
Beige suede shoes with frill and eye detail by Pepe Jeans

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Twenty - Snake Hips

Put on a brand new dress today and noticed an hour later that it had split at the seams! It has lots of panels and they've just come away; poor sewing rather than expanding hips! So after a quick change, I wore these lovely green shoes. They are a really pretty shape with a concealed platform and I like the wide laces, it adds interest. Very excited because my new Terry de Havilland Margaux wedges arrived today, they are bright aqua and totally gorgeous!
Green snake effect lace up shoe-boots ASOS

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Nineteen - Got It All Going On

Can't believe how fast we are speeding through these shoes now. Just seems like yesterday that I was making my 100th post. Very proud of myself for going shopping today and buying nothing for myself. I only went to TK Maxx and Matalan and they were both rubbish! I consoled myself with ordering some animal themed jewellery from ASOS when I got home. Had a change of shoes today to something more durable because I was wearing a suede pair and thought it was going to rain (my toes were freezing though). A lot going on with these shoes, metallic platform and heel, peep toe, slingback, zip, buckles and straps and laces. I really love them though.
Bronze platform, peep toes Faith

Monday, 25 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Eighteen - On A Pink Platform

I haven't stopped all day today, I'm knackered! Going shopping tomorrow (so it will be a delayed post), trying to find something for my Dads birthday. Why are men so difficult to buy for? The sandals today are like a trendy, heeled version of the Scholl pairs you get. They are really cushioned inside which make them super comfy, I used to wear them all summer. I just found them whilst tidying my room, I'm fighting a losing battle with all my shoes at the moment, where do you put them all?!
Pink and black platform sandals New Look

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Seventeen - Bloomin' Again

Been busy, busy, busy today, selling on ebay. Have loads of things to parcel up and post tomorrow, which is good. So just a quick photo today. Wearing my floral tights again (couldn't get them washed and dried quick enough)! These shoes have really cute ceramic heart buttons and a fabby big bow, which I love. I think I'm long overdue a new pair of Shoemissy's actually!Navy blue Shoemissy 'Bobbie' peep toes

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Sixteen - Old Faithful

These shoes are old favourites of mine. I bought them for £20, years ago, before heeled brogues became fashionable. They seem to be that perfect mix of casual and dressy and pretty much go with everything, so I always reach for them.
Navy patent and suede brogues New Look, grey legwarmers Accessorize

Friday, 22 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Fifteen - Another Planet

Another dreich day, but I managed out for a quick walk and instantly felt like I was back in high school. I was wearing this huge furry hat and knitted cape and all the school kids were coming back from lunch and decided to poke fun and laugh at me all the way along the street. Eugh, I'm so glad I don't ever have to go through all that again. I hate people who can't accept others who are a little different to them. Anyway, that put a little downer on my day! Wearing gorgeous shoes though which fit perfectly (quite a hard task when it comes to IC).
Brown 'Saturn' heels Irregular Choice

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Fourteen - Bootball

Did you see Dannii Minogue in that gorgeous dress at The National Television Awards last night? I've just posted it over on Pink Haired Princess, it's beautiful. And Jedward? Awww, they are soooo funny and Vanilla Ice joined them onstage, hilarious. Anyway, a lovely pair of shoes today, they remind me slightly of football boots (in a high heeled way of course). They rock when you walk, so you just have to go with the flow!
Nude and black peep toe shoe-boots Topshop

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Thirteen - Monochromatic

I had my heart set on a pair of shoes and today they sold out : ( So disappointing. They were an absolute steal and I knew someone would snap them up before I could! I received my Topshop Unique sandals today though and I'm really pleased with them. I had wanted the ankle boot version, but they sold out, so I settled for the sandals which were a ridiculous £20 down from £130 (major bargain). I'm glad I did get them, they have far exceeded my expectations, much nicer in the flesh.
Black and white slingbacks with white bow Dorothy Perkins and polka dot tights Primark

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Twelve - High Florals

Very sore from all that shopping yesterday, but excited to be wearing my new floral tights. They look great.
Black platform t-bars Matalan and floral tights Primark

Monday, 18 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Eleven - Frilling Time

I went shopping today, for the first time since....the beginning of December or end of November. I spotted 2 beautiful floral dresses in my magazines last week and had to have them, both from Primark. I fully expected to go and come back with nothing, but they had them both! I was actually squealing in the shop. I also got 5 pairs of tights, including a floral pair, black stirrup ones and sheer polka dots, which will hopefully fit me better than the pair I bought from Matalan, months ago, which barely go up past my knees! I also got a ring, beret, leggings and some pink, high heeled doc martin style boots from Office.
Black suedette shoe-boots with purple satin frill Peacocks

Day One Hundred & Ten - The Sculpture

I've been busy this weekend putting more things up on ebay. I desperately need the money, so I'm selling these shoes. Aren't they an absolute delight? I think it's amazing that we can get something like this from our high-street! If you follow me on Pink Haired Princess you'll know I ended up buying 5 different pairs of these. I'm selling this style in size 5 and 6 and have decided to keep the green suede courts shoes I have. I've already sold the blue suede and black suede boots. The heel speaks for itself, just stunning. You definitely 'teeter' in them, the shoe really throws your weight forward, although the shoes are definitely easier to walk in than the boots.

Ivory statement heel court shoes Topshop Unique

Day One Hundred & Nine - Glitter Faux

After updating you with the posts I missed, I forgot to post this weekends shoes (oops), so here is Saturday! Nice little sparkly, leopard print courts to brighten this miserable weather. I thought the snow was bad, but rain is worse!
Pink leopard print, glitter 'Dolly Interbow' by Office

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Eight - Strap Yourself In

Another fabulous pair of boots today (or technically yesterday). I got dressed up and all ready to go out on a walk and opened the front door and realised it was pouring with rain. So I had to wait until it cleared to go out. I'm glad I hadn't attempted to take these boots off in between because they are an absolute nightmare to get off! When I put them on, I tightened the straps all the way up, so they fitted better (and I had tights on, so don't think that helped). Even taking the buckles out and loosening the straps I couldn't get them off. You know when you had tight trousers or tights on a Sindy doll and tried to pull them off and her leg popped out of her hip? That's what I felt like yesterday! They're gorgeous though (very Vivienne Westwood inspired) and very comfy.
Cream 'Bondaged Up' boots by Poste Mistress at Office, floral dress Dorothy Perkins

Day One Hundred & Seven - Half and Half

I didn't go out on Thursday because I was aching from the day before. I'd been busy clearing clutter in my room and overdid it! I'm also trying to gather some more shoes to put up on ebay this weekend, although I must admit, I'm struggling to find pairs I want to give away at this stage. I think I'll put up this pair though, I just don't wear them enough. They have a really cute, curved shape and I love the demi-wedge.
Black patent demi-wedge sandals and high-shine leggings both ASOS

Day One Hundred & Six - Lets Go Crazy

As promised, here are my fabulous boots from Wednesday. I decided to take the photo on this crazy carpet because I thought it clashed rather well! My computer is all fixed now (it was the monitor), so I'll be updating with the shoes you've missed as quick as I can. These boots have an odd shape, the back is quite fitted with a zip down the centre, but at the front there is lots of excess fabric, which you can style as you like, using the ties. I really like the finished look, once they've been played around with a little. You can wear them as I have, or scrunch them down a bit (at their tallest they are mid-calf).
Brown suede and leopard print boots by Irregular Choice

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Delayed Post

Sorry, no post today, woke up to a computer screen that wasn't working : ( I'm currently borrowing a laptop from my sister, so can't upload my photos. I did wear a super, duper, fabby pair of boots today (which photographed really well), so look forward to that post coming soon.
Love and sparkles as always,
Pink Haired Princess

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Five - Granny Chic

These are my 'granny shoes', I'm quite sure my granny actually owns a very similar pair, scary! I'm going to attempt another little walk today, although it's started to rain. So once again, I'm wrapping up warm to keep cosy.
Grey lace-up shoes Primark, grey leg warmers Accessorize

Monday, 11 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Four - Dotty Dice

I ventured outside for the first time today since Christmas, because finally our pavements are almost completely cleared of snow, ice and slush. It was freezing, but so nice to be out. I wore so many layers I could barely move and decided to dig out a pair of my favourite boots for the occassion. I think these were the first shoes that I paid a lot of money for. They were £100 (which was a lot to me), but I just adored them. They feature a gorgeous Blythe heart shaped image, squared block toe, angular heel, polka dots, cut-out hearts and huge, clunky dice on the laces. They are also incredibly comfortable, cushioned and lined in gold metallic. I don't get to wear them as often these days due to my pink hair clashing with them, but as I was wearing a black hat today, I got away with it. It's a shame I couldn't get a better image of them, the camera hates red, so most of them came out funny.Red polka dot Blythe Dice ankle boots Irregular Choice and black legwarmers Accessorize

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Day One Hundred & Three - The Point

We got a considerable amount of snow yesterday, which excited me-even although we've permanently had a covering of snow/ice/slush since before Christmas. There's something about fresh falling, fluffy snow that seems more magical than an already thin covering. I love how everywhere looks pretty and picturesque and it's so quiet. Of course it doesn't last long and it's been reasonably warm today so it's already receding. I can't actually remember where I bought these shoes from and I've already placed them in a bag for the charity shop, so I'm not checking it! I think I got them from Nine West or something in Debenhams years ago. My feet are crossed in this image if you're wondering.
Nude croc effect pointed court shoes with silver buckle detail.

Day One Hundred & Two - It's A Mess

Sorry this is a day late. This 'tidying my room' malarkey is turning into a bigger project than I ever imagined. I keep uncovering more and more things and I've lost all method to it. I'm starting one area, leaving it half finished and moving onto something else and so on! I'm aching all over from bending, stretching and lifting heavy things! Oh dear, tidying really isn't my strong suit. Shoes are though and these tartan beauties will brighten anyones day.
'Dolly Interbow' in red tartan with black leather bow by Office

Friday, 8 January 2010

Day One Hundred & One - Woven Wedge

Not a very good picture of these today but there is hardly a square inch of free space in my room to take photos just now. They are actually straw-like and woven and feature this textured, sequin flower and dinky wedge heel. They are a size smaller than I usually take, but must be very large made as I never usually have to go down a size. It snowed again last night, but not too much. I actually wish it was knee deep, it's fun and picturesque when it's like that. Here, it's icy, slushy and getting dirty! Although that's only what I can see from my window, I haven't been out since Christmas day!
Woven shoes with sequin flower Bronx, grey leg-warmers Accessorize.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Day One Hundred - New York, New York

Yay, we finally made it to Day 100!!!! I'm so excited, even if it took a little longer to get there than it should have. This blog is clearly dedicated to my adoration for shoes and my collection which has just grown and grown over the years. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm completely obsessed with high heels and love my shoes dearly. When you're having a 'fat day' and the whole world feels like crap, for me, slipping on a pair of my favourite heels instantly makes me feel better. Shoes can not only transform an entire outfit but make you walk taller, feel slimmer and sexier. I hope this blog has in some way inspired or made you feel happy. I'll leave you with two of my favourite quotes from Marilyn Monroe "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!", "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world". I couldn't have said it better myself, here's to the next 100 pairs!

Black patent court shoes with New York skyline by Irregular Choice

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day Ninety Nine - Snow Heart

There's been no let-up in this weather. Everytime it gets a little brighter and the ice starts to fade away, a fresh snow shower covers everything and it's worse than ever. I'm starting to think I'll never make it out of the house! I'm fascinated by severe weather conditions and was pretty excited when they cancelled the usual drivel on TV this morning for a special weather news report. I had to laugh at the poor reporters stuck in the wilds, surrounded by snow getting deeper by the minute. The Scottish Borders have closed their snow gates and are now completely shut off from the rest of the country with snow in some places between 4-6 foot! I went to Uni in that area and coming from a seaside town, 'snow gates' and rural conditions were all new to me. I can remember a really bad winter where the snow was up to our knees and you literally had to lift each leg up high to step forward. We eventually managed to clear the wall of snow from our front door and make it down to Tesco where it was a hive of activity with farmers in tractors getting the necessities for those stuck in remote areas. There was hardly any food to be bought because the deliveries couldn't get through and the local radio station were appealing for help for those stranded. There was even a woman who gave birth and couldn't get to hospital and mothers with young babies who needed milk and the whole town really rallied together which I found thrilling. Anyway, another shoe that I could never wear outdoors today and check back tomorrow for our 100th shoe post, how exciting!
Cream and turquoise heart shoes, Contra by Dune and black footless tights with sequin trim, Matalan.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Day Ninety Eight - It's Marilyn Monroe

I've been trying to tidy my bedroom, although sometimes it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle! I'm at the stage where I have nothing left to throw out, so I'm moving things around and just making a bigger mess really. I unearthed a storage box filled with shoes, a few pairs I forgot I still owned to be honest. These Marilyn courts are one such pair. I'm rather obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and anything featuring her image is likely to be a hit with me. I couldn't believe it when I bought these shoes a few years back 'Marilyn' and 'shoes' combined, heaven! I would never wear an elongated pointed toe like these nowadays though and I've definitely had my wear out of them, so I think they will be making their way to the local charity shop soon.
White and black Marilyn Monroe printed court shoes by Blu

Monday, 4 January 2010

Day Ninety Seven - Temperature's Rising

This weather is driving me insane. I haven't left the house since last Christmas/month/year/decade! We even featured on the national news today (national!). For anyone who doesn't live in the UK, you basically never hear about snow on the news unless London has it bad! Our local council have advised everyone to stay indoors and not to travel because there is no salt left to grit the roads. Although the snow isn't too bad, we have permanently had a covering on the ground for the past few weeks which is unheard of. The schools are back tomorrow, so I don't see how you can advise against travelling when thousands of school kids, teachers, staff have to travel. Anyway, I just wish I could venture out for a wee walk for some fresh air, but there's no point taking a risk as I'll probably fall and hurt myself!

So today, we have an ultra tropical looking shoe, kind of like a rain-dance, it's supposed to bring warmer climes! These sandals are even more beautiful inside than out, with embroidered flowers. They also feature coloured rhinestones and a tiny little silver charm dangling near the heel (see it?). Ignore my scutty nail polish, my feet haven't been exposed for weeks!
Lime green sandals with embroidered flowers and rhinestones by Unze London

Day Ninety Six - It Wasn't Meant To Be

If you follow me on Pink Haired Princess, you'll know I ordered these Ashish wedges from Topshop but when they arrived, they didn't fit. I had another go yesterday, but as you can see I couldn't get them on. I can get my foot in, but my heel won't fit inside the shoe. They are very gorgeous and I've been lemming them for ages so I'm pretty upset. On the plus side I've saved myself a massive £150, which I'm sure will come in handy to aid my shoe habit. It just wasn't meant to be.

Leopard wedges by Ashish for Topshop

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Day Ninety Five - Pink and Fluffy

A sight I bet you never thought you'd see, me in flats! My sister got me these slippers for my Christmas as she had noted I hadn't worn slippers for years and considering all the time I spend in the house, I probably should. They are very cosy and fluffy (they look like marshmallows with bunny ears) and I'm still learning to walk in them, I feel/look like I'm walking on the moon. I'm sure I look ridiculous, maybe it's the old lady in me coming out though, after all I am turning 30 this year!
Pink fluffy slippers with bunny ears by Playboy

Day Ninety Four - Pom Pom Away

I love these shoes but have never had the right outfit or opportunity to wear them in the year I've had them. So I was determined to get them out for New Year. I wore a blue dress from Monsoon with green and white flowers, so the green shoes perfectly accented. I also managed to find a pair of tights which matched perfectly. The heel is incredibly high (over 5") and very skinny, so I was glad I got to stay indoors!
Green tights by Accessorize and green velvet 'Pout' platforms with pom pom by Topshop Boutique