Monday, 30 September 2013

Day 937 - Broke Every Law Except For One

Shoes: Black spot 'Chuckles' Irregular Choice 

Today I took my friend and her wee boy out for lunch as it was her birthday last week. It was really busy in town, but the renovations have started on our house (massive digger in the garden), so I was glad to get out for some peace! Our mutual school friend works in the restaurant we went to, so we were giggling away and reminiscing about being teenagers!  A scary thought when our friend has a 16 year old daughter!  You've already seen my green dress shaped like this one and I bought this monochrome floral one at the same time, they are a bargainous £8 each. I added a belt with this one and my fabulous gnome heels finally got a real proper outing! Yay!! They were so comfortable and even stood up to the ninja type moves I had to pull getting down our front path, which was completely blocked off by fencing, a skip and truck.

Wearing: Black floral dress, leggings and satin bow brooch Primark, spike ear cuff, flower hair clip ASOS, turquoise ring my Granny's, pearl ring gift, flower ring Topshop and pink floral bag Love Moschino.
Fit: Very small and tight fitting, so I sized up. 4 1/2" heel, velcro strap fastening.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Day 936 - Every Time You Call Him, All You Get's A Busy Tone

Shoes: Black 'Regent' Vivienne Westwood 

I'm still resisting wearing a coat and wondered if I might be able to wear this jumper to keep me cosy, when I went shopping the other day. I'm definitely not a jumper or chunky knitwear wearing person, so it was important I found a way to make it work within my style. I definitely managed it with this outfit and was surprised at how well it worked actually. This dress is a favourite of mine and it's that strong, sexy silhouette that makes it so great. So I worried that taking that away or partly covering it up would take it from hot to frumpy. The jumper does disguise the fitted waist, but because I put a belt around it and the hips of the dress are exaggerated it seemed to work. The necklines both mirrored one another too, so the dress wasn't exposed and just looked like a skirt. I've lost a little weight recently, so the dress is roomy on me especially around the hip region, but I was really comfortable in this and would definitely try another variation of it some time.  My toes were aching in these shoes though, they just went numb after a while!

Wearing: Floral wiggle dress and unicorn jumper ASOS, belt taken from another dress, vintage handbag, midi and emerald rings my Granny's, rabbit and pig rings Topshop, snake manicure ring New Look and snake pearl ring Miss Selfridge.
Fit: Snug fit, but I stuck to my usual size. Heel just under 4 1/2"
Comfort: Squished and numb toes after a while.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 935 - You Got Me All Twisted And Confused

Shoes: Beige pom pom 'Lady Dragon' Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa 

I can't quite believe I'm typing 'Day 935', that's pretty epic and getting closer and closer to one thousand! It'll be such a milestone getting to that won't it? It's still a couple of months away, but I'm getting excited already. Anyway back to yesterday and it was a glorious day, warm and like summer again, so I was thrilled to be able to slip on this summery outfit. I fell head over heels in love with this vintage looking lamb print from Iron Fist. It adorns several of their items and upon a little investigation, I realised they had produced two dresses in it.  Eh mega excitement! The only place I could find them though, was an Australian retailer without an online shop. This was months ago and I tried to forget about the print, then a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon them again. The other issue was that I didn't think they would go up to my size, but although I had to pay more (the smaller sizes were more widely available), they fitted! I bought this maxi from an American seller on eBay and got a short dress from a UK seller. I also got a vest top with a huge lamb on the front and am thinking of picking up a pair of the shoes and the clutch bag when I have some more pennies. A little obsessive, but I really adore those lambs. Had the skinny jeans and hooded top they make been my style, I'd have bought them too!  If you look closely there are lots of different accessories (collars, harnesses, skulls and bows) on the lambs.  You can also see my Monster High Monday makeup for this look here on Pink Haired Princess.  

Wearing: Lamby maxi dress Iron Fist (not where I purchased from, but the only one I could find in stock), slip Matalan, lace vest top (worn underneath) M&Co, green cardigan Primark.
Fit: 4 1/4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Day 934 - I Don't Know How You Do What You Do

Shoes: Peach 'Take A Bow' Irregular Choice 

Bit of a colour clash with the hair and peach of this outfit, but I rarely (if ever) have hair to harmonise with peach. Hence why although I own some lovely peachy items, I don't wear them often. The jacket is quite boxy and unfortunately detracts from the lovely waist on this dress, but sometimes you feel like a change from a black cardigan. This was one of those days.  I love the dress, it's a really good fit for me and the kissing birdies are so cute! The shoes are fabulous too, quite an old style from Irregular Choice and one I can remember lusting after for ages before I finally got this pair. I'm getting used to the shorter hair...this is almost as long as it goes (a teensy bit longer when straight).  I'm also becoming obsessed with this beautiful sparkly eyeshadow I've been wearing this week (the lightest colour in the Dior Mystic Metallics '384 Bonne Etoile' quad). It's sooooo pretty!  

Wearing: Kissing birds dress, bolero and leggings Primark.
Fit: True to size, just over 4" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 933 - I Am Falling Deeper, Losing My Control

Shoes: Polka dot 'Mullner' Truth Or Dare

New shoes, whoop, whoop! Aren't they cute? I just finished a review on Pink Haired Princess with lots of pictures and also a few other outfits if you want to check that out too. This is also the first time I've worn this dress, although I've had it a few weeks. It's been on my radar for a wee while, I was drawn to the lovely collar detail. It's sleeveless though and as it was colder yesterday I definitely needed a warm cardigan. I wrapped this one around me and belted it, which I thought was quite nice. I'm still fighting against wearing a coat, don't know why I'm having such issues with it! Oh and I cut most of my hair off the other day. You know how I get bored and shouldn't be left with scissors? It started off fine, but I have like this anti-OCD thing, where I like to muck things up on purpose so they aren't too neat. I ended up with one side at least 4 inches shorter than the other, so just kept cutting in the most haphazard fashion until there wasn't anything left to cut. It started off (when straight) just below my shoulders and is now above my jaw.  I can only twirl it around my finger once at the back, eek! Never mind, it'll grow back, I'll just have to look like a boy for a few weeks!

Wearing: Black daisy collar dress H by Henry Holland, black cardigan and leggings Primark, patent belt taken from my panda dress.
Fit: True to size (UK 5 is US 7.5), 4 3/4" heel and small platform.
Comfort: No issues with these.