Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Day 1171 - Shoesday Tuesday

LED light up boots in dark with rocket shaped heel
Shoes: Warp Speed | Irregular Choice 

At the end of last month, the Irregular Choice 'Space Station' collection launched. A colourful range of footwear and accessories including the box/sole design from this season, a brand new concept heel and an original way of giving us lights. The boots I bought are Warp Speed (in black) and I fell in love at first sight with the design, as it reminded me of my old poodle ankle boots, a favourite of mine. These fit a little looser, with the flap not being quite as close to the leg and no option to wear them folded down, but still the overall shape is there and I'm loving it.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Day 1170 - Shoesday Tuesday

grumpy bear blue and good luck bear green fur court shoes with pink tights
Shoes: Grin And Share It | Irregular Choice (Care Bears) 

Another Care Bear style to review for you this week and a brand new character heel.  We saw two different heel concepts in this collection; the sleeping bear on the crescent moon (in green or glitter) and then two variations of these bear heels.  Each shoe has a different bear, this pair; Cheer Bear (pink) and Tenderheart Bear (brown) and both uppers are also different.  Cheer Bear sits on the green, Good Luck Bear upper (I had this one when I was younger) and Tenderheart is on the Grumpy Bear blue upper.  The fur fabric is beautifully soft, a short pile, but really lovely to touch and there's lots of embellishments and embroidery and little sticky-up ears and even tails out the back. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Day 1169 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing care bear calf length boots with printed care bears tights
Shoes: Full Of Cheer | Irregular Choice (Care Bears) 

Another Care Bear style for you this week from the recent Irregular Choice launch. These boots, like the Kingdom Of Caring shoes last time, were one of the few items we saw previewed before release and I knew I definitely wanted them.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Day 1168 - Shoesday Tuesday

colourful fawn print tights with crescent moon shaped care bear heeled shoes with sun and rainbow on uppers
Shoes: Kingdom Of Caring | Irregular Choice (Care Bears)

Hello, feels like forever since I've written a shoe fit review here.  It all felt a bit alien yesterday taking photos of my feet again!  Between not really buying many shoes so far this year and not feeling able to try them on and contort myself to take photos (or sometimes write the blog posts), it's been quiet here!  However, last Friday IC launched their collaboration with Care Bears, which was right up my street and I indulged in all but one of the higher heels, so I have them all to review this month.  Starting with these, probably my favourites actually, Kingdom Of Caring.  I won't talk too much about the design details as I'll cover that in my main review on Pink Haired Princess, but I found these most comfortable out of all the styles.  Straight away, they just felt 'right' on me.  They are slightly generous in size, not enough to size down I wouldn't think, but if like me, you often sit between sizes, I'd go for the smaller.  I bought mine in a 38/5.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Day 1167 - Shoesday Tuesday

sizing information for lightning bolt heeled shoes
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Galactic Thunder 

Another Irregular Choice exclusive colourway for you this week from the lightning bolt heels collection.  I bought both the IC exclusives as the prints and colours appealed to me most.  You can see my furry, unicorn courts here
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