Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Day 1162 - Shoesday Tuesday

little mermaid water globe heeled boots on feet with patterned tights side view
Shoes: Irregular Choice Just Me And The Sea (The Little Mermaid) 

Happy New Year! Hope you're feeling rejuvenated after the break.  I've been struggling from doing a little more over the festive period and the 365 day challenge on Instagram took it's toll on me, as I tried to catch up on days I'd missed when I'd previously felt unwell.  It was all just too much in the end, but it's finished and I can concentrate on other things now (I'm very aware these days of only being able to do one thing at a time).  So, today I have the last of my Disney Princesses shoes to show you. 

Friday, 20 December 2019

Day 1161 - Shoesday Tuesday

yellow and blue brocade mid calf boots being worn with fishnet tights
Shoes:  Irregular Choice A Tale Of Enchantment (Beauty And The Beast)

Onto Belle this week from Beauty & The Beast, which launched alongside The Little Mermaid collection this month as the last of the Disney Princesses at Irregular Choice. I ended up not going for a Belle character heel, which is unusual as characters are usually my thing. I fell for these boots though, honestly the moment I saw them and so I decided to get those and the matching bag and because Ariel is my favourite, her things were basically my priority. I think I said last week, I wasn't going to get Make A Splash because the heels were the same as the boots and I favoured those. Had I done that, I might've gotten a Belle heel, but my budget only stretched so far and I'm so glad I did opt for those shell shoes because they are lovely.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Day 1160 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing grey leopard print tights and little mermaid water globe heeled shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Make A Splash (The Little Mermaid) 

So my Disney order arrived on Saturday and it's given me a chance to try everything on and I'm hoping to run through fit reviews of all 3 pairs I bought, as soon as possible, rather than leaving it to one a week.  First up are one of my Little Mermaid pairs, Make A Splash.  I actually nearly didn't buy these.  The boots were top of my list initially and as these have the same heel, I thought I should go for other (different) pieces first.  I'm so glad I changed my mind, almost everything sold out of all sizes on the day and they are really lovely.  The uppers are an iridescent sequins, so they change colour a bit depending on their surroundings.  Sometimes they are almost white or pink or lilac.  The pinky bit is a very pale pink, then you have that glitter platform which is covered in multiple sized bits of various colours.  It's shedding everywhere, it looks like there's been a party in the shoe room, the floor is covered! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Day 1159 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice christmas glitter court shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Santa's Helper

Following on from The Kringles boots last week, these are my other new season Christmas shoes.  I thought these were really cute, but the lower heel did put me off.  I put them in and took them back out of my basket several times, before committing to buying them on launch day.  They arrived the next day and my opinion was pretty much the same, they are cute, but the low heel is off-putting.  It just needs to be slightly higher for me, but I do really like the rest of the shoe. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Day 1158 - Shoesday Tuesday

foot wearing Santa Claus applique furry glitter sequins ankle boot
Shoes: Irregular Choice The Kringles

What's this? Surely not a new blog post...yes, it is!  I think the last time I blogged here was in summer when I was going through all the Family Reunion collection from May.  It's been a bit of a tough year to manage blogging and everyday stuff, so unfortunately it's fallen by the wayside.  My poor wee blog has forgotten who I am!  I have been keeping up with the #365daysofIrregularChoice challenge on Instagram (well, not quite keeping up, but getting there), so if you're in need of a daily dose of shoe wearing, that's where to hit me up.  300+ items to ogle so far!  I'm realising that we're nearing the end of the year, so I can now grab all the good stuff that I was saving in the hope of getting to wear them for real, but instead I'll probably only be wearing my festive pairs outside now.  Which brings me to this post and I added another couple of pairs to my IC Christmas stash this year.  These are the pair I was most taken with, they are just so, so gorgeous, even better in the flesh than I was expecting.  Last year we were treated to the Ginger's House ankle boot and I really enjoyed having something slightly more casual to choose from.  I have 4 pairs of Santa heels, along with the snow globes from last year, so the boots in comparison were really 'wearable'.  This pair are a bit more, well a lot more glitzy, the gold sequins is dazzling.  Blindingly bright.  They flip to a less shiny silver on the other side if you so wish.  The red glitter parts actually have sporadic tiny gold stars in.  These stars are super pretty, but shed very easily.  I keep catching something glistening on the carpet and find it's another fallen star! 
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