Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Day 1259 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Poker Joker
Shoes: Poker Joker | Irregular Choice 

My only shoe buy from the IC summer sale and my third variation of this style (4th of the heel).  Last week, I shared the very beautiful Ava's Aviary birdcage heels from several years back.  The dice heel was first introduced in August 2015, with Poker Joker in two colourways (I bought the sequins ones).  Then three sequins PJ's launched as part of the Bring Back collections in 2021, with a further two pairs released earlier this year.  You may remember I bought a pair, but I was holding out for these ones to go into the sale. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Day 1258 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Ava's Aviary
Shoes: Ava's Aviary | Irregular Choice 

An oldie for you today as I've not been able to take new photos.  Last week, I reviewed my bargaintastic camo Quartz Order if you missed those.  We're heading way back to 2017 today with the birdcage heels.  I took these photos in 2019, so even they're old!  It's actually making me quite sad seeing these, as there's absolutely nothing of this level at IC for me now or lately.  For several seasons, I've been struggling to get excited about the styles, they're doing nothing for me.  Heels are low, colours and themes aren't my bag and shapes just aren't what they used to be.    

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Day 1257 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Quartz Order
Shoes: Quartz Order (camo) | Irregular Choice 

Apologies for the late post and no-show last week, I've been struggling after an optician's appointment. As it's been years, I'm not accustomed to being out of the house, so I'm absolutely exhausted. Last time, I showed you my bargain Garden Gala and today, I have another too-good-to-resist purchase from Unrulyu a while back.

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Day 1256 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Garden Gala
Shoes: Garden Gala (green) | Irregular Choice 

Last week I reviewed Bunny Palette which sadly had to be returned, I'm still gutted about that, but there's no point in keeping something I was unhappy with, especially if I couldn't cover that part.  This week, I have something you've seen before but in a different colour. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Day 1255 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Bunny Palette
Shoes: Bunny Palette | Irregular Choice 

Another relatively recent purchase for you today, but sadly one I've not been able to keep.  Last week I reviewed my second pair of Looney Tunes, the Merrie Melodies heels, if you missed those.  As you'll be aware if you're a regular reader of the blog, Irregular Choice began making "Paint Your Own Heel" shoes a couple of years ago.