Thursday, 31 December 2009

Day Ninety Three - Stay warm

I detest New Year. I just find it really depressing. I think I've only really enjoyed one year which I spent in Fort William with my friend and her family. They have a little cottage up that way and we went to a street party, watched fireworks which we nicknamed 'Casper sperm' (good description)and just had a really fantastic time. This year, I'm not doing anything, other than trying to avoid Jackie Bird and the terrible Scottish crap they insist on putting on TV each year. We will be having a lovely family meal tomorrow, so expect some amazing shoes! Wishing you all a Happy New Year and if you're spending Hogmanay outdoors, wrap up warm-it's freezing!
Wearing Dorothy Perkins black and cream strappy shoes

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Day Ninety Two - What Am I?

These boots have really been slagged off on various blogs. I was very curious to see them in person and actually really liked them when they arrived, having ordered them in the sale for £30. They are too tight though, so have gone back. The over-the-knee leg has a velvet texture and has the straps across the foot attached to it (with a zip going through both leg and strap sections), but the leg is footless and stops slightly backward of the peep-toe section of the boot. Very difficult to describe and very much made up of sock, boot, shoe, sandal...but hey ho, I liked them. Also available as an ankle boot. What do you think?
Black velvet, over the knee, peep toe boot from Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Day Ninety Two - T Time

A bit of a rubbish one today. I sold a truck-load of shoes on ebay recently, some of which I didn't have time to photograph on my feet before sending them away (damn!), however this pair were fortunate enough to be captured.
Brown suedette t-bar heels from Matalan.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Day Ninety One - Pick Your Spot

I've been a complete waster today! I woke up, had breakfast got hooked on Eight Below with the gorgeous, but slightly dim Paul Walker. I got dressed, checked my emails, had lunch then realised they were showing the last couple of E.R. episodes and Previously on E.R. on More4, so I basically sat munching chocolate and crying for the rest of the day! Loser! Oh well, it's Christmas time, that's what you're supposed to do isn't it? Polka dot tights Matalan and Primark black patent peep toes.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Day Ninety - Thigh's The Limit

I've barely left the house for the past month, which leaves me in a dilemma with this blog. Technically I'm not wearing any shoes, so it defeats the purpose of the challenge. I could take a break for a month or so until the weather (and myself) get slightly better or I could just continue taking images, even when I'm not really wearing those shoes that day. I think I've decided on the latter because I enjoy this blog so much, I don't want it to dwindle away to nothing. So with that in mind and seeing as I'm sitting doing nothing today, I thought I'd show you these thigh high boots. I just bought them in the sale, but think I will return them. They are quite big around the leg and keep falling down. I didn't expect them to go so far up my thigh either, I can't even fit it all in the picture! I'm going to review these and another pair I bought on Pink Haired Princess if you're interested.
Black thigh high, platform boots by Miss Selfridge

Day Eighty Nine - The Perfect Christmas

If you follow my blog Pink Haired Princess you'll have already seen these fabulous Christmas shoes. I was going to wear them on Christmas day but couldn't decide on an appropriate outfit to match, so ended up wearing them for our relaxing Boxing Day at home. I went all out with bows and festive looking accessories, which I'll be posting on my blog later. I hope you've been browsing the sales, there are so many fantastic bargains out there. I've decided to beat the bustle, cold and slush by sitting at home with a hot cup of tea, some chocolate and browsing online!Wearing green, sparkly Oz courts with perspex heel by Irregular Choice

Day Eighty Eight - Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a good time with your families. We spent the day at my older sisters house with my little nephews who were ultra excitable. Too much food, lots of lovely presents and belly ache from giggling so much, so a good time was had by all. I wore an electric blue silk dress with black pattern and black shiny leggings and these fabulous suede platforms. I had to change into more 'sensible' boots to manage out to the car through all the slush and snow-breaking my legs wasn't on my Christmas agenda!
Blue suede Irregular Choice 'Audrina' platforms

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day Eighty Seven - Perfect Purple

I know, I know I'm a terrible blogger and have left you shoe deprived for way too long. The truth is though that I have only been out of the house once or twice in the past few weeks, so you've not actually been missing me wearing many shoes! I have bought a few more styles to see me through winter and I'm really keen to get back into the daily posting-although it is difficult when the weather is bad and I don't go out so much. However the computer problems have been resolved and so it's highly likely, I'll be back on the go soon. In the meantime, pop over to Pink Haired Princess for your fashion and beauty fix. Todays shoe; I sold on ebay last week and after doing so had a little sellers remorse. I can see why these became such a popular style, the flattering cut which narrows into the most perfectly formed peep toe adorned with a large flower made up of individual shaped petals. Gloriously cute and sexy at the same time. They are incredibly comfortable and I'm hopeful they are going to a good home where they'll be loved some more!
Flora Pom Pom in purple suede by Office, polka dot tights Matalan