Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 533 - Strap Me In

Shoes: Black wedge 'Superstar' Bertie

I was actually up and ready pretty early today because my Auntie was coming and I didn't want to be sitting in my pj's like I usually am mid-morning! She was bringing Christmas pressies (before the bad weather sets in) and I got my first Chrissie card, whoop, whoop! I'm going to yet another Christmas event at Boots tomorrow, I bought loads for myself the last time (as well as some presents), but now I need something for my brother in law for his birthday and my sis wants me to get some perfume for Mum and it's worth getting while these bonus point-events are on. So the post will come later tomorrow if at all (Thursday night is my busy telly night). Anyway these shoes are gorgeous-will wear them to death and have already worn them lots (considering the amount of shoes I own). They go with everything (I even wore them to my Granny's funeral last December in the snow) and I can tell I'll be wearing them loads again this winter. I'm still very thankful that I'm getting out just now because this time last year we had so much snow and I only left the house a couple of times in 2 months and I don't think I posted here much because of that. Today I braved wearing these with bare feet, to show off my cool leopard print pedicure using my new nail wraps!

Wearing: Teal lace dress Asda, black suede leggings and cardigan Primark, belt Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: True to size, back zip so you don't have to adjust the buckles every time. 4 3/4" wedge heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 532 - A Pirate Life For Me

Shoes: Black 'Demetrius' PPQ/Office

Hello lovelies! I've finally caught up with my backlog of posts here, easy seeing as I haven't been outside since last Thursday or Friday! It was really cold and pouring with rain most of the day, but I made the effort to get ready and go out. I wish I'd taken my gloves though-hands were like ice! I wasn't sure these boots were very 'me' when they first arrived, but I thought they looked and felt fab today and worked well with my outfit.

Wearing: Dog print dress H by Henry Holland (Debenhams), black tights and cardi Primark.
Fit: True to size, elasticated sections, adjustable buckles and inner zip. 5" demi wedge heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: No issues with these, although they do take a long time to get on and off with all the buckles etc!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 531 - Get It Right

Shoes: Black suede 'Zanini' Red Or Dead

This outfit was from Thursday. My Dad commented that he thought I had a boyfriend I was going to meet, because I was very 'dressed up'. Men! I don't usually wear my hair like this, but I'd like to think I'm pretty smartly dressed every day! I loooove these tights, aren't they gorgeous? I bought them ages ago after searching for years for the perfect black lace tights. The shoes are in a similar design (but different colourway) to the Ettore ankle boots I desperately wanted (and got but had to sell), I'm still searching for them in my size but it feels so much worse to know I had them but had to give them away (because they didn't fit).

Wearing: 'Honey' lace bow dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, lace tights, leopard hairband Primark.
Fit: Snug fit, but no need to go up a size. Just under 5 3/4" heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: No issues with these, may take practise if you're not used to very high heels.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 530 - Another Time

Shoes: Black patent 'Lita' Jeffrey Campbell at Zalando

Hello! I was doing so well today, really getting on with things, then got completely distracted and 3 hours seem to have disappeared! I didn't bother going out for a walk today, because it was raining this morning and apparently really freezing. I must say I'm getting very into Christmas now that it's getting colder-I'm doing well with the present buying too, only have a couple to get and 15 bought! Feel very smug now, haha! Oh and I mentioned last time I wore these that I was already sussing out which Lita to buy next and I'm pleased to say, I ordered a new pair last night. Lita boots are addictive, fact.

Wearing: Black floral dress, suede leggings (very cosy) and polka dot coat all Primark.
Fit: I'm a UK5/38 and these are a US8 and fit perfectly. Just under 5" heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: No issues.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 529 - Dots, Stripes And Pleats

Shoes: Black and nude pleated 'Alice' shoe boot ASOS

Once again I have no recollection of which day this could've been Sunday maybe. I'm wearing the polka dot version of the tile print dress I'd worn a few days earlier. I wasn't sure if there's too much going on with the pleated boots and striped sections on my tights-still not really convinced the whole thing worked. I love these shoes though, absolutely adore them, they are so fabulous. The tights are great in theory, I'm just not sure they fit my style.

Wearing: Dotty dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, "Prudence" tights Red Or Dead, gingham hair bow Yama Yama Pretty Mama.
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and small platform, all 3 buckles open. Definitely size up on these.
Comfort: They are high, but you feel very steady on them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 528 - Make A Choice

Shoes: 'You're A Star' Irregular Choice

Another outfit from last week and the final nail in the coffin for my hair. It's not been sitting right lately and I'm not sure why, I've also become incredibly bored of it in general. I can't even put my finger on it, whether it's the style or colour but usually when I get like this, I do something rash like completely change the colour or chop loads of. It was the latter that happened at the weekend. Given that I still have a couple of tubs of Atomic Turquoise left, it looks like I'm staying with this colour for a while, so I asked Mum to cut loads off. Unfortunately that means goodbye to the majority of purple on the ends, but it's refreshed me slightly. Still not entirely convinced this is enough of a change but it's certainly a lot shorter and will suffice for now. This dress I haven't worn before, but I found it's rather generously sized and I definitely needed a belt to pull in the waist (even if the waist is elasticated), looks like my little bit of weight loss recently has finally become apparent.

Wearing: H by Henry Holland at Debenhams polka dot dress, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, tan belt (off my black/red dog print dress) H by Henry Holland, grey knitted tights Primark.
Fit: True in length but quite tight across the foot (a couple of hours wear with really thick socks sorted that out). Heel almost 4". Come with detachable shoe clips-I wore the bows, to the side.
Comfort: My only concern is the shoe clips can dig in depending on where you wear them, I initially had the bows on the centre front, but found them too uncomfortable as there isn't much room and the metal clip jags into your skin.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Day 527 - Up To You

Shoes: Taupe 'Grable' platforms Miss L Fire

Hello lovelies...again not really sure which day last week this outfit was from, but here it is. I wasn't sure this style of dress would suit me, so never purchased it when the collection first came out. It's empire line and I don't tend to fit my bust into where it should go in that style! However, I'm glad to say it does fit and just as well because I got the polka dot one too when they were both in the sale! I'm also wearing my fabulous fleece lined tights, think I said this last time, but most genius invention ever, fact!

Wearing: Tile print dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, navy fleece lined tights Primark, blue corsage gift.
Fit: True to size, heel 4 5/8" platform 1 1/2", adjustable buckle on strap.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues with these.