Friday, 27 October 2017

Day 1122 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice Muppets Fierce Piggy* boots 

A special post for you today to celebrate the launch of the new Muppets collection at Irregular Choice. I have a pair of the Fierce Piggy character heeled boots to show you.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Day 1121 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Maya birdcage boots on the foot
Shoes: Irregular Choice blue and pink birdcage Maya boots 

I have the very latest character heel from Irregular Choice to show you today. I've just reviewed them in more detail on Pink Haired Princess, so head over there afterwards for that. I said there that they are a similar shape to my Glissade or Call Me Cinders in the foot, though obviously these are a taller boot. They hit mid-calf on me and I bought them in my usual size (5/38) after much deliberating. Both those other styles I sized up in, hence the dilemma. Glissade were super small and just fitted in the bigger size, CMC were more generous, so a little bit of wiggle room in the size up. I've been finding IC big lately (mostly) and I figured with the zip and laces, I could fiddle around until they fit.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Day 1120 - Shoesday Tuesday Extra

wearing Irregular Choice Tatsu ankle boots with cuff worn up
Shoes: Irregular Choice Tatsu 

A couple of weeks ago when I wore the Tatsu boots, I said the cuff wasn't stitched down, so could be moved around and worn as you wished. I popped a few pics of some options on my Facebook page, but I had a couple of requests to see those from other angles. So I have lots of photos for you today.  If you want the details on heel height and how I found the fit, that's in the original post here

Monday, 16 October 2017

Day 1119 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Irregular Choice mint Kir Royal shoes with blue net tights
Shoes: Irregular Choice Kir Royal

An absolutely dreamy pair of shoes for you today and one of my favourite ever designs from IC. It was most definitely love at first sight with these. The colour (mint has been my favourite colour since I was little), the fur, pearls, interesting heel concept and the beautiful heart detail at the back (that back view is stunning). They are utterly beautiful. This is the type of thing I'm hoping to see from The Muppets collection.  Something a little bonkers, fun and silly and Irregular Choice are the perfect brand to do that, so fingers crossed.