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I've been hooked on shoes since buying my first pair (pewter pumps with a floral chiffon bow) aged 12. As the years went on, my shoe collection grew and I gained the nickname 'The Shoe Girl'. I was continually asked how many pairs I owned (my reply was "more than 100, less than 200" though that has since changed).  I'd already begun blogging as Pink Haired Princess, needing an outlet for my creativity whilst dealing with chronic illness, but shoes were most meaningful to me and I thought it was sad my own collection was rarely seen by others.  So I decided to share them with the world in a blog! To keep it unique, I settled upon a challenge.  To wear a different pair of shoes, without repetition until I ran out. It was tough at times (realising you were left with strappy sandals in the middle of winter, fluffy boots in summer or desperately wanting to wear a pair you'd already worn), but I also managed to considerably downsize my collection after falling out of love with some pairs (and naturally there were new ones that joined the gang).  So after a year of posting (but not quite 365 pairs), on the 6th August 2010 I'd shown every pair of shoes I owned (well actually some didn't even make it to the blog before being given away). The Shoe Girl Diaries was the first blog to set a 'challenge' with the focus on footwear, though it has since been adopted and adapted by bloggers all around the world.
I hadn't looked beyond the challenge and thought about how the blog could develop, but I realised that I definitely wanted to continue (albeit in a less constrictive way). So a more natural 'diary' like approach was taken, documenting exactly what a shoeaholic really wears. I began to include fit and comfort information on each style, as most of my purchases were made online and I knew it would be helpful for others to read. I occasionally posted snippets of the rest of my outfit and wrote what I was wearing, but it wasn't until December 2011 that I began including full-length outfit photos (OOTD) alongside face shots (FOTD).  I like unusual, fun, alternative, quirky footwear and own high-end, high street and in-between.  The most prevalent in my collection is probably Irregular Choice. Their fanciful outlook very much mirrors mine and their styles never fail to amaze and impress me.   
After my health deteriorated further in 2014, blogging ceased. I was no longer able to get dressed, therefore there was nothing to post. As weeks turned into months, I realised I faced losing the blog altogether or had to adjust it to fit my new lifestyle. I chose the latter and The Shoe Girl Diaries was rejuvenated, becoming much more than an online diary of a shoe addict! For the first time in 5 years, I began blogging about something other than my own shoes in The Shoe Girl Styles It. Around 3 times a week, I take a shoe and suggest how I'd style it. Each Sunday, I post a special 'luxe' edition, featuring an all-designer look. During the week, I ask "Would You Wear?" these shoes, which gets us talking.  Outfit posts (or at least shoe posts) have been limited to a much more manageable once weekly.  Shoesday Tuesday is my favourite blogging day, featuring photos of a pair of shoes from my collection, you haven't seen before. October 2014 saw an epic '1000 days' of shoe blog posts over the 6 years.  
If you're looking for more information, head over to my FAQ page. For PR info and my disclaimer policy, click here. You can follow this blog via Bloglovin' to ensure you don't miss another post (blue heart button below) or can email me (using the green envelope button). I'm also available on Facebook, Polyvore and Tumblr or through my original blog Pink Haired Princess, where you'll find more information on the girl behind the feet, behind the shoes!

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Special features:
September 2011, a whole month dedicated to wearing only Irregular Choice shoes.
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  1. Give Some of your shoes to charity~ You have a loooooooooooooot waaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooooo maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnny

    1. That's very judgemental and how many is too many? Each person would come up with a different number. Plus, I DO give shoes to charity and have done for YEARS. You would know this, if you knew anything about me. It's extremely rude and silly to make judgements about someone you don't even know.

    2. To XXX,how rude. The shoes are beautiful and keep her happy. What has it got to do with you?

      You have an AMAZING collection,sooooo jealous. X


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