If you think your shoes would be of interest to me and my readers then please email me (green envelope button below).  Any item sent will get coverage on The Shoe Girl Diaries and may also be reviewed on Pink Haired Princess (if you wish).  Reviews (and 'fit' information) are honest and all opinions my own.

While it's lovely to be invited, I'm based in Scotland, so cannot attend London events.  For the past 15 years I have been ill with M.E. and disabled as a result, so even those closer to home are currently unlikely.  I receive a great deal of emails each day regarding this and unfortunately do not have the time to reply to them all.

Guest Posts
All content on this blog is my own, so I do not accept guest posts.  Unfortunately I do not have time to reply to emails of this nature.  
Affiliate Links
I aim to provide full transparency on my blogs and social media.  Most links (around 98%) used on this site are affiliated (and generate a small commission when purchases are made through them).  As of June 2014, I no longer noted this in each post.  Sidebar banners and adverts on my Shopping Links page are also affiliated, as are most links used on my social media.  To keep in line with current rules regarding affiliate blogging, as of 2019 all blog posts using affiliate links will say so.  All sidebar adverts and content on my Shopping Links page, is affiliate marketing.  All Facebook affiliate links will be declared as such.  I currently do not use affiliate marketing on Instagram.    

Occasionally items are sent for review purposes/coverage and as of February 2012, they were noted with a * and/or declared as such in that post.  Reviews are impartial and honest, regardless of whether an item was purchased by myself or 'gifted'. Although I have always been honest about whether an item was gifted or not, to adhere to ASA/CMA rules, as of 2019, items sent for free in which I'm not obligated to share on my blogs/social media, but can do if I choose, are marked as "gifted" on blogs (at the top of the post) and declared on social media.  Items sent for free in exchange for a review or exposure on social media are declared as such (usually wording such as "item gifted for review consideration" again at the top of a blog post) and declared on social media.  This is usually valid for a year on items.    

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