Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day 597 - Born To Blossom

Shoes: Pink bunny 'Abigail's Party' Irregular Choice

Hello, just going to be quick because I'm struggling for time today.  Went shopping, didn't buy much, but did get a couple of nice things that I'll be blogging about soon.  Felt very spring-like in my outfit today, hadn't realised quite how much I'd managed to match everything (my hair, my nails, my jewellery, the dress, the shoes)! It wasn't intentional.

Wearing: Flower-pot dress Dorothy Perkins, hat, leggings, vest all Primark, beige lace socks, parrot ring, frog ring all Miss Selfridge, frog/flower ring Evans, parrot necklace gift, cardigan be Beau at Matalan.
Fit: A little snug in my usual size. Heel just over 4".
Comfort: No issues with these and easy to walk in.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 596 - A King With No Crown

Shoes: Gold and black 'Gawp' River Island

Hello chickies, how are you all today?  The day has just flown by for me and I haven't got much done.  I think I'm going shopping tomorrow because there's a few things I'm on the look-out for.  It was supposed to be really mild today and it was (14 degrees) but it wasn't a particularly pleasant day, it wasn't sunny and was quite dull which was a pity.  I tried to wear a pair of shoes I haven't worn for a while because I feel I've been reaching for the same pairs lately.  These are a little tricky to walk in, I felt really 'clompy'.  They were slipping off my heel, but are an otherwise small fit, so they're maybe just not a good fit for me personally.  I may consider selling them, even although I love that fabulous heel detail.

Wearing: Lace collar dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, nude heart tights and hat Primark.
Fit: Run small, need a size up. 5 1/4" heel and 1 1/4" concealed platform. The platform is the reason for the strange fit-they take up so much depth inside the shoe there's no room left for your foot.
Comfort: The bigger size is definitely a better fit (I couldn't even get my foot in the smaller pair), but they're not the easiest to walk in. The shoe is very heavy so I felt it slipping off my heel which in turn made me walk funny and today I felt my ankles really weak when wearing them : (
and because it may help on my quest to bag Brad Pitt, my leg tried to escape today. It's my left one but right legs sticking out are sooo last weekend don't you know!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 595 - Call My Name And Save Me From The Dark

Shoes: Black and tan 'Paramount' Topshop Premium

Here's another post for the day seeing as I missed Sunday out (didn't leave the house again).  I was busy eBaying as it was a free listing weekend and I always like to take advantage of that.  I've been doing reasonably well this year with my sales, which is good and currently have this pair of boots up.  They are really soft leather and slip on with the help of elasticated sections at the sides, then the tan straps tie around the ankle.  I hadn't realised they had these cut-out sections, until I saw them in person.  I know some people don't see the point of peep toe boots, but I've always been rather partial to them myself.  I'd probably get quite a lot of wear out of these actually-but simply have no room for them!

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit:  True to size, slip on, elasticated sections.  Heel 5 1/4" and small platform.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Day 594 - Standing In The Light Of Your Halo

Shoes: Curved glitter heel 'Presley' Topshop Premium

A quick post for today, because I'm sill sitting in my jammies at 6pm!  Needless to say I haven't been out today, so these shoes I sold the other week on eBay and seeing as you haven't seen them before, here they are.  I'd purchased a whole load of Topshop shoes and only kept those I really, really liked.  I did like these, but even although they were size larger they were still pretty tight across the foot.  I probably wouldn't have worn them much because of that, so off they went.  I love the chunky, curved heel and the style on the whole is quite unusual with the open toe, thick strap and contrast heel.

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: Just over 5" heel and just over 1" platform.  Definitely small/narrow.  I would suggest taking a whole size up.  Large stud closure on strap.
Comfort: As they were tight that would bother me after a while but they were easy to walk in.

Day 593 - But I'm Closer To The Clouds Up Here

Shoes: 'Pat's Picnic' Irregular Choice

Sorry I didn't have time over the weekend to post anything.  This outfit is from Saturday.  I had a packed day; my nephews came out for a quick visit then Mum and I popped off to a local vintage fair, then rather sneakily treated ourselves to afternoon tea in a nice hotel in town!  There were lots of lovely things at the fair, but I didn't buy anything.  A pair of stunning glasses caught my eye, because they've been exactly what I've been searching for, for years.  They had 'real' lenses in them though and I couldn't see a thing through them. I wasn't sure if it would be possible to put plain lenses in and how much it would cost, so I left without them.  My shoes were grabbing a lot of attention that day, as was my hat.  I walked quite a distance in these shoes and it was my first time wearing them-other than my toes aching a bit, there were no issues.

Wearing: Animal crazy in my dog print H by Henry Holland dress, black tights and hat Primark, rocking horse necklace gift, carousel necklace Miss Selfridge or Accessorize (can't remember), pegasus brooch on hat Miss S.
Fit: Feel quite small, I took a size-up just to be sure. Heel just under 5 1/2" with a 2" platform.
Comfort: Easy to walk in.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Day 592 - I'm More Than A Bird, I'm More Than A Plane

Shoes: Purple metallic 'Otters' Irregular Choice

Sorry for not posting yesterday; I ended up on a cleaning spree and didn't have time to get dressed and go out. I felt really lethargic today too, so it seemed to take me forever to get ready. I thought I looked like crap and it wasn't until uploading these photos that I realised I wasn't wearing any blush. Shock horror! Blusher is definitely one of my must-have makeup items and I really need that pop of colour, so I look a little sluggish in the pics below! I got paid today, so I need to go and buy some hair-dye as it's been months since I last coloured it. I'm fancying a change...! Oh and wearing new boots today (maybe can't get a good look from the pic above but I liked how bright they looked outside) and just order another 2 pairs of IC ankle boots, something to look forward to next week.

Wearing: Black heart dress F&F at Tesco, black leggings Primark, felt flower hair clip DOLLYgirl, cardi Be Beau at Matalan.
Fit: Slip on, almost 4" heel. I've tried both sizes and while my normal size are quite tight across the foot, the heel area is large and on the bigger size my foot slipped out too much, so I stuck with my regular size.
Comfort: I definitely think they will stretch with wear, but no issues.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 591 - Dance 'Til You're Dead

Shoes: 'Face Up To It' Killdoll at Office

Hello chickadees, how's your week going so far?  I suspected I hadn't worn these boots for ages and a quick check reveals it was January 2011 and February 2010 before that!  So I thought I'd pop them on today for little change.  They are all cosy and soft inside and the heel is definitely on the low side for me, so altogether a very comfy wee boot.  The red gems worked well with my cherry print dress (one of my favourites).  I took another pic below if you don't already know the detail on the boot.  I always try and capture a different angle each time so the posts don't get too repetitive for you.

Wearing:  Cherry dress Red Herring at Debenhams, black leggings, cardi and hat all Primark.
Fit: Quite roomy, full length zip so you don't have to take the laces out. 3 3/4" heel.
Comfort: Very comfy, no problems.