Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Day 1091 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice cinderella sparkling slipper shoes
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Sparkling Slipper (Cinderella) 

I didn't want to say anything yesterday, until I knew it was achievable, but I'm aiming to bring you Shoesday posts every day this week! I'm still dealing with the Photobucket/image hosting issue, so am trying to do an hour of that a day (re-uploading all of those photos). It's slow going (there's no way an hour a day will get it finished by August, but it's all the time I have right now) and monotonous especially as I'm just covering old ground and constantly uploading and re-uploading the same photos. So I've had to pause The Shoe Girl Styles It posts for now as they are just too time consuming to manage every week, so I figured I'd treat you elsewhere! Plus, I have tonnes of shoes to get through and it'll literally be Christmas before I finish Cinderella and show you the new squirrel and Santa heels. So I had a mass try-on yesterday, photographing them all, which was the hard (physical) part, so hopefully I'll manage to post them all this week for you. There's a lot to talk about regarding sizing on those new ones, so I wanted to do it while they were current.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Day 1090 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing disney irregular choice so this is love shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice So this Is Love (Cinderella) 

Hello everyone! Today I have my penultimate Cinderella shoe for you, So This Is Love. I recently reviewed this style over on Pink Haired Princess if you'd like to see the shoe in more detail. As I said in that post, these just might be my favourite from the whole collection, they are really lovely.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Day 1089 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice call me cinders
Shoes: Call Me Cinders Irregular Choice (Cinderella)

Apologies this is almost a week late, I wrote about my brief hiatus over on Pink Haired Princess earlier tonight, so that should explain my absence.  I've been desperate to show you these shoes too, so I was getting really agitated having to wait!! I had a feeling these would be the pair I'd really like (before release) but both Call Me Cinders and Home Before 12 (metallic pink with gold glitter) had been delayed and were released a couple of weeks after the initial Cinderella collection, so there was a bit of a wait.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Day 1088 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice gracious dreamer shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Gracious Dreamer 

Hello, I have my second pair of Cinderella shoes for you today and quite a lot to discuss. So before I start, I have to say these are not my preferred choice of colour, I only bought these when my silver 5's turned up and were too big for me, but I figured I might as well photograph them for you. The silver had since sold out and so instead I bought the size down in the gold, just to see if they'd fit and if so, I'd have to keep searching for the silver in the size down. Let it be said, this is the first time I've ever worn size 4 in Irregular Choice (and I can only think of one other pair of shoes in my adult life from any brand, that were a 4) so this is unheard of for me really. The 5's are massive all over. I can almost get my whole finger down the back at the heel and my Mum claims her entire hand can fit in the front! The vamp is low cut and scalloped, which kind of adds to the gaping to be honest. The shoe is also very hard and covered in glitter, so not the most pliable (?) or fluid with your foot (almost works against my foot shape), so there is considerable gaping all around the shoe.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Lucifer & Gus 3

cinderella lucifer and gus shoes irregular choice
Hello, today I have the final outfit in my trio this week for these shoes. This is my high end look and I've gone a bit more casual because both my plus size outfit and high street look were quite dressy.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Lucifer & Gus 1

irregular choice lucifer & gus pumps
Hello lovelies, I'm very excited about TSGSI this week and have a terrific trio of sets for you. I decided to style something from the new Irregular Choice Disney Cinderella range. I don't often pick something so 'hot' for fear of them selling out midway through, but hopefully they won't! They are still in stock as we speak.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Day 1087 - ShoesdayTuesday

wearing faith in dreams irregular choice
Shoes: Irregular Choice Cinderella Faith In Dreams 

Hello, how are you today? Last week wasn't a particularly good week, so no Shoesday Tuesday or TSGSI posts, but today I have my new Cinderella shoes. They launched on Friday and I placed a couple of orders (3 styles) with different places (as one pair had gone by the time I got to the front of the virtual queue). So I had two pairs arrive on Saturday (gotta love the £1 next day delivery with Schuh) and then I placed another order as I was a bit unsure of sizing on the pairs I received. One of those (in the size I needed) wasn't available for next day delivery, so they came today, but the other arrived on Sunday. My IC order was dispatched yesterday so should be here tomorrow.