Friday, 13 November 2009

Day Eighty Six - Towering High

I adore these shoes. They are unbelievably huge and almost make me supermodel tall! My doctor even remarked that they were 'real statement shoes'! It was slightly warmer today and for once didn't rain, so I thought I should take advantage with the open front, toeless gladiator style. Hope you all have a good weekend.
Bronze 'Laccey' faux snake platforms with purple lacing from Faith

Day Eighty Five - Big Bow Beauty

Sorry for the late post. I had a doctors appointment today and was out of the house most of yesterday. I'm very disappointed by the images I took of these shoes, clearly my camera doesn't like them! They seemed to show up speckled, however they are glorious in real life. I was actually stopped 3 times by strangers commenting on how lovely they were. The court shoe is actually black lace, trimmed with ric-rac braid and finished with a large colourful, cotton bow. Beautiful! If you haven't already checked out the new A/W collection from Shoemissy, head over there now. There are even boots this season, I'm so excited!
Black lace Shoemissy court shoes with oversized bow.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Day Eighty Four - Stud Lovin'

It's been so wintry this week, I've not been keen to leave the house. However I forced myself out of hibernation in between rainy spells today. It's actually rather treacherous outside with the fallen leaves getting wet, I had to be careful not to slip in my extremely high heels. I thought over time my love for these sandals would wane, but I think it's the opposite, I just love them more! I teamed them with lace socks to avoid looking too summery and for a different look. I'm gutted that I can't wear them again until The Shoe Girl Diaries challenge is over!
Black studded sandals Primark, lace socks with bow H&M, leather look leggings ASOS.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Day Eighty Three - Old Style Leopard

It's a quick pic today as I'm very busy blogging for Pink Haired Princess and forgot how much time is required to keep both blogs up to date. I actually have lots of stories about these shoes. They are from Karen Millen and I bought them when I was a student. I treated myself to an entire outfit in their sale one year. It consisted of satin leopard print trousers with matching belt which was covered in jems and beads, a slightly cropped top with thin straps, boned and with the same bead trim around the top and of course, these shoes. It sounds horrendous, head to toe leopard print with purple beading, I know, but somehow I always managed to pull it off. My friend used to say I was the only person she knew that made leopard print look classy!

I got so much wear out of each piece. I had a brown leather pencil skirt I would wear with the top or a black top with the trousers. I can remember going out one night and it was snowing heavily and the taxi couldn't take us up to the nightclub door. We stopped in the adjacent street and I walked barefoot through the snow clutching my satin shoes to avoid ruining them!
I also broke the heel one Christmas on the way to church. It just snapped off completely. Utterly devastated, I started crying in the street and had to hobble home, change shoes and run back to church! The Edinburgh KM shop very kindly fixed it after the replacement pair they were going to give me were ruined by floods in (I think) their Manchester branch. Although looking at the heel now, it's easy to see how it would break, it's so thin! Even although I don't wear them these days, I have very fond memories of them.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Day Eighty Two - Green With Envy?

This is it, the final shoe in our 'Irregular Choice Week' on The Shoe Girl Diaries. I haven't worn this pair before although I've had them for a few years. They are ever so slightly too big and I just never seem to have an outfit that does them justice. They have a square toe and cut outs along the sides. The best feature is the adorable print, made to look like scalloped edge lace all over the shoe. I've pondered with whether or not to sell these, but keep coming back to them being so special that I don't want to let them go! So, I hope you have enjoyed this celebration of Irregular Choice. If you have, you will be pleased to hear that I still have lots more IC styles in my collection to show you. I would love to add the new black Diamontina boots to that (please Santa!) from the A/W '09 collection, which is available to buy from the IC site and other retailers. Also check out for the fabulous new range of handbags. My black Miaow boots are screaming out for a matching bag! Wearing Irregular Choice pastel green court shoes with cut-out detail.

I also want to add that Pink Haired Princess is now open at, it will take a few days to get up and fully running, so bear with me. I'm so glad to be back though!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Day Eighty One - Purple Snake

The penultimate shoe in this weeks Irregular Choice-fest. It's a style that has remained one of the most popular; the courtesan. I reckon the reason for this, besides the fact that it has been produced in almost every colour and print, is the fabulously flattering shape. A curved court, cut low at the sides, with heel so (deceivingly) high that you feel like you are walking on tip-toes. The round toe comes to a point and is dumpy, making even the largest of feet look tiny. Topped off with a large black bow at the back, gorgeous!Wearing Irregular Choice purple snake court shoe with black bow.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day Eighty - Vintage Fan

The design on these shoes is wonderful. The fan shape across the heel is the type of detail you would expect to see on vintage shoes while the stitching is very art-deco inspired. Similar in shape to my Candyfloss shoes, they have an angular heel and this squared off, block toe. One of the more wearable styles over the years, for those afraid of the IC craziness!
Wearing brown suede Irregular Choice court shoes with bronze detailing.

Day Seventy Nine - The Missing Unicorn

I didn't wear these shoes yesterday as I was attending a funeral, but took this image in order to keep with our 'Irregular Choice' theme this week on The Shoe Girl Diaries. This unicorn print is without a doubt my favourite ever from IC. I would wear head-to-toe unicorns everyday if I could! The pink and turquoise colours are perfect too. They come with pink fabric tied through the front, which you wrap around your ankle and style whichever way you please. However I need to replace the fabric on one shoe as I bought them faded. I'm not sure if I want to buy a similar fabric or go for ribbons or something else. I really must fix them though as it's a shame to keep them tucked away. I'd also like to mention that although this style is a similar shape to the popular courtesan, it is indeed much roomier (good news for me).
Wearing Irregular Choice unicorn print shoes with fabric ties (and unicorn sole!)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day Seventy Eight - Bright, Blue and Blythe

I'm getting my hair coloured today, so am unlikely to leave the house. It's actually very uncomfortable sitting for over an hour while the colour is applied! Anyway, I decided (as no-one would see me) to wear a pair of IC shoes with red in them as I can't normally wear that shade with pink hair. I went all out and teamed with bright red tartan tights. These shoes are the same shape as my Prom Princess pair, with that odd wedge heel where half your foot is balancing in thin air. Superb craftmanship and design, I say! They also feature an adorable little heart shaped image of Blythe, cute!Blythe 'Emi' wedges by Irregular Choice with Matalan red printed tights.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day Seventy Seven - Irregular Choice Week

I had a little idea to make this an Irregular Choice-fest in celebration of the wonderful brand! As you can see in the sidebar I've already shown you 13 pairs from my collection and I'm a huge fan, so how does 7 full days of IC sound? We started yesterday with pretty pastels and today are the super Sky Fox sandals in black from S/S '08. The print features little flying cupcakes and ice-creams and it continues onto the sole, so you get this wonderful, fully patterned shoe from every angle. Stunning!
Wearing Irregular Choice Sky Fox black sandals.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day Seventy Six - Candyfloss Flowers

Todays shoes come courtesy of Irregular Choice and are a style from a few years back. I was delighted to hear that the IC S/S '10 collection is 'going back to it's roots', with more whimsical, pretty colours and prints. Although I love their fashion-forward styles that are 'in' before their time, I have missed the cutesy, kitsch side of the brand. The first IC shoes I fell in love with were pink poodle mary-janes complete with embroidered doggy poo! Who else would put s*** on your shoe and make it look totally fabulous? Anyway, with pom poms, doll heads and teddy prints, I seriously think I should start saving for next seasons collection now!
Irregular Choice Candyfloss in pink suede with gold angular heel and flower detail adorning ankle strap, worn with House of Holland black tights.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Day Seventy Six - Contrasts

I'm wearing a lovely bright floral, floaty, sheer dress today but with black, cosy leggings and a long sleeved top underneath. I'm wearing peep toe shoes but a hat and scarf because it's so cold. It continues with the weather. Some locals were evacuated when the burn overflowed and flooded their houses, yet today is sunny and totally dry. Definitely a day for contrasts.
Wearing Peacocks snake-print cuff shoes with peep-toe and zipped back which are actually quite deceiving as they feel much higher than they look.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day Seventy Five - Great Weather...For Ducks

Everytime it rained, without fail, my Grandad would say 'Aye, it's great weather...for ducks'! And today it certainly is, it's torrential outside! I am so disappointed with todays shoes. I used to absolutely adore them, they were my fail safe, go-to, black court shoe that went with everything. I loved the stumpy toe and curved shape of the shoe that flattered so well. However when I tried them on today I felt they ere cheap looking and frumpy. They have just lost that 'something special', I've definitely fallen out of love with them.
Fiorelli black court shoes with ruffled toe and Primark purple lacey tights.