Thursday, 31 December 2009

Day Ninety Three - Stay warm

I detest New Year. I just find it really depressing. I think I've only really enjoyed one year which I spent in Fort William with my friend and her family. They have a little cottage up that way and we went to a street party, watched fireworks which we nicknamed 'Casper sperm' (good description)and just had a really fantastic time. This year, I'm not doing anything, other than trying to avoid Jackie Bird and the terrible Scottish crap they insist on putting on TV each year. We will be having a lovely family meal tomorrow, so expect some amazing shoes! Wishing you all a Happy New Year and if you're spending Hogmanay outdoors, wrap up warm-it's freezing!
Wearing Dorothy Perkins black and cream strappy shoes

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Day Ninety Two - What Am I?

These boots have really been slagged off on various blogs. I was very curious to see them in person and actually really liked them when they arrived, having ordered them in the sale for £30. They are too tight though, so have gone back. The over-the-knee leg has a velvet texture and has the straps across the foot attached to it (with a zip going through both leg and strap sections), but the leg is footless and stops slightly backward of the peep-toe section of the boot. Very difficult to describe and very much made up of sock, boot, shoe, sandal...but hey ho, I liked them. Also available as an ankle boot. What do you think?
Black velvet, over the knee, peep toe boot from Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Day Ninety Two - T Time

A bit of a rubbish one today. I sold a truck-load of shoes on ebay recently, some of which I didn't have time to photograph on my feet before sending them away (damn!), however this pair were fortunate enough to be captured.
Brown suedette t-bar heels from Matalan.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Day Ninety One - Pick Your Spot

I've been a complete waster today! I woke up, had breakfast got hooked on Eight Below with the gorgeous, but slightly dim Paul Walker. I got dressed, checked my emails, had lunch then realised they were showing the last couple of E.R. episodes and Previously on E.R. on More4, so I basically sat munching chocolate and crying for the rest of the day! Loser! Oh well, it's Christmas time, that's what you're supposed to do isn't it? Polka dot tights Matalan and Primark black patent peep toes.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Day Ninety - Thigh's The Limit

I've barely left the house for the past month, which leaves me in a dilemma with this blog. Technically I'm not wearing any shoes, so it defeats the purpose of the challenge. I could take a break for a month or so until the weather (and myself) get slightly better or I could just continue taking images, even when I'm not really wearing those shoes that day. I think I've decided on the latter because I enjoy this blog so much, I don't want it to dwindle away to nothing. So with that in mind and seeing as I'm sitting doing nothing today, I thought I'd show you these thigh high boots. I just bought them in the sale, but think I will return them. They are quite big around the leg and keep falling down. I didn't expect them to go so far up my thigh either, I can't even fit it all in the picture! I'm going to review these and another pair I bought on Pink Haired Princess if you're interested.
Black thigh high, platform boots by Miss Selfridge

Day Eighty Nine - The Perfect Christmas

If you follow my blog Pink Haired Princess you'll have already seen these fabulous Christmas shoes. I was going to wear them on Christmas day but couldn't decide on an appropriate outfit to match, so ended up wearing them for our relaxing Boxing Day at home. I went all out with bows and festive looking accessories, which I'll be posting on my blog later. I hope you've been browsing the sales, there are so many fantastic bargains out there. I've decided to beat the bustle, cold and slush by sitting at home with a hot cup of tea, some chocolate and browsing online!Wearing green, sparkly Oz courts with perspex heel by Irregular Choice

Day Eighty Eight - Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a good time with your families. We spent the day at my older sisters house with my little nephews who were ultra excitable. Too much food, lots of lovely presents and belly ache from giggling so much, so a good time was had by all. I wore an electric blue silk dress with black pattern and black shiny leggings and these fabulous suede platforms. I had to change into more 'sensible' boots to manage out to the car through all the slush and snow-breaking my legs wasn't on my Christmas agenda!
Blue suede Irregular Choice 'Audrina' platforms

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day Eighty Seven - Perfect Purple

I know, I know I'm a terrible blogger and have left you shoe deprived for way too long. The truth is though that I have only been out of the house once or twice in the past few weeks, so you've not actually been missing me wearing many shoes! I have bought a few more styles to see me through winter and I'm really keen to get back into the daily posting-although it is difficult when the weather is bad and I don't go out so much. However the computer problems have been resolved and so it's highly likely, I'll be back on the go soon. In the meantime, pop over to Pink Haired Princess for your fashion and beauty fix. Todays shoe; I sold on ebay last week and after doing so had a little sellers remorse. I can see why these became such a popular style, the flattering cut which narrows into the most perfectly formed peep toe adorned with a large flower made up of individual shaped petals. Gloriously cute and sexy at the same time. They are incredibly comfortable and I'm hopeful they are going to a good home where they'll be loved some more!
Flora Pom Pom in purple suede by Office, polka dot tights Matalan

Friday, 13 November 2009

Day Eighty Six - Towering High

I adore these shoes. They are unbelievably huge and almost make me supermodel tall! My doctor even remarked that they were 'real statement shoes'! It was slightly warmer today and for once didn't rain, so I thought I should take advantage with the open front, toeless gladiator style. Hope you all have a good weekend.
Bronze 'Laccey' faux snake platforms with purple lacing from Faith

Day Eighty Five - Big Bow Beauty

Sorry for the late post. I had a doctors appointment today and was out of the house most of yesterday. I'm very disappointed by the images I took of these shoes, clearly my camera doesn't like them! They seemed to show up speckled, however they are glorious in real life. I was actually stopped 3 times by strangers commenting on how lovely they were. The court shoe is actually black lace, trimmed with ric-rac braid and finished with a large colourful, cotton bow. Beautiful! If you haven't already checked out the new A/W collection from Shoemissy, head over there now. There are even boots this season, I'm so excited!
Black lace Shoemissy court shoes with oversized bow.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Day Eighty Four - Stud Lovin'

It's been so wintry this week, I've not been keen to leave the house. However I forced myself out of hibernation in between rainy spells today. It's actually rather treacherous outside with the fallen leaves getting wet, I had to be careful not to slip in my extremely high heels. I thought over time my love for these sandals would wane, but I think it's the opposite, I just love them more! I teamed them with lace socks to avoid looking too summery and for a different look. I'm gutted that I can't wear them again until The Shoe Girl Diaries challenge is over!
Black studded sandals Primark, lace socks with bow H&M, leather look leggings ASOS.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Day Eighty Three - Old Style Leopard

It's a quick pic today as I'm very busy blogging for Pink Haired Princess and forgot how much time is required to keep both blogs up to date. I actually have lots of stories about these shoes. They are from Karen Millen and I bought them when I was a student. I treated myself to an entire outfit in their sale one year. It consisted of satin leopard print trousers with matching belt which was covered in jems and beads, a slightly cropped top with thin straps, boned and with the same bead trim around the top and of course, these shoes. It sounds horrendous, head to toe leopard print with purple beading, I know, but somehow I always managed to pull it off. My friend used to say I was the only person she knew that made leopard print look classy!

I got so much wear out of each piece. I had a brown leather pencil skirt I would wear with the top or a black top with the trousers. I can remember going out one night and it was snowing heavily and the taxi couldn't take us up to the nightclub door. We stopped in the adjacent street and I walked barefoot through the snow clutching my satin shoes to avoid ruining them!
I also broke the heel one Christmas on the way to church. It just snapped off completely. Utterly devastated, I started crying in the street and had to hobble home, change shoes and run back to church! The Edinburgh KM shop very kindly fixed it after the replacement pair they were going to give me were ruined by floods in (I think) their Manchester branch. Although looking at the heel now, it's easy to see how it would break, it's so thin! Even although I don't wear them these days, I have very fond memories of them.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Day Eighty Two - Green With Envy?

This is it, the final shoe in our 'Irregular Choice Week' on The Shoe Girl Diaries. I haven't worn this pair before although I've had them for a few years. They are ever so slightly too big and I just never seem to have an outfit that does them justice. They have a square toe and cut outs along the sides. The best feature is the adorable print, made to look like scalloped edge lace all over the shoe. I've pondered with whether or not to sell these, but keep coming back to them being so special that I don't want to let them go! So, I hope you have enjoyed this celebration of Irregular Choice. If you have, you will be pleased to hear that I still have lots more IC styles in my collection to show you. I would love to add the new black Diamontina boots to that (please Santa!) from the A/W '09 collection, which is available to buy from the IC site and other retailers. Also check out for the fabulous new range of handbags. My black Miaow boots are screaming out for a matching bag! Wearing Irregular Choice pastel green court shoes with cut-out detail.

I also want to add that Pink Haired Princess is now open at, it will take a few days to get up and fully running, so bear with me. I'm so glad to be back though!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Day Eighty One - Purple Snake

The penultimate shoe in this weeks Irregular Choice-fest. It's a style that has remained one of the most popular; the courtesan. I reckon the reason for this, besides the fact that it has been produced in almost every colour and print, is the fabulously flattering shape. A curved court, cut low at the sides, with heel so (deceivingly) high that you feel like you are walking on tip-toes. The round toe comes to a point and is dumpy, making even the largest of feet look tiny. Topped off with a large black bow at the back, gorgeous!Wearing Irregular Choice purple snake court shoe with black bow.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day Eighty - Vintage Fan

The design on these shoes is wonderful. The fan shape across the heel is the type of detail you would expect to see on vintage shoes while the stitching is very art-deco inspired. Similar in shape to my Candyfloss shoes, they have an angular heel and this squared off, block toe. One of the more wearable styles over the years, for those afraid of the IC craziness!
Wearing brown suede Irregular Choice court shoes with bronze detailing.

Day Seventy Nine - The Missing Unicorn

I didn't wear these shoes yesterday as I was attending a funeral, but took this image in order to keep with our 'Irregular Choice' theme this week on The Shoe Girl Diaries. This unicorn print is without a doubt my favourite ever from IC. I would wear head-to-toe unicorns everyday if I could! The pink and turquoise colours are perfect too. They come with pink fabric tied through the front, which you wrap around your ankle and style whichever way you please. However I need to replace the fabric on one shoe as I bought them faded. I'm not sure if I want to buy a similar fabric or go for ribbons or something else. I really must fix them though as it's a shame to keep them tucked away. I'd also like to mention that although this style is a similar shape to the popular courtesan, it is indeed much roomier (good news for me).
Wearing Irregular Choice unicorn print shoes with fabric ties (and unicorn sole!)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day Seventy Eight - Bright, Blue and Blythe

I'm getting my hair coloured today, so am unlikely to leave the house. It's actually very uncomfortable sitting for over an hour while the colour is applied! Anyway, I decided (as no-one would see me) to wear a pair of IC shoes with red in them as I can't normally wear that shade with pink hair. I went all out and teamed with bright red tartan tights. These shoes are the same shape as my Prom Princess pair, with that odd wedge heel where half your foot is balancing in thin air. Superb craftmanship and design, I say! They also feature an adorable little heart shaped image of Blythe, cute!Blythe 'Emi' wedges by Irregular Choice with Matalan red printed tights.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day Seventy Seven - Irregular Choice Week

I had a little idea to make this an Irregular Choice-fest in celebration of the wonderful brand! As you can see in the sidebar I've already shown you 13 pairs from my collection and I'm a huge fan, so how does 7 full days of IC sound? We started yesterday with pretty pastels and today are the super Sky Fox sandals in black from S/S '08. The print features little flying cupcakes and ice-creams and it continues onto the sole, so you get this wonderful, fully patterned shoe from every angle. Stunning!
Wearing Irregular Choice Sky Fox black sandals.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day Seventy Six - Candyfloss Flowers

Todays shoes come courtesy of Irregular Choice and are a style from a few years back. I was delighted to hear that the IC S/S '10 collection is 'going back to it's roots', with more whimsical, pretty colours and prints. Although I love their fashion-forward styles that are 'in' before their time, I have missed the cutesy, kitsch side of the brand. The first IC shoes I fell in love with were pink poodle mary-janes complete with embroidered doggy poo! Who else would put s*** on your shoe and make it look totally fabulous? Anyway, with pom poms, doll heads and teddy prints, I seriously think I should start saving for next seasons collection now!
Irregular Choice Candyfloss in pink suede with gold angular heel and flower detail adorning ankle strap, worn with House of Holland black tights.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Day Seventy Six - Contrasts

I'm wearing a lovely bright floral, floaty, sheer dress today but with black, cosy leggings and a long sleeved top underneath. I'm wearing peep toe shoes but a hat and scarf because it's so cold. It continues with the weather. Some locals were evacuated when the burn overflowed and flooded their houses, yet today is sunny and totally dry. Definitely a day for contrasts.
Wearing Peacocks snake-print cuff shoes with peep-toe and zipped back which are actually quite deceiving as they feel much higher than they look.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day Seventy Five - Great Weather...For Ducks

Everytime it rained, without fail, my Grandad would say 'Aye, it's great weather...for ducks'! And today it certainly is, it's torrential outside! I am so disappointed with todays shoes. I used to absolutely adore them, they were my fail safe, go-to, black court shoe that went with everything. I loved the stumpy toe and curved shape of the shoe that flattered so well. However when I tried them on today I felt they ere cheap looking and frumpy. They have just lost that 'something special', I've definitely fallen out of love with them.
Fiorelli black court shoes with ruffled toe and Primark purple lacey tights.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Day Seventy Four - A Little Birdy

It's actually a lovely day today, considering this week has felt like 'proper winter'. So I took advantage and wore a summery pair of shoes. They have quite a bit of black in them though, so you can get away with wearing tights with them. The swallow print on these satin shoes is absolutely gorgeous and the bow on the front is such a pretty touch. I tried to find a link for todays shoes, but noticed that Schuh and ASOS don't carry the brand anymore, which makes me think it no longer exists? It's a shame because they made beautiful pieces. Wearing Head Over Heels bird print, pale pink, satin sandals.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Day Seventy Three - Winter Panic Over

I've written out a huge list of all the shoes in my room that I haven't yet worn on The Shoe Girl Diaries and I'm hoping the panic over what I will wear all winter is over. I have many pairs of shoes in storage, but I don't really want to have to go into that until the weather is warmer. I don't fancy raking through the cold shed with spiders in the dark! Hopefully I'll have enough pairs to last, I certainly have enough for the next couple of months anyway. I love the shoes I'm wearing today or rather that I want to wear today. One of the diamante chains is broken and isn't attached properly anymore, so it's swinging around. I have certainly worn them lots over the years, but I'm still disappointed that they are broken. Can you believe that these are supermarket shoes?Cream sandals with hanging chains and diamante and 'opal' flower detail by Florence+Fred at Tesco.

Day Seventy Two - In Search Of Cadburys

The reason this post comes today and not yesterday is because I spent the entire day trying to get a Giles Deacon scarf! If you haven't heard the buzz; Giles designed the uber gorgeous spotty dress that the Caramel Bunny wears in the new Cadbury's Nibbles ad. He has also produced a Limited Edition scarf which was being sold in pop-up stores all over the internet. It was a race to find which shop opened, when and join the queue, hopefully bagging a scarf for free, before the doors shut and the store moved elsewhere. Sounds like fun, however there were some technical difficulties along the way which involved me sitting glued to my computer from 10am until around 4pm before things started hotting up. Around half 5, I was the proud owner of said scarf, phew! It was a superb idea which even involved the assistants speaking to you to confirm your address and you seeing your scarf wrapped in the jiffy bag addressed to you (how cool is that?). I typed my address so quickly that my 2-name town became one and I couldn't stop laughing when the poor assistant said it all in one word, oopsy! Anyway, hopefully the scarf will still get here in one piece. It's just a shame that the game was slightly spoilt by the 6 hour wait, but winning the scarf certainly made up for it, wonderful idea Cadbury's!Wearing lilac silk, slip on mules with wonderful brooch detail from TKMaxx. I wore these shoes to a friends wedding a few years ago, but think they will go on the 'for sale' pile as I never have the occasion to wear them nowadays.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Day Seventy One - How Are You Feeling?

Having a little bit of a panic today about how I'm going to make it all the way through winter wearing a different pair of shoes every day. For the first time since this challenge began, I'm actively looking for a pair each day, rather than grabbing the first pair I see. Obviously 'comfort first, fashion second' doesn't usually apply to my wardrobe, but what if I run out of boots (a massive possibility) and have to wear strappy sandals in December? It's not really going to work is it? May need to re-think the challenge or at least prepare, by counting how many winter pairs I have. Feel a little bit like a nurse today in these cream platforms. Although I'm not sure what hospital I'm visiting, where nurses wear House of Holland tights and heels this height!

Matalan cream patent shoes.

Day Seventy - It's Winter

Bought a pair of winter boots yesterday. My Mum surprised me by saying 'they are really sensible for you, good for winter'. Note the word 'surprise' because before you start thinking I bought my first flat pair with good rubber soles, these boots had a 5" heel and 1" platform. Exactly who would class them as 'good' for walking through puddles and 4" of snow, I don't know! Speaking of inappropriate footwear. I wore these cute sandals yesterday and the rain was torrential. I was soaked through and it took a good few hours before I started to dry out. My toes were also like blocks of ice, perhaps time to put away the open toes! Although on the plus side, these shoes are mega comfortable. Be Beau by Matalan black patent and suedette platform sandals with elasticated back

Monday, 26 October 2009

Day Sixty Nine - Take A Bow

Did you see X Factor last night? Westlife were amazing and with Michael Buble they put the previous guest performers to shame. Yep, they can sing live and talk, yippee! Was disappointed to see Miss Frank go. I think they were something different and would really shine in a couple of weeks time. I'm not keen on that teacher guy and he barely sang in his song, he just let the lighting, backing vocals, band and theatrics do it for him! Not sure who gets my vote now. Wearing gorgeous floral tights my Mum bought me in Madeira and Irregular Choice 'Take A Bow' peach and brown court shoes with plush bow.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Day Sixty Eight - Fall Back

Did you remember to change your clocks? It's mayhem in our house as my Dad collects clocks. It's not so bad in springtime, when you can forward an hour quite easily. However you shouldn't turn clock hands anti-clockwise, so it involves rotating them forward several hours and digital clocks are a nightmare too. We must have over a hundred and I'm sure by the time Christmas comes, we'll still be finding some at the wrong time.
Blue 'Hello Sailor' peep toes by Shoemissy

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Day Sixty Seven - Wet 'n' Wild

My goodness, it's horrible outside. Windy and raining non-stop, all day. Needless to say I didn't venture out anywhere. I'm slightly worried that my feet have grown, because I struggled to fit into todays shoes. I know this style is generally small made, but they've never given me this much trouble before. I could barely get my foot in! Isn't that a shoeaholics worst nghtmare? What would you do with the hundreds of pairs that don't fit? Eeek!Pink leopard print court with black bow by Irregular Choice

Friday, 23 October 2009

Day Sixty Six - A Fish Out of Water

I feel very 'artsy' looking today! I'm wearing lacey footless tights, worn halfway down my foot and a paint splashed, wrapover, voluminous (strangely shaped) dress which is black with olive green. I decided the term 'less is more' is totally out of the window and chucked on my long multi-strand pearls too. I even put a thick black liner all over my lids then a shimmery olive eyeshadow over the top-it looks really cool. I am also wearing these gorgeous and again slightly 'odd' shoes to complete the look. I know some people loathe the split styles and others love them. Personally I'm kind of on the fence, they aren't the most comfortable things and I do have to take a bigger size in them.
Green and gold, split-toe 'Fish Out Of Water' by Irregular Choice

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Day Sixty Five - Sparkly Season

After Christmas shopping yesterday, it put me in the mood for some season sparkle. The glitter on these mary-jane heels is very fine and perfect for daytime wear.
Gold glitter mary-janes with bow New Look

Day Sixty Four - Preparing for Christmas

I went shoppping yesterday and bought nothing! This is the second time I've done so this month. Mum and I did get an early start on some Christmas presents, although it's actually only 9 weeks to go! It was a horrible day though, cold and raining, so we didn't stay too long. I'm still trying to keep going with peep-toes and more summery shoes, although I reckon I'll be breaking out the boots soon.
Shiny snakeskin leggings New Look and Office 'Pentlow Prom' peach, patent peep toes, with hearts, fan and peep-heel detail (shame I couldn't show you all the great angles of this shoe). These shoes are actually part of the Office Vintage collection and you can definitely see that influence.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Day Sixty Three - Metallic to a T

These shoes are nothing extraordinary, yet they are quite special to me. They have such a smooth, lovely shape and are an odd greeny-pewter shade which changes depending on the colours you team with it. They are super comfy too and my only pair of French Connection shoes, who btw, have lots of gorgeous styles this winter. It's interesting that in this image the shoe in the background looks shimmery, while the foreground doesn't. They aren't particularly shimmery in real life, so it's just my (probably not so good) picture taking skills!
Pewter t-bar, peep toe shoes by French Connection and grey, lace leggings Dorothy Perkins

Did you notice that you can now search through The Shoe Girl Diaries posts by shoe style, colour or brand? In the sidebar, just click your favourite i.e. 'platforms' or 'irregular choice' and you'll find all the corresponding posts. It seems 'bows' and 'peep toes' have featured the most over the past 60+ days!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Day Sixty Two - How Hard Can It Be?

Did you see X Factor last night? You wouldn't think it an impossible task to get a celebrity on the show that can sing well (and live) and string a coherent sentence together, would you? However it's proving very difficult. Last week we had Robbie Williams with his staring, druggy eyes and desperate attempts to make us like him, then this week Whitney Houston bursts the back of her dress (it was far too small for her) and she was seriously struggling to make any sense when she spoke. Either the drugs have rotted her brain or she's not as 'clean' as she'd like us to think. That aside, she has the most perfect complexion I've ever seen, not a blemish or line; hardly a good advert for staying away from drugs is it? Anyway, Westlife, I'm counting on you to raise the tone next week!Grey suede, peep toe boots with metallic heel Miss Selfridge

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Day Sixty One - A Special Pair

I find it hard to pick a favourite pair of shoes from my collection. However if I were to choose several pairs, these would definitely be in that group. For me, the heel isn't even that high, but it's beautifully shaped and chunky, the patent leather is so soft and has a wet-look to it. The oversized bow placed on the peep-toe is the icing on the cake and I also love the criss-cross strapping. These shoes are unbelievably comfortable and seem to hug around your feet. You just can't help but stare at them. A stranger once stopped me and told me they were 'F*** me shoes'!
Red patent bow peep toe shoes by Bronx
(You can buy Bronx footwear from Barratts, Schuh and Dorothy Perkins).

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Day Sixty - Ain't No Stoppin'

Wow, 'Day Sixty' and I'm showing no signs of slowing down yet! I do hope you are enjoying this blog. Please leave comments below each post or email me at with your views. After waiting 2 months for Blogger to reinstate my Pink Haired Princess blog, I think the time has come to start up a new one. I'll of course let you know when it is up and running. Thanks for your continued support. Pink perspex, studded bow sandals by Irregular Choice

Friday, 16 October 2009

Day Fifty Nine - Princess For A Day

I absolutely adore the shoes today. Totally, unashamedly girly with huge bows, pastel shades, a floral print and gravity defying heel, what more could I ask for? Eagle eyed readers will spot that these shoes were the first ever 'Shoe Of The Week (SOTW)' on my Pink Haired Princess blog. Gorgeous!
Pale blue 'Prom Princess' shoes by Irregular Choice

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Day Fifty Eight - Pucci Please?

A bit of a miserable day today, so I figured I would wear a pair of ultra-happy shoes. They have to be the least photogenic pair so far though! I really struggled to get a good pic, I think it's because they are so shiny. They feature a cute little zip-up back which is covered with a huge, double bow closure and you can just spot the silver heel! Purple, blue and aqua printed satin bow back sandals by ASOS

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Day Fifty Seven - Spot The Fake

Yesterday in the local paper there was a story about a Birkin bag by Hermes being handed into a charity shop (among many other 'good' items) from an unknown donator. The bag was brand new and when they realised how much they retail for, they put a price of £350 on it (it had previously been priced at £150 and had been sitting instore, unsold, for 4 weeks). The charity were hoping that the bag would start a bidding war and make them lots of money. Now, two things ran through my head when my Mum read the story, firstly 'how can they tell it isn't a fake?' and 'how can they tell it's unused and brand new?', then I looked at the picture. It's handles were wrapped in plastic! Plastic! Eeek, that's why they knew it was unused and that's how I knew it was a big ol' fake. To make matters worse, todays paper reported that they have since sold the bag for a 4 figure sum. They again printed a (bigger) picture and although it's a nice enough bag, it's clearly not authentic. It's stiff, looks like it's made from any old croc-effect patent plastic and still has the ghastly plastic covered handles. I feel terrible and what about the lady that donated it? She must know the truth and will be too mortified to tell them.

Anyway speaking of fakes. Do you recognise these shoes? You may remember my J-Lo grey winged 'Kata' shoes a few weeks back. These are by Zoe Footwear (?) and although there are several obvious differences (not to mention the quality), their 'inspiration' is clear. Of course I don't mind fakes and replicas (hello! studded Primark/Gucci sandals ring a bell?) as long as I know that's what I'm buying and it's not being illegally passed off as a luxury brand. I'd really like to go into this in more detail when I get my Pink Haired Princess blog back as it's uncanny the amount of brazen faced 'businesses' out there selling fake Louboutin heels and Chanel bags. Not to mention that most of the profits from such companies are reportedly funding illegal operations. Beware buyers!Electric blue winged peep-toes Zoe Footwear.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Day Fifty Six - It's Red Under

I totally have 'sleepyitus' today. I can't seem to shake it off, I feel like I'm going to fall asleep any moment! So this is my last picture from the archives today-I must make more of an effort now to take the image and upload each day. It's another pair that I feel I must sell, but can't quite give up. They are ASOS's version of the YSL Tributes, complete with red sole, two designers in one! I'm not really showing off the shoe very well in this image, but the backwards view is an interesting angle.Black patent peep-toes with cream heel and red sole ASOS

Monday, 12 October 2009

Day Fifty Five - Purple Pumps

Todays shoes remind me of proper dancing pumps for Scottish Country Dancing, except for the huge heel and purple snake/suede effect of course! Love the big tassel on the end of each tie.
Purple snake, peep-toe boots Matalan

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Day Fifty Four - Mine's A Triple

Wowza, check out my multi-layered platform today! The heel is ginormous and pretty skinny, so I was walking very carefully. I don't think the angle of the image quite captures just how high they are, I'm sure the heel must be almost 6". They are from the 'Be Beau' range at Matalan, who have just started doing shoes (how exciting). I'm pretty disappointed to see this style is now half price when I haven't had the opportunity to wear my (full-price) pair yet. Although buying them for £18 is still a major bargain in my eyes. Anyway I love the triple buckle feature and contrasting taupe sections. Triple-strap platform sandals Be Beau at Matalan

Friday, 9 October 2009

Day Fifty Three - A Leopard Never Changes...

I bought these shoes when 'concealed platforms' were becoming all the rage a few years back. I was besotted with them and eventually bought them for a good price from eBay. However, I've never worn them. I have never found the perfect outfit to show them off. They are a very 'brown' leopard print and I don't think they'd look right with black and I don't own any plain brown/nudes/neutral clothes. I'm considering selling them, but it's a hard decision as I can still feel the love I felt for them when I first saw them!
'Sherbet' leopard-print ponyskin court shoes with red suede heel and bow, Topshop

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Day Fifty Two - Frilling

There's something exciting and slightly naughty about wading through piles of crisp, autumn leaves wearing bright orange Louboutin-esque shoes! There's no doubt that you feel fabulous the moment you put these shoes on. Seeing that I already own this style in all 4 shades (orange, black, purple and raspberry), it's no surprise that I'm hugely looking forward to the snakeskin version that are coming soon. Will my life be complete after that? Well, I'd love a glossy nude pair, pastel shades like lilac, powder blue, pink, maybe teal or gold for holiday season....Orange ruffle front shoes Matalan

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Day Fifty One - Get Your Bow On

Ok, so todays shoes are seriously insane, I'm loving them so much. I can't believe I've owned them all these months and managed to avoid wearing them, they just look sooo good. I couldn't decide between the two images, so you get both. I'm loving the colour pop of yellow nail polish against the bright pink too-just what you need when it starts getting dull outside!
Pink platform, triple bow sandals by Matalan.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Day Fifty - Lets Go Retro

Wow, can you believe it's Day 50 already? I've actually managed to wear a different pair of shoes every day without accidentally doubling up. I must admit, I am finding it harder to remember which pairs I have or haven't worn, especially after my (undocumented) hiatus, where I cheated a little. On that note, I'm really missing blogging for Pink Haired Princess. I'm considering moving away from Blogger altogether as I hate the lack of personal assistance. All I want is someone to say 'yes, we are working on your blog and it should be fixed in 'x' days'. It's been 2 months and I hate not knowing if I'll ever get it back.

I'm also a little sad that I didn't get a better image of todays shoes (I was in a rush). They are really special in real life and very retro looking. I'm digging out the peep-toes to wear as much as I can before the colder weather sets in.
Green peep-toes with cut away sides, cone heel and plastic bow Schuh

Monday, 5 October 2009

Day Forty Nine - Ooh Naughty!

My sis was very excited at picking up the Boots Christmas Catalogue today. You know I'll be sitting tonight 'starring' items I'd really like Santa to bring me! Got these fabulous purple tights in Primark last week for 50p!!!Fabby.
Black 'French Maid' peep-toe shoes by Shoemissy

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Day Forty Eight - Star Spotting

Last night saw the spectacular fireworks display during the Dunhill dinner (from our house though it sounded like we were being bombed-and during The X Factor too-how rude!). Mum and Dad always like to go with their buddies, not just to see the display, but who's attending. They spotted the usuals, actor Kyle MacLachlan (his hair is V long according to Mum, while her friend was thinking 'Craig MacLachlan'!), Hugh Grant with Ronan Keating (both very popular and posed for the paps together, Ro was the entertainment for the evening along with Huey Lewis). Sportsmen Ian Botham, Steve Redgrave, Bobby Charlton, Ruud Gullit, Alan Hansen (soooooo tall), Tim Henman (got a big cheer), Shane Warne, Jamie Redknapp ('absolutely gorgeous'). Also Don Felder (The Eagles) and Tico Torres (Bon Jovi), plus a whole load of unknowns that my Mum took pics off 'just incase they were famous'! She was extremely disappointed that she didn't see Aidan Quinn. He was supposed to be playing in the postponed game from yesterday, today-but wasn't at that either, so I reckon he must have had to go home.
One mystery guest that had my Mum all in a tizz though (other than Jamie R) was this guy (above). Who is he? We very much like 'mystery man' and his lovely eyes!! His partner also got my award for best dressed (although there wasn't much competition). She wore a long red gown but her accessories were super cool, bronze knotted peep-toes, oversized brown clutch with fine gold chain strap and a super chunky 'wowza' jewelled bangle. Anyway if someone can identify my new crush, please let me know (or perhaps he's really a minger but took a good photo!).
Polka dot court shoes with bow Matalan and House of Holland tights.