Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Day 1193 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing bright blue shoes with ankle cuff and rainbow winged heel with seahorse striped tights
Shoes: Dreamscape | Irregular Choice 

Big post today, lots to get through, because after 5 months of not buying any new season Irregular Choice, I finally have a brand new style! These launched last Friday, with a completely new concept heel and wow, just wow! One style (Bouquet Belle) were exclusive to IC, then Bouquet Beauty and these, Dreamscape, came in 2 colours each. There was also a bag, which I'm getting for my birthday, it's sooo cute. I expected a bigger collection or selection of items to be honest. I was hoping for tights and some other accessories, though these tights look great with them. First, let's talk about sizing as it was a big worry for me buying online.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Day 1192 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing embroidered navy knee high boots with fish jacquard print
Shoes: Hiccup | Irregular Choice 

Hi gang! Just a quick post this week as I don't have time to edit more photos (these were from Instagram in 2019).  I would've worn different tights had I known I was posting here as resizing the pics results in moirĂ© because they are shiny and shimmery.  Anyway, I've been trying to be semi-social this past week or so (given that I never go out), so have been signing up to lots of online classes and events.  This week, I have the Glamour Big Beauty Call, next week it's Vogue's 5 Days Of Beauty.  I also regularly attend Guerlain and Clarins masterclasses, but for someone that never has anything planned, I'm worrying I'll forget to attend or that I'm double booking (think it's Clarins and Glamour tomorrow, then Guerlain and Glamour on Thursday).  I'm trying to get everything done before the classes, as I know I'll tire myself out if I try to do two things at once, but my head's all over the place and I just got side-tracked by the delivery of 4 parcels (a long wait until payday again đŸ¤£)!  Anyway nothing to do with these boots.  

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Day 1191 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing ice cream sundae heeled shoes with fishnet tights
Shoes: Deckchair Diva | Irregular Choice

I had to rake through my photos folders for these images after being too knackered to photograph anything this week, combined with very poor weather.  It's proper dark and cold today, like needing a light on during the day kinda dark and ice hitting your face (so my sister tells me).  Apparently it's to be like this until mid May.  Say it isn't so!  Anyway, I have tonnes of photos I took when I was doing the IC challenge in 2019 on Instagram, including lots of styles I've yet to review here.  This was the ice cream sundae heel (not to be confused with the twice released ice cream cone heels) which launched for Spring 2018.  I bought Arctic Roll, with the pom-poms and tassels, in the summer sale (how I held my nerve until then, I don't know) and then saw these for under £50 on eBay the next January. 

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Day 1190 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing colourful sushi theme tights and printed shoe with lucite heel
Shoes: Bento Baby | Irregular Choice

I just remembered about these shoes that I bought from the last Irregular Choice sale and haven't spoken about.  You know how I was a little unsure about Seafoam Queen? Well whenever I saw Bento Baby, I knew they were the perspex heel of the year for me.  They were part of the sushi collection with Sarsparilly which included clothes and this particular pair were an IC exclusive colourway.  There was another variation (same style but different name) with the chrome finish to the heel instead of being transparent and yellow and lilac uppers, but I loved everything about this pair. 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Day 1189 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing blue thigh high boots with pink glitter heel
Shoes: Finders Keepers | Irregular Choice 

I'm going to tell you from the outset that these photos are rubbish! It kept snowing on and off, filling the room with blue light and I didn't have the energy or time to retake them.  I've adjusted as best I could, but the lighting/colours aren't perfect (particularly of the heel, which I'll come onto later).  So after falling in love with the Satine thigh high boots and eventually buying them, albeit slightly apprehensively, as I wasn't sure how flexible they were going to be at the knee (given I'm usually in a wheelchair), I was really pleased to see different uppers of the same style in these Finders Keepers for AW19. 

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Day 1188 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up wearing organza frill ankle socks and fuzzy bunny heeled shoes
Shoes: Hop Along | Irregular Choice 

In March 2016, Irregular Choice released another variation of their bunny heel. There was just one style (Hop Along), sold alongside three colours of Bunnie Love; a perspex heeled court with bunny ears and pom pom tail. As much as I loved the new heel, the colour put me off. White isn't exactly practical and I already had the glitter bunny heeled Bunnykins in white lace that had launched the previous Christmas. I couldn't justify it, so instead bought the pink Bunnie Love, which I had to send back twice because I wasn't happy with them (frayed and snagged ribbons and some marks to the uppers), so I didn't get anything in the end from that launch.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Day 1187 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink metallic zebra court shoes with fishnet socks
Shoes: Zevra | Irregular Choice 

I really fell in love with this style when it launched in 2019.  They came in black and white, the more obvious colour choice for a zebra upper, but the amazing tinsel tail on the pink version stole my heart.  The other pair had plain black, but here we got this wonderful multi-colour metallic which immediately reminded me of my favourite 80's doll, Superstar Sindy.  I've attached a photo at the bottom, as she lives in my shoe room!  I wasn't prepared for how full the tail would be, it's like a cheerleader pom pom at the back, it's fabulous and so swishy. 

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Day 1186 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing SS18 wooden wedge shoes from Irregular Choice with socks
Shoes: Funshine | Irregular Choice

Something very summery today; an older sale buy, originally from Spring/Summer 2018.  These are perfectly named Funshine; such a cheery shoe.  It's a medium weight wooden wedge platform and heel.  I've felt lighter and definitely felt heavier too, but it does feel pretty solid to walk on.  Obviously they are high, there's no denying that, so if you're usually pretty wobbly on higher heels, I'd avoid these as I don't think they are so stable that you'd never fall.  Obviously I haven't properly worn shoes for a year now and I've noticed recently when trying them on for these posts, I'm struggling a bit with comfort, but actually I was fine in these.  No aching arches, no desperation to get them off because they felt too high, so if you do wear heels, you can manage these, just be mindful of uneven surfaces! 

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Day 1185 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up of legs and feet wearing pencil ankle boots with concept heel
Shoes: Chalk It Up | Irregular Choice 

I knew I jinxed myself the other day in this post by saying I was really organised with blogging just now! I've been so distracted by other things these past couple of days that I'm hastily trying to piece this post together last minute. Anyway, these were another sale buy from Irregular Choice; I was trying to drastically limit my full-price buys last year because money was/is tight (I miss eBaying!), so I had a lot to buy when sale time came. That's actually reminded me that I still have to pay for these on Klarna! Anyway, I really liked these when they launched as part of the Fun & Games collection last year (not to be confused with the Gaming collection my last two posts came from). This collection was really fun; snakes and ladders, chess, the big wheel and then these pencil items. There's a bag, which I also have, a court shoe and then these boots.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Day 1184 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing wedge shoes with toy car theme and mesh socks
Shoes: Spaghetti Junction | Irregular Choice

Another week, another Irregular Choice sale buy!  Like High Score last time, these were from the Gaming collection for Summer last year.  They were also another IC exclusive colourway.  The other option was a bright rainbow finish, which I also liked, but something about the contrast between the black and white with green glitter really drew me in.  Again, their weight or lack of, really surprised me.  This is a super lightweight wedge.  They are a bit tricky to get into at first, with the circular part of the road.  I found just pushing my foot in slowly, bit by bit and pulling that circular part up little by little worked best, rather than trying to do it in one move.  The strapping is elasticated slightly on the inner side which I've photographed below (8th image, visible slit in the red strap). 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Day 1183 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing patterned gaming tights with pinball themed wedge shoes
Shoes: High Score | Irregular Choice 

The Irregular Choice sale came to a close this week, so I bought the final pieces I'd had on my wishlist (well the bits that were still in stock). Then I got the guilts, even although I've been coveting them since they launched last year! I was in two minds about whether or not to keep these ones, but after trying them on with these tights, I decided they were a keeper. Unfortunately the photos turned out quite dark and brightening them just made the tights look white (when they aren't) and I was getting that moiré thing going on too, so I've stalled on this post all day! However, here we are.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Day 1182 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing shell and pearl embellished shoes with patterned tights
Shoes: Seafoam Queen | Irregular Choice 

Since it's 'revival' many years ago, I usually buy at least one pair of perspex heels every season from Irregular Choice. I really enjoyed the t-bar series; Tiny Ted, Pretty Poodle, Barnacle Betty and Blossom Bunny and then the slight change of shape for Bellissima. I guess these are in a similar vein, but I've been torn with whether or not to buy them.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Day 1181 - Shoesday Tuesday

applique circus characters on grey felt platform shoes worn with marbled tights
Shoes: Felt circus platforms | REDValentino 

I've had these shoes for a couple of years now, but I thought I'd share my fit review today and I fancied a change from the usual Irregular Choice! I lusted after these shoes from the moment I saw them in the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection and eventually got them in my size. REDValentino is like the fun, flirty, younger sister of the Valentino brand.  Ever since their launch, I've loved their aesthetic and this isn't my first pair of their shoes.  I've also always loved circus themed things, I don't know why as I've never actually been to a real circus! 

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Day 1180 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing lilac sparkling ankle boots with cat embroidery
Shoes: Felicette | Irregular Choice 

The minute I saw these boots last season, I knew I had to have them.  Then I tried to talk myself out of them, after getting the much fancier, but similar themed Warp Speed.  I resisted them when they were heavily discounted during the Black Friday sales (only because I had no money) and once the Christmas sales came, they'd sold out everywhere.  I kept trying to console myself, saying they'd maybe be too low heeled, the colour wasn't as exciting as the stock photos showed etc etc.  However, Lottie's eventually reduced them and they were the only remaining place I could find with my size in this colour (they also come in black) and I had a voucher to spend too, so I swooped and I'm so glad I did.  They far exceeded my expectations. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Day 1179 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing galactic tights with silver pointed booties with large bow
Shoes: Power Surge | Irregular Choice 

These shoe-boots are from the SS20 Lightning Bolt collection.  You may remember I bought the fluffy unicorn print Heavens Above and pastel Galactic Thunder on launch day, after struggling to decide my favourites in this range!  I was intrigued by these little booties, which also came in pink, black or turquoise.  After much deliberation, I decided the silver were my favourite and picked them up in the summer sale.  What drew me to these, were the pink heel as it was really different to my other 2 pairs which are mirrored metallic.  This one is not at all like I thought, I was expecting a shiny finish, but it's matte, rubberised, a bit like Nars makeup packaging.  I really love the bright rainbow slub throughout the silver fabric and they have a bit of an 80's electro vibe in style and colour. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Day 1178 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing animal print tights and green cat face ankle boots with gold cuffs and satin bows
Shoes: Delicate Diamond | Irregular Choice 

I forgot I still hadn't shared my thoughts on these, after buying them last year. Money has been really tight, so in 2020 I was trying to not buy anything new at full price...it's hard.  I did drastically reduce launch day purchases, but I'm definitely not a fan of waiting for sales and worse, worrying about and watching them sell-out.  These were part of the new diamond shaped heel collection for AW20, much slimmer (and lighter) than the likes of Diamontina we've previously seen and this particular pair were an exclusive colour to Irregular Choice.  I didn't buy them right away, but once my size went low stock, I buckled.  I just knew I'd be really sad if I didn't get them, as they were the stand-out pair for me in this range.  I made the right decision as they've never been restocked in my size since.  I'm actually really keen on the red/pink pair too, not the colour I'd usually go for, but I think the heel looks really pretty in pale pink. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Day 1177 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink metallic ankle boots with checked jersey dress
Shoes: Anastasia | Irregular Choice 

I went on the hunt for something to photograph today as I think I've shown all my most recent buys.  I got these in the January sales last year, they are from AW19.  They are really plain for me, but there's something about that simplicity that I'm really drawn to here.  They came in 3 different mirrored metallic shades and for once, I didn't buy the blue option!  I know, who am I?  If you're new here, I have more than a tendency to buy blue/green colourways over anything else!  However this very pale pink really appealed to me.   There's only little bits of black trim around the cuff and a bow across the front and even the bow is 'sensible' by IC standards. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Day 1176 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing colourful ankle boots with acrylic big rotating wheel
Shoes: Topsy Turvy | Irregular Choice

This is what Santa brought me for Christmas; amazing ankle boots from the Irregular Choice Fun & Games collection (AW20).  I would've shown you them last week, but they didn't fit, so I had to re-order the size up and I've been pretty knackered the past couple of weeks, sleeping a lot and unable to stand to take photos.  Anyway, I had a burst of energy today, so took the opportunity to get this post done.  These boots are just...wow!  I think I said that multiple times when I took them out the box.  It's such a novel idea.