Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Shoe Girl Diaries 2013 Part 3

Sorry, I didn't realise there was such a gap since my last summary post.  I've still not been feeling up to getting dressed and out of the house, so unfortunately the regular outfit posts are at a complete standstill for now.  However, in this post I'll be looking at July-September last year and there are some ace outfits during this time.
July 2013
I wore a lot of really great shoes throughout July. Lots of bright colours and fun prints and textures.
Mega heat wave in July if I recall. I'm not accustomed to hair and makeup for really hot weather, so struggled a bit and look rather hot and bothered in some of these photos! You feel like you want to go without makeup entirely, but sadly my skin isn't that great and I just feel self-conscious without it. I was loving a bright flush on the cheeks (natural or not) and hair-wise, I couldn't live without my flower clips. Nearly wore them every day! The purple hair tips faded quickly, so I was back to one colour by the end of the month.
My outfits were much like my shoes, lots of fun things here and bright colours and prints.  Onto my favourites of the month...
Nothing fancy, just a cheap giraffe maxi from Primark and my comfy Bertie 'Superstar' wedges, but I'll never tire of these shoes and their ability to make any old outfit look fabulous.
I've only worn these Red Herring shoes once and they killed! I love their Minnie Mouse-ness though.
From pretty to fierce, these River Island platforms amp up the cool factor every time.
Gorgeous aqua colour, beautiful shape and comfortable to wear. Terry de Havilland 'Margaux' wedges. Nothing else to say!
My third pair of Dan Sullivan shoes, crazy camel wedges. Got The Hump are bright, bold and brilliant.
Red, blue and white, I know it's a cliche, but I still love the combo. The net skirt underneath this Pearl Lowe dress meant I could go bare legged without fear of pant-flashing in public. I adore this dress, but I wish it had an extra inch or two in length.
I really loved this outfit-it was something a little different for me. I felt like a little matryoshka doll in it, kind of Ulyana Sergeenko inspired. Well, you know, if she shopped in New Look! Dress New Look, cape Miss Selfridge, net skirt Primark and shoes Moschino Cheap & Chic.
The outfit that stunned me though, was this one. I honestly wasn't too enamoured with it, it was a boiling hot day and I was getting rather irritable. My usual curly hairstyle wasn't working, so I pinned it all up, out of the way. Then added my flowers (makeup wise I loved the bright Lancome eye pencil). I posted the photos to Tumblr and it went crazy. It's been liked and reblogged a massive 650 times! I started to think the dress was entirely see-through or my boobs were out (!) to garner such interest! Anyway, the dress is an old one from ASOS Curve, the daisy platforms are Red Valentino.
Another ASOS Curve maxi and I adore the vintage feel floral print (worn with my Miu Miu sandals).
Yellow isn't a colour you'll often see me wear, but I do like it in this River Island dress.  I added my sparkly, globe Lady Dragon (Vivienne Westwood/Anglomania & Melissa) shoes and even more colour with my two-tone hair.
This outfit is really rather girly with the sweety prints and pastel colours. Irregular Choice unicorn shoes, Primark scenic skirt and H by Henry Holland twins t-shirt, perfect for summer.

August 2013
Newsflash, I wore the same shoes two days running. Gasp out loud! Well, I did say this blog was an honest reflection of the shoes I wore each day, after I'd completed my challenge all those years ago. So even people like me with hundreds of pairs find themselves wanting to wear the same shoes twice!
My turquoise hair had faded to green, so it had to go. Cue a complete change with this vivid violet. Looking back, I really like it, especially with the purple streaks courtesy of not completely removing my previous hair colour before applying the violet. Lots of pretty makeup too and I think I'm trying to wean myself off the hair flowers this month.
A lot of pretty dresses here that I'd forgotten about, including quite possibly my favourite outfit of the year (or have I already given that accolade in a previous post?)
Lunch with a friend I hadn't seen for years, was an excuse to go girly (like I need one). I felt great in this outfit; dress Dorothy Perkins, leopard print cardi Matalan, sandals Miu Miu.
Another mention for my globe shoes, looking great with this G21 Asda parrot maxi dress. The colours in these shoes seem to lend themselves to almost any outfit in my wardrobe!
New hair colour-new lease of life.
My Toralei inspired Monster High Monday makeup looked great with the new hair colour and I know I've previously mentioned this ballerina printed dress, but it's one of my favourites. So pretty.
I remember this day well. Mum and I went all the way to Dundee to smell perfume. Not to buy (I was getting it online), just to sniff. Mental. Anyway I kinda liked my geek chic outfit. Green and pink are great together and I have to admit I never thought I'd get so much wear out of plain pink, satin courts! Dress Primark, glasses Jeepers Peepers, shoes Miu Miu, horse necklace Topshop.
I love that you can see the different colours in my hair here. A happy accident.
Dan Sullivan 'Got The Hump' wedges again, just because they are utterly fabulous.
So here is my favourite outfit of the year. I absolutely love it all, hair and makeup included. I think the whole look sums me up, girly with a twist. I just love the feminine, floral dress (Dorothy Perkins) worn with heavier, striped open toe boots. The shoes were part of the River Island Design Forum collection years ago and the student designer at the time? None other than the wonderful Sophia Webster!! I'd like to say "who knew?", but honestly I did back then, that she'd go on and achieve great things.

September 2013
It's obviously getting colder, because I see more shoes than jellies! Along came my second 'feature' heel by Irregular Choice, little gnomes! I didn't realise how much I'd love these actually. Not that I've anything against gnomes, but I'm not exactly a fan.
I got a little exasperated with my hair this month. It doesn't look it here, but I cut a lot off, like really a lot (in the hope it would sit better). I cut my fringe really short and had hardly any length left elsewhere. I did feel like a boy for a few days, but it felt and looked much better afterwards ; )
Transitional periods are never easy to dress for are they? Do you need a coat, is it warm enough for bare legs? You don't want to look like it's the middle of winter either, so a lot of cardigans and layering (never been very good at the latter).
I almost forgot I got these Cougar Cub courts by Irregular Choice.  They are so cute and feature the very comfortable perspex heel, which I've got on so many of my IC's.  
I had to include this particular photo of my Chuckles heels because those steps in my back garden are no longer there since we started work on our house. It's become a silly family tradition to take photos standing next to the shed in the garden, after we noticed my Mum and her family always did it.  Well the digger has crushed both now! Sad face.     
These Lady Dragon jellies were made for this (Dorothy Perkins) dress.  I think I realised I've worn this exact outfit twice, which is quite unusual for me-I try to combine different pieces (not that I've anything against wearing the same thing multiple times, but it keeps the blog interesting if it's a different look each time).   
The fabulous Bertie wedges again, this time with Barbie leggings from Miss Selfridge and my 'Mischief' sunglasses by Irregular Choice.  
Ah the start of my 'twin' full length photos!  My striped boots got another outing with this lovely swallow print dress from New look.   
More swallows, but with polka dots, anchors and dollies!  I like blue and pink together and thought these cute shoes would look awesome with little socks.  I know some people aren't keen on the bare legs/socks thing with shoes, but it's growing on me.  
I can't wait to get more wear out of this dress in the summer.  It's by Iron Fist and I'd bought it towards the end of summer, so it had to be put away for winter. I love the vintage style lamb print, it's adorable.  Worn here with my pom pom Lady Dragon shoes.  
The new haircut debuts and I felt so comfortable in this belted cardigan (Primark) and H by Henry Holland dress with Truth or Dare polka dot shoes.    
I can sneak in one last flower photo!  Seeing as the outfit was monochrome, I wanted lots of colour elsewhere.  
Another popular outfit on Tumblr, with nearly 300 notes.  I wanted to do something different with this dress as I wear it a lot.  I wasn't quite sure the unicorn jumper would work, but it did.  Both ASOS, shoes Vivienne Westwood.

And that's it for these three months.  I'm halfway through editing the end of the year, so look out for that soon.  What gets your vote here?