Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twenty Eight - Tickle Your Fancy

Shoes: Turquoise 'Tickling Loris' Irregular Choice

After all my moaning, I sat glued to the Royal wedding yesterday! Then Mum and I popped through to Debenhams in the afternoon and I'm absolutely shattered from it. So today has been a lazy day for me! These shoes (are absolutely adorable and) look a lot darker in person and more green, but they always come out lighter turquoise in photos. Loads of people stopped in the street to stare at my feet (and hair) which is always quite funny!

Wearing: Scenic print dress New Look, black leggings and cardi and snake bangle Primark, shell bag (not shown) River Island, unicorn cameo ring Topshop, long pearls and unicorn ring Miss Selfridge.
Fit: Same issue as the day before, true in length but tight across the foot, glad I opted for the size up. Heel almost 4".
Comfort: Aside from the top digging in a little they gave me no problems and are easy to walk in.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twenty Seven - Royal Blue

Shoes: Blue suede 'Audrina' platforms Irregular Choice

This outfit was quite rushed because I got distracted taking photos of my new shoe purchases and more MAC lip swatches for Pink Haired Princess and lost track of time! My friend gave me this lipstick to try out (W7 Matte in Naked) and it looked a luscious nude in the tube, however on the lips it comes out darker and very flat...I added some of my Illamasqua Absorb gloss over the top though (which is very much lighter) and created full, nude, albeit slightly porn star looking lips-but don't we all need a little of that every now and then? Heehee!

Wearing: Blue and green floral, dipped hem dress ASOS, black stirrup leggings and sunglasses Primark, black satin slip (worn underneath) Matalan, bow cardigan New Look.
Fit: I need a size up in these, the uppers cut very tightly across the foot, true to size in length though. 5" heel and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort: I find these so easy to walk in and although they are still reasonably tight across the foot (even with the larger size), they are much better than my orange pair which are super tight!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twenty Six - Bright Beauty

Shoes: Lilac and green globe 'Lady Dragon' slingbacks Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa

Hello gang! Decided to go for lots of colour today. I wore a sparkling green eyeshadow with a lilac eyeliner under the eye and bright pink lipstick. I always feel a little strange in pink lipstick, especially brights, I just don't think they suit me, although with this hair it's not too bad and as the day wore on I actually ended up liking it! I'll post more makeup details tomorrow of exactly what I used.

Wearing: Striped and floral sundress and black leggings Primark, sunglasses ASOS, bow cardigan New Look, flower comb (love this) Yama Yama Pretty Mama and Girl About Town lipstick by MAC which I didn't get very accurate pics of!
Fit: True to size, 4 1/4" heel, adjustable slingback.
Comfort: Very comfy

Monday, 25 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twenty Five - Spot The Stud

Shoes: Lilac suede stud heels River Island

I was trying to take side-ish images to get all the colours of my hair in...think I kinda achieved that. A new pair of shoes that haven't been seen on the blog before, I bought them in the River Island sale after ogling them for months at full price. They're gorgeous in the flesh and actually a manageable heel! My only gripe is the suede stinks! Think I may need to drop some perfume cards in the box beside them.

Wearing: Spotty tights Evans, patterned dress ASOS Curve (way too big for me) with Matalan slip underneath, grey ribbon belt River Island, sunglasses ASOS, cardi Primark.
Fit: A little on the small side, 5 1/2" heel and 1 1/4" platform. Lower ankle strap is attached to shoe, top one is through the loop both with adjustable buckles.
Comfort: I wish they were slightly bigger, after a while they may ache, but walking is fine.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twenty Four - Happy Easter

Shoes: Pink swallow print mary-janes Shoesone

Happy Easter! Hope you're having a good day whatever you're doing. As they say in Scotland, I could boak-way too much chocolate (but it tastes so good), I've decided it's impossible to diet during Easter! Wore my ankle socks again today as they seemed to be a hit last time, they look pretty adorable with my replica Miu Miu's!

Wearing: Cream lace dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black leggings and coat Primark, cream lace ankle socks H&M, skull cameo pearls Miss Selfridge, sunglasses ASOS.
Fit: Run small, I need a size larger, buckle strap is adjustable. Platform around 1 1/4" and block heel 4 3/4".
Comfort: A really solid base to walk on and very comfortable with the socks.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day Four Hundred & Twenty Three - At Your Own Risk

Shoes: Green and grey Triple platforms Office

Sorry there haven't been any posts for the past couple of days-I haven't made it out the house! Then today, I spend ages getting ready only for it to rain and I'm still stuck indoors! It was nice to do my hair and get some makeup on though-I've looked like crap lately! For this outfit, I decided to go all pastel and subdued, then couldn't find my grey leggings which made me change my makeup to heavier colours and rethink the whole thing! These shoes would go perfectly with this dress, however it's unlikely I'll ever wear them outdoors, they are a serious risk to your health and I didn't fancy broken ankles this Easter!

Wearing: Grey floral dress F&F at Tesco, black leggings and cardi.
Fit: Run a little small, adjustable buckle fastening on ankle strap. 6" heel and 1 3/4" platform.
Comfort: For some reason Office decided to place a rounded platform base on these shoes, as if the 6" heel and 1 3/4" platform weren't enough of an obstacle. You have a very unsteady base therefore and it feels like you're walking on a ball-even I struggled and that was indoors. Such a pity as they are beautiful shoes.