Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Day 1156 - Shoesday Tuesday

side view of legs wearing blue ankle boots with green dinosaur on side breathing fire and dinosaur shaped heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Jurassotops 

Apologies for the photos, the lighting was clearly not good this day (last week) and I didn't intend to use these for a Shoesday post, but I haven't been feeling great, so couldn't retake them. Plus today was lovely, until it was time for me to take photos and got very overcast, typical! They'll do, you can still see the details. So, another pair from the Family Reunion collection and I'll be honest, probably my least favourite of my haul, but that doesn't mean I don't like them! Far from it. Even the ones I didn't buy, I like. This collection was so strong, but compared to last week, Fantastic Fawn would win.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Day 1155 - Shoesday Tuesday

side view of legs wearing lilac deer heeled shoes in green glitter with yellow straps
Shoes: Irregular Choice Fantastic Fawn 

Hello! Haven't had a Shoesday post in a long time (April actually)!  If you follow my Instagram or have seen my posts on Pink Haired Princess, you'll know I fell instantly in love with the most recent Irregular Choice collection.  It was called Family Reunion and was basically a bunch of the oldest character heels remade in completely different uppers with some of the heels updated in new ways too.  So, I thought I'd work my way through my haul with fit reviews, starting with my most favourite pair (yep, I've mentally ranked them), Fantastic Fawn.