Monday, 31 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Eight - Plushy Mushy

Shoes: Green velvet 'Plushness' slingbacks Office

I left it far too late to start taking photos today, so I didn't get many decent shots. Sorry for the no-post yesterday, my Auntie unexpectedly visited to tell us she got married last week-long story, unexpected but not totally random! Strange though, but then she is kinda weird!

Wearing: Sheer black and green floral frill dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black leggings and cardi.
Fit: True to size, lace front, heel just over 5 1/4" and 1" platform.
Comfort: Padded underfoot, easy to walk in chunky heel.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Seven - The Verdict

Shoes: Pink 'Guilty Pleasure' ankle boots Irregular Choice

Hello, hope you're having a good weekend so far. I'm having a no-makeup day, although I did manage to go out for a short walk with my hat pulled over my eyes and scarf up to my nose so nobody would see me! I think the flash of pink hair and matching boots was probably a giveaway that it was me though!

Wearing: Black floral 50's dress Dorothy Perkins, black leggings, long sleeved top and cardi (it's cold today).
Fit: 5" heel and 1 1/4" double platform, pull on, worn with the cuff as high as it goes. Quite tight across the foot, but fine in length.
Comfort: Really easy to walk in with that chunky heel. No problems rubbing, not much arch support though, really cosy!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Six - Soup Lunch

Shoes: Bronze 'Sugar' boots Irregular Choice

I attended a charity soup lunch with my Mama today. I'm absolutely knackered from doing so much walking this week, although it was good to get out. I was in the wars before I left the house, I lost a battle with some shoe boxes, cue avalanche! Then I lost my balance and stood barefoot on the sharp corner of a boot heel that was lying on the floor. Ouch! Really must try and bring some order to my room this weekend.

Wearing: Primark pastel floral button through dress, black leggings and long sleeved top, black coat etc. Lipstick necklace Anna Lou of London, fox ring and snake pearl ring Miss Selfridge, bunny ears ring Topshop.
Fit: Just over 4 1/4" heel and small concealed platform. True to size, button holes and hook fastenings.
Comfort: These are so padded underfoot, it's great. I did find one boot rubbed my heel though.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Five - Front Facing

Shoes: Indigo 'Blunt' ankle boot Feud

I was really undecided with which pic to use today, there were a couple of contenders. Last time you got to see the cool, carved heel, so I thought I'd show a different perspective this time. I went to Primark (walking) in search of 'the beach dress' today; the balls of my feet are absolutely aching now! I've never worn these boots outside before, so probably should've thought about that before trying them today! No luck with finding the dress either.

Wearing: This is like my new go-to comfy dress, by Ruby Rocks, worn with black leggings, my horse print coat, black hat, scarf etc. Swallow clutch bag River Island, stag ring (part of set) H&M, bird double ring Primark, metal bow belt Topshop.
Fit: Concealed platform 1 1/4", heel 5 1/4". True to size, slip on.
Comfort: I don't know if it was the shoes or me being not used to walking, but it's really the balls of my feet that are throbbing, no problems anywhere else and easy enough to walk in.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Four - Not So Good

Shoes: Grey suede 'Sunly' ankle boots Faith

I'm not feeling very sparky today. I've had a headache since I woke up, I slept in, I've got nothing done today and I'm just really tired and want to sleep. These photos certainly reflect my mood, they're crap! Sorry guys! I wasn't feeling very photogenic and daylight wasn't on my side, so they're blurry or bad quality : ( I actually have a feeling it'll snow tonight, outside it's very still and dry and freezing, what it usually feels like before snowfall (according to me anyway)!

Wearing: Black cardi, leggings and long sleeved top with Pearl Lowe for Peacocks floral and bird print dress.
Fit: True to size, a bit odd that your toes don't really show through the peep toe. Full length zip and 4 1/2" heel and small platform.
Comfort: When I was walking in these I decided they're probably my equivalent of a flat shoe. They're super easy to walk in!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Three - Learning Curve

Shoes: Black strappy jelly sandals Jean Paul Gaultier & Melissa at Shudoo

I didn't have time to pop out today, so thought I'd take a pic of these shoes that you haven't seen on here before. As I mentioned in my post when I bought them last year, they are a little tight on me. I probably should've sent them back for a bigger size, but they arrived just before Christmas and I never really got round to it.

Wearing: No outfit post today.
Fit: The fit on these is a little strange, you have a gap at the back, but the rest of the shoe is pretty tight and small. Definitely a smaller fit than the Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. Adjustable buckle on the ankle strap but a bit of a struggle to get them on with all the strapping. Heel 4 1/4".
Comfort: I love the feeling of being tightly strapped into shoes, but I'm not sure if my feet will turn blue after a few hours in these! Easy to walk in, even considering their super slim heel.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Two - Flying High

Shoes: Airforce blue/grey Airtight platforms Carvela at Kurt Geiger

I just can't seem to catch up on posts just now-I don't think I've posted anything on Pink Haired Princess all weekend, sorry! Updated with more pics!

Wearing: Grey lace prom dress, black cardi and black leggings Primark. Normally I would wear jewellery with this, but was just sitting around at home, so didn't bother (you'll find that on most of my outfit posts).
Fit: True to size, 5 3/4" heel and 1 1/2" platform.
Comfort: I walked 'tentatively' today, that's how I'd put it! You just have to concentrate and not do anything too fancy! I'm not sure who Carvela think their customer is or where they expect them to wear such shoes (they're not the type I would wear in a formal setting, yet they are too high for every day wear) or it's just perhaps that I'm always drawn to their styles that happen to feature really large heels and/or platforms!

Day Three Hundred & Sixty One - It's A Jungle

Shoes: Pink leopard print Wilma boots Senso Diffusion from Solestruck

As I mentioned yesterday, we went out for a family lunch on Sunday. Pancakes, yum, yum! Then I popped into a local shop to browse their range of Melissa footwear. Half the styles they stocked I already own, so I realised I probably shouldn't purchase any more (even if they were in the sale). I was quite tempted with the original Vivienne Westwood 'Lady Dragon' in blue or peach though. I decided these boots deserved a proper outing, seeing as they didn't get any further than my back garden last time. Outdoors they are extremely neon, like really, really bright. I think because the rest of my outfit was pretty much black, it had that added oomph! I've never had the chance to wear this dress either, yep it's that lace collar one everyone went crazy for.
Wearing: Black pleated and cream lace peter pan collar dress Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, black tights, mirror brooch Topshop, mirror ring (not seen) and velvet bow ring Miss Selfridge, jewelled tiger bangle and swallow clutch bag (not seen) River Island.
Fit: You're bound to know the sizing issues with these by now (if not search on PHP). These are a US9 and quite roomy inside for me, but there's just enough room for me to get them on and off. Platform 3.5cm and heel 5 3/4".
Comfort: Not the comfiest shoes I've ever worn, but there weren't any specific issues I had with them.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty - Riding High

Shoes: Brown knee high platform boots Matalan

Sorry, I'm running a day behind. Didn't get anything done yesterday, then been out for lunch today and just back! My dresses always look like they have dodgy shaped hemlines, it's usually because I'm doubled over tying to take the photo myself, so that's the reason!
Wearing: H&M floral dress (really old), green tights Accessorize.
Fit: I actually had to double check these are only a 5 because they're pretty roomy. Half inside zip and reasonable sized leg. Platform 1 1/4", heel 5 1/4".
Comfort: No problems with these and pretty easy to walk in.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Nine - Stitched Up + F'd Up

Shoes: Multi coloured glitter 'Stitched Up' Irregular Choice

Here's my new shoes that don't fit, fabulous huh? I never liked the detachable 'rags' on these so never even considered keeping them on, not that it matters now! See my post on Pink Haired Princess for more details on these shoes.

Wearing: Nowt!
Fit: I bought one full size up and there's no chance of them fitting-I don't understand how anyone can get into them, but obviously some can. I just hope I'm not always giving you incorrect info : ( 5" diamond heel.
Comfort: A bruise for trying them on, enough said!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Eight - Strapping!

Shoes: Nude 'Bondaged Up' knee high boots Poste Mistress at Office

I was actually up and out early today, so I have no idea why I didn't get this posted earlier. My entire day has just gone!

Wearing: Dorothy Perkins floral dress, black leggings, cardi etc and my new horse print coat from Primark.
Fit: 4 1/2" heel, true to size, adjustable strapping and buckles.
Comfort: Ok these took around 20 minutes to get on and 15 minutes to get off and I ripped the fabric when doing so (it's not been my day). They are comfy but it takes ages to get the strapping the way you want and once you do, you can't keep it like that because they won't come off.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Seven - Just Diamonds

Shoes: Diamonds by Kandee shoes

Ok, take a breath before you look at this next picture. I quickly took some photos last night before I went to bed, as I was just so excited that my parcel had finally arrived. They were my Christmas pressie from Grandad and were supposed to be sent last year (obv) but there were delays and I had a little panic I would never get them, afterall there are only 60 pairs made worldwide! However as I said they're here now and are fantastic! I was sceptical about whether I would fit a 38 (apparently they do run true to size), so I ordered a 39 just to be safe and they are ever so slightly too big. I don't know how I'd have got on with the 38, they might have been ok. Can you see the glitter sole? Amazing.

Wearing: Well today I'm still in my jammie bottoms (fashion horror gasp), so this pic was yesterdays outfit.
Fit: As I said, I bought a size bigger, my regular size would have been a little bit of a squish I think. Skinny 6 1/4" heel (I know!), platform 1 1/2".
Comfort: Ok obviously these aren't everyday shoes, they're going to take practise to walk confidently and I'm sure they're absolutely a work-out for your legs!

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Six - Diamond, Ruby, Gem!

Shoes: Black suede Diamontina boot Irregular Choice

Sorry I didn't get the chance to post this yesterday. I was out of the house most of the day, so didn't have time. These gorgeous boots were from my Grandad for Christmas 2 years ago and I still absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and just look like ordinary enough boots until you notice the diamond shaped heel! I'm a little tired in the pic below if you hadn't guessed, probably should have taken it before I left the house!
Wearing: A new dress from Ruby Rocks, really cute although I wish it wasn't jersey as it has some lovely details on the shoulder that are lost with the fabric. Black leggings and black waterfall cardi, black coat, hat, fur bag and purple leather gloves. Horse cameo necklace, which I broke later in the day : ( is ASOS (I think). Oh and I took the tie belt off this dress and wore this Dorothy Perkins one, which is actually too big when I see it here (but it didn't go any tighter).
Fit: True to size, IC true to size? I know, what a shocker! Kinda difficult to measure this heel, but to the first point it's 5". You can adjust the top, I have it loose but the ties in a short bow so they don't drag along the ground.
Comfort: Really comfy and you definitely don't feel like this is a 5" heel, easy peasy to walk in too.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Day Three Hundred & Fifty Five - I Need It Longer

LinkShoes: Black spotted 'Mo' Money Mo' Heel' wedge boots Irregular Choice

I love that the streets here are now clear of snow, ice and frost as it means I can wear the most ridiculously high shoes I own without fear of falling over. The only downside is grit, I swear I was an inch taller when I got home from the accumulation of salt under my feet! Not that I needed extra height, I was practically supermodel level in these boots! Even my walking stick was far too short (my old physio would go mad)...I wonder if Karl would lend me one of those cool Chanel ones that he used years ago, seeing as I'm up there with Claudia!
Wearing: Black chiffon and nude rose babydoll dress ASOS Curve, black leggings and black long sleeved top underneath. The usual outer layers too. Yes one of my roses is the little tail below!
Fit: Are you ready for it? 2" platform and 6" wedge heel, yep massive! If anything these are slightly too big and I just got my regular size.
Comfort: You know what, once you get used to the 'rocking effect' they are pretty easy to walk in and definitely a work-out for your legs! As the solid wood base is so heavy, you do find them slipping off your heel as you walk, not uncomfortable but might annoy some people.