Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Day 1059 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Blue Blushing Bird flamingo heels Irregular Choice 

I went a little photo crazy with the shoes this week, but I had a lot of good shots and there's so many things to look at on these.  It's easier for me to photograph Shoesday Tuesday posts in batches, a few pairs at a time.  Well I say "easier", there's nothing easy about twisting and bending into weird positions trying to take photos of your own feet!  Yesterday I hauled out some shoes for said photos and I was sweating and shattered by the end of it and sore today. I'd be the same after one pair though, so I figure I may as well make it worth the pain!

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Vivienne Westwood Red Mary-Jane 1

Sorry, TSGSI is a little late this week, with one thing and another it kept getting pushed back. I have a whopper of an outfit for you today though. You all know I love fancy, intricate shoes, but every once in a while I fall for something plain.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Day 1058 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice blue Dotty Love 

I'm a little late for Valentine's Day with this pair of heart heels, though you do have to look to find it, so I just about get away with it.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: ASOS Passionate 3

This is my final look for the week and my high end attempt. The set is a bit messy, because there's so many items, but don't let that put you off.

Friday, 12 February 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: ASOS Passionate 2

This is my second time styling these shoes this week and my plus size outfit. You can catch my previous high street outfit here, it was a monochrome look with trousers. So this time I've gone pretty pastel for Spring.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: ASOS Passionate 1

After my mega post last week, with three looks for the one pair of shoes, I've decided that this would be a better approach for TSGSI every week, if you agree? I've been doing this feature each week for more than 18 months now, so I feel it's time to change it up a little.  Just a warning if you wonder why the same post/image pops up in your news feed several times this week-they are different posts!  Time permitting, I'm not going to throw all the looks into one post, they'll still be spread out throughout the week as they used to be, but will include at least one outfit that is plus size, one high street and one high end. The only downside is less shoes to style (and for you to see), but there's loads to outweigh that, like actually seeing how a pair of shoes could work for any budget or size. I used to always keep expensive shoes for the high end look and cheaper shoes for my high-street outfits, so instead I'll be mixing it up by choosing a designer pair next week with an inexpensive outfit etc It's probably more realistic that way and certainly more in line with how I'd wear them, which was the whole point of the posts (er, yeah it's in the title). In saying that, I sometimes struggled to find the perfect items for one look, now I need 3 or 4, so it might be a little trickier at times (but that's good that I push myself...well, it's not rocket science, but you know what I mean)! I'll probably make up all the looks for the week at once as it'll be easier for me to keep one as casual, one more formal etc. You probably didn't need to know that bit, but ok, onto the shoes.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day 1057 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Black flamingo heeled 'Roseus' Irregular Choice

I thought this week you might be interested to see how the flamingo heels look on the foot.  I've picked the Roseus boots, which I've definitely decided to return. Not because I dislike them, just because that was the deal I made with myself (to only keep one) and I have my eye on far too many other things this season to hold onto both.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Nicely Done

I have all your TSGSI posts in one mega post this week! Plus-size, high-street, high-end and Irregular Choice. I've also chosen a casual look, a formal one and something in between. Plus, underwear for each look, which is something I rarely include! I actually really love doing this because I'd hope in life, you'd find more than one way to wear a pair of shoes, so it's more realistic and a little more challenging for me.  The shoes I chose to style are Irregular Choice Nicely Done £96.80 from the new SS16 range. They have an old-fashioned feel, with floral uppers, a fancy t-bar feature and a chunky heel under 3".