Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Fancy This Party People

Irregular Choice Fancy This Party People
I've been ogling these shoes for a few weeks and then when Irregular Choice reblogged (or whatever you call it on Instagram) this photo, I was utterly convinced they were gorgeous! Sometimes I prefer 'real life' photos to stock ones, because they have more personality and feel less 'clinical'. To be honest I missed the glitter heel on the Schuh photos entirely (and didn't realise how sparkly the bow was too) and the beautiful iridescent finish to the uppers is much prettier in real life. They are called Fancy This Party People £75 and are exclusive to Schuh. They've got a 4" heel so aren't too bad if you fancy them for parties, people. See what I did there? My look today however is much more casual with (gasp) jeans! I adore the My Little Pony sweatshirt and I wanted pretty pastels for the whole look, so added this little green satchel and blue wool coat. Do you fancy this? I'll stop with the jokes now.

Friday, 28 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Irregular Choice Disco Bunny (Rainbow)

Irregular Choice rainbow sequins Disco Bunny
Shoes as glitzy as these are actually quite difficult to style. Do you go for sparkly overload or try to tone it down? I kinda knew the shapes I wanted, but couldn't find quite the right colours and pieces. I almost gave up entirely, but stuck at it and ended up with three styles for you. Most of these brands have discounts this weekend, so click here to read my post with codes and more info.  Ok, so the shoes in question are the latest character heel release from Irregular Choice, Disco Bunny in rainbow sequins, exclusive to Schuh £125. The bunny heel is shiny, mirror gold and the different coloured sequins kinda sit in thin stripes across the shoe-boot. Starting from the left, the first outfit is your all out party-look. Though the off the shoulder dress isn't something I'd personally wear, the colour really lifts the shoes. I found deep pinks and purples really looked best, though you can practically wear any colour with them. For the middle look, I chose deeper tones with these navy patterned trousers and teal feather trim top. I just love that mermaid clutch bag which combines both colours. It's still formal but a bit less glitzy. Then if you really wanted to strip back, then an all black outfit can work just as well. Look three is a gold detailed lbd, with black tights and a black lace print perfume clutch. I think these shoes are actually more versatile than I first thought. They look just as good with tailored trousers as they do a little dress. I'm sure they would work with skinny jeans too and I really wanted to team them with a full, circle skirt (midi length) and fitted knit on top (but that look didn't quite come together). Like I say I think I prefer a colour that will brighten the shoes, rather than dull them down. What do you think?  Which is your favourite?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Office Sophistication (Burgundy)

Office Sophistication burgundy shoes
Oh looky over here, what's this? Hmm, that would be me getting my butt in gear! I don't know what happened to the tail end of last week, but I suspect it's tiredness from physio. After a session, I just lose all motivation for anything. Not good. I've not even been resting, I just chased my tail all weekend, trying to do bloggy things but not achieving anything. Then yesterday I burst out crying over makeup I wanted that sold out! It was part toddler tantrum ("my want it"), part frustration and part genuine disappointment that it had gone. I think I'm just realising how difficult it is to keep abreast of new releases and do Christmas shopping etc without ever being near a shop. Anyway, you'll note a new look to the blog, so my weekend wasn't completely wasted. Can't tell you how much I deliberated with losing the pink background...took several attempts over months before I finally had the courage to do it. The pink felt very me, the white is a bit stark and sleek, but I'll see if I get accustomed to it. New header and new font too, but still some things to sort, which I'll get to in time. Onto the shoes today and these are just glorious, can't believe I've never seen them before now. They are called 'Sophistication' by Office £68 and come in several shades, these are the burgundy. I used the side-view above, so you could really see the colour, though I prefer looking at the lovely detail across the toes. I wanted an outfit that lived up to the name of the shoes, so opted for this pencil skirt by Topshop, with sheer lace hem and floral top from Miss Selfridge. I kinda wanted an evening look, so added the little beaded clutch from Aldo. If you can stand the 4 1/4" stiletto heel, these would make perfect Christmas party shoes. I love the mix of deep colours and all the textures. What do you think? Oh and I forgot to mention, there is currently 20% off and free standard delivery on all full price items at Office (for a limited time) with the code SNOW.

Day 1004 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice Lucky Lady pewter boots
Shoes: Silver 'Lucky Lady' Irregular Choice

With all the limited editions and 'character heel' releases these days, I rarely get to buy from the main Irregular Choice range (lack of money and space).  However, that doesn't mean I don't see anything I like, quite the opposite!  This season I had my eye on a few pairs of boots, which I always see as good investment pieces.  Winter feels like such a long period, that anything I wear during it will be well worn.  With IC not necessarily being 'trend' led pieces, I have boots from years ago that don't look out of place now, so whatever I buy will last a long time too.  I took advantage of a recent discount code then, to buy these Lucky Lady boots.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Privileged Applause

Privileged Applause ankle boot
Sometimes I think it's good to try something outwith your usual style and while there are elements of these boots I like, I'm really not sure I'd wear them myself. I don't mind the uppers too much (though I'm not much of a white fan), the elasticated bit and zip, I could take or leave. The perspex heel though, I love. It looks like you're standing on your tip-toes, wearing flat shoes from a side angle. The winkle picker toe is the main component I dislike. I just think the whole boot would be more appealing with a shorter and softer toe shape. What do you think? They are Privileged 'Applause' £75, exclusive to Schuh and also come in black.  I wanted to try and style them anyway, to see if I could make them more tempting. So, I'd wear them with this Jaeger star printed dress, add some glitter tights and this quirky clock bag, which actually looks like it was made for these boots. I added this stunning coat, which I've been drooling over all week. It also comes in red (very Mrs Claus), I could just gobble up that lace trim collar! Like the lovely one yesterday, it's a whopper of a bargain with 60% off from £365 down to £149.50. Have I managed to make these boots more appealing or perhaps you liked them anyway?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Schuh Carnival

Schuh Carnival leopard print courts
Hello my lovelies.  Today I'm looking at these sassy leopard print courts, Carnival by Schuh £65.  I'm not a big one for pointed toes, unless it's done well (i.e. not too elongated), like my Carvela Attack for example.  These definitely remind me of them.  I started off with a totally different look (a plain dress), but I changed it because I wanted to show that you can work animal print with other prints, like this floral Great Plains dress.  The lovely coat by Libelula London is a steal at less than £100 when it retails for over £300, saving 68% and I finished the outfit with a little mustard bag.  I love the little fox on it.  The dress really ties the shoes, the bag and coat all together, but I don't find the floral and clashing leopard print overbearing.  What do you think, do you like this look?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Day 1003 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing ASOS Homework shoes and Meadham Kirchhoff socks
Shoes: ASOS Homework 

Ahhhh, don't you miss the crazy old days, when you couldn't predict what weirdness would grace my feet next? I've had these shoes for a couple of months now, but they must've passed me by when they first came out (which is rare) or maybe I was going through a phase of not buying shoes because I had no room and/or money. Hmm, yes, that sounds more familiar. My only excuse is @Asos_Felicity made me do it!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: L.K. Bennett Faye

LK Bennett Faye embellished court shoes
You know what really irks me about L.K.Bennett? When people say they're a "high street" brand (not a fault of the company itself). It usually goes hand in hand with a story about Kate Middleton and how "oh my God, she wears high street, she's keeping it real"!! Erm, yeah whatevs. I'm sure we'd all happily, "keep it real" in a £400 pair of 'high street' shoes given the chance! I just think from a price-point of view (and I'd be inclined to include places like Kurt Geiger too), that (consistently) three-figure priced shoes aren't "high street". You could most certainly find 'designer' shoes from the likes of Vivienne Westwood (and I'm not talking 'jellies'), Miu Miu and Sophia Webster for that price (or possibly a couple of pairs) and even a plain court from Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo would retail for a similar price. Anyway mini-rant over, that's why I'm including these crystal encrusted Faye courts £420.90 in my luxe edition of TSGSI. You can find the same court minus the sparkly bits for a more respectable £225...but that just leads back to my argument of, should a plain black suede and mesh court on the 'high street' really cost £225? I paired them with this bold Jaeger houndstooth coat (sale ends tonight) and for a splash of colour, a bright red dress. The bag was just sheer extravagance and 'because I can' on my weekend edition! Having pawed over it in real life, I can guarantee it's swoon-worthy. The red lining and those adorable shoe shaped clasps, just divine! How do you like this outfit and how do you class something as high-street or not?

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Shellys Umessi

Shellys Umessi
Here's my final look this week using David Emanuel at Bonmarche items.  Today I chose a black faux fur jacket and the shoes are Shellys Umessi £95.  I wanted this look to be a fun, going-out outfit, quite relaxed and 'hey, I don't care, I'm wearing a t-shirt on a night out' type thing!  It's practical though, with the cosy coat and check out the big grip soles on those shoes, no slips with them!  BooHoo always seem to kill it with their slogan T's, so I knew exactly where to look for this 'Hot Mess' one from their Plus range and paired it with these Wallis Live Unlimited legging/trousers (don't make me say 'treggings').  I actually bought these a couple of weeks ago, but I'd advise sizing up if you're between (I didn't and they don't fit) as they pull-on but there's very little stretch to the small section of waistband that is elasticated (my bum was definitely saying "no way, Jose").  I finished the look with a sassy, dark lip from Dior, tassel earrings and this adorable unicorn clutch.  Remember you can still enter AW11 on Bonmarche for £5 off wys £25 or £10 off wys £50 or more. Do you like this look?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Privileged Glaze

Privileged Glaze
Later than I would've liked with this post today due to a plumbing disaster! Why is it I'm always home alone when something goes wrong? Anyway, today I'm styling these metallic, peep toe shoe-boots called 'Glaze' by Privileged £76. The shaped wedge heel reminds me of The Fortress in Superman/Smallville, a black version obviously. Not sure I need to be reminded of that on shoes!  The uppers feature loads of bright colours so were very easy to style. I chose this David Emanuel pink floral dress and jacquard coat with a black muff and floral bunny brooch. I just found my muff that I had when I was a kid, it's probably about 30 years old and it's still in such good condition. I thought it had been lost years ago, but I just washed it and it came up great (it's pale blue fur).  I'm so excited to use it this winter!  Do you like this look today?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Day 1002 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice coral Trixy unicorn heels
Shoes: Coral 'Trixy' Irregular Choice

I thought I'd photograph these for you before returning them, so you could see how they look on the foot (which by the way is GORGEOUS).  My original post on Pink Haired Princess has more info and images and I mentioned the sizing on there too, but I'll reiterate.

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Schuh Drive

Schuh Drive floral court shoes
To coincide with my latest Pink Haired Princess post, a review on a very cute teal dress, I will be styling David Emanuel at Bonmarche items all week.  I've spoken more about the collection in that post, but there are hidden gems in there, believe me.  So the shoes today are Drive by Schuh £45, not a drive-by Schuh because who would shoot at shoes?  A drive-through Schuh now that would be cool...imagine that.  Anyway they remind me of the Ted Baker stuff this season, same colourful floral print but half the price!  I teamed them with this lace sleeved dress, some seamed tights and a grey hat and big teal, fluffy stole.  Do you like this look?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Nando Muzi Spike Court

Nando Muzi Spike Court Shoe
A bit of a conundrum this week for my luxe The Shoe Girl Styles It.  I spied these trousers last week but in the end went for the cat pair, so I wanted to use the rhino print this time.  When I styled them, I realised the outfit was beginning to look very similar to last time and I thought that might be a bit repetitive.  So instead I've chosen two looks for you, using the same trench and trousers but switching up the tops and shoes.  On the right are the spiked courts by Nando Muzi £147 above (sale, they also come in a rose gold).  As the trousers are slightly cropped, it really shows off shoes like these and I think they are rather amazing.  I teamed the Orla Kiely camel coloured trousers and coat (for an extra 10% off both items use code 10EXTRA until 17th November) with this cute grey fox jumper.  While the outfit on the left has a nice contrast between the berry colours and navy rhinos.  This fine knit cardi by Manoush features a lovely frilled hem and the Paul & Betty courts £187 are the perfect match.  Eagle eyes will spot that they are the same style as the grey pair last week, thus why I felt I was cheating you a bit if I chose them again!  The elegant shape is just so pretty that I wouldn't be surprised if I pick them again and again (I shouldn't even mention they come in loads of colours and plain or patent leather too).  I finished that look with a large DSquared2 brooch.  I do love the spiked shoes, though I think the berry tones win me over in the other outfit.  Which is your fave?

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Topshop Leopard Glitter Courts

Topshop Leopard Glitter court shoes
These shoes look totally different close-up from what I had in my mind when I looked at the smaller image.  I thought they were smooth glitter, not all that unlike my old Office pink pair.  However on the zoom, they've kinda got this meshy fabric overlay.  Still sparkly, so I like them regardless! You can find them here at Topshop £50 and they also come in an ankle boot if that's more your thing.  I teamed them with an entirely Topshop outfit; this cute faux fur trim lbd, black tights, a fluffy bag and a statement necklace.  What do you think of this look?

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Topshop Rabbit (Cream)

Topshop Rabbit cream fluffy sandal
Ooh I love this look today. I know I've been sticking to dark colours lately, but this gorgeous pastel outfit just came together and I adore each piece individually and together. The shoes are Topshop 'Rabbit' fur sandals £58. They also come in black here.  I'm liking the skinny double straps and the chunky (hello 'walkable') heel and of course the fluff is Clueless and Sophia Webster rolled into one.  Win, win!  I picked this beautiful gold and pink lace pencil skirt from Topshop and this stunning embellished cardigan from Miss Selfridge along with that amazing shaggy coat.  I couldn't resist adding the little chocolate coin clutch from New Look.  I actually updated my original post on the NL clutch bags, with a new version coming soon (it's right at the bottom of the post), before you click it, can you guess what it could be?  How do you like this look?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss Selfridge Burmuda

Miss Selfridge Burmuda fur boot
Once again this outfit came together rather haphazardly, but in the end I'm rather pleased with it. I started with glitter boots, but changed to these Miss Selfridge 'Burmuda' furry ankle boots £59. They look a little brown to me here, but they are supposed to be black. I teamed them with this plus-size outfit; a gorgeous distressed metallic pencil skirt, plain black vest and a bird print kimono. I added a two-tone fur stole and this fun little clutch that just landed at ASOS today. Do you like this look?

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Day 1001 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing Irregular Choice Glissade
Shoes: Green metallic 'Glissade' Irregular Choice 

I was torn with whether to end on a high with my 1000th post or continue until I ran out of shoes (which could be very soon). I never expected (10 months on) to still be incapable of getting dressed and posting regular outfits, but unfortunately that's the way it is just now. I really genuinely miss getting dressed up and more so, posting the photos here. I know it's not the same for you as it used to be and perhaps it's a little boring for new readers as it's natural to want to see more of a person than just the feet, but I just have to carry on doing what I am capable of for now.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Paul & Betty Grey Court

Paul & Betty Grey Court
Something a little different for TSGSI 'luxe' this Sunday, but first an apology. I had the best intentions this week for my Halloween themed outfits and was genuinely really excited and looking forward to doing it. I started off well with Cruella, then had another two looks in mind, which didn't quite get off the ground. One contained out of season colours/styles which were impossible to find and the other, I couldn't find anything plus-size, which was extremely frustrating. I went round in circles, chasing my tail for three days, before deciding to scrap those plans and do something else and then a physio appointment left me barely able to move since. I was really disappointed (especially as I could've spent that time doing something else for the blog), because my ideas were really good and they would've been fun, but there's always next year! So I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself today and started this look with a completely different pair of shoes, then as the outfit evolved, the shoes were out of place and I scrapped them. I almost opted for flats, but I thought the trouser shock would be enough for you in one post! The shoes are a really beautiful shaped, classic court by Paul & Betty £187 (there's an extra 15% off until the end of tonight, with the code YOOXREMIX). I've teamed them with some trousers which sit just above the ankle.  If you look closely you'll see they have cute cats all over and I wanted a smart but casual look, so went for this gorgeous jumper from Paul & Joe Sister. I finished with a magazine clutch from PapaRazzi. Do you like this look?