Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Day 1148 - Shoesday Tuesday

crossed legs wearing furry pastel rainbow ankle boots
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Zodiac

The second I saw these boots online, it was a "need" moment for me.  I hadn't bought any of the planet boots earlier in the year that are similarly shaped.  I'd been slightly put off by the lower heel and they just didn't excite-excite me, but whenever I saw these, I was glad I waited as they are much more me.  Yeah they have that same lower end of 'high' block heel, but hey if you throw rainbow fur and glitter at it, I can overlook that!  Although I was desperate for them, I had no money, so kept an eye on them, then panicked when they only had one pair left in my size.  My Mum loved them too, so was willing to lend me money in the meantime (always a bonus if she likes them)! 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Day 1147 - Well Way Up North Where The Air Gets Cold

wearing pink bow shoes with nude jewel fishnet tights and lace trim hem skirt
Shoes: Irregular Choice Savan swan heels 

No Shoesday this week, as I've got a lot on, so haven't had time to shoot anything new.  Instead I have an outfit for you from last New Year...well this year, you know what I mean.  I think you saw my Christmas outfits, but I never got around to posting this one.  We spent it at home, as we'd been at my sister's for Christmas, so it was quiet and I hadn't planned my outfit at all.  I can get a bit jaded of the Christmas thing once it's over (I love the run-up), so I think this was me saying "no more Christmas shoes and red and green"! 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Day 1146 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink Christmas tights and festive snow globe heeled shoes
Shoes: Santas Globe Irregular Choice 

Sorry I'm a day late, it's been a busy week already and I was going to persevere last night at midnight and get this post finished, but my brain was frazzled. I knew the post was going to be quite picture heavy too, so I wanted to wait until I could see straight! So, another pair of Christmas shoes for you this week and Irregular Choice have really gone to town on their festive releases for 2018. Last week, it was light-up gingerbread ankle boots and this time, it's the amazing snow-globe heels. So we've just seen the carousel release where the horse was inside a glitter globe heel with liquid and this is similar. Instead of a Santa character heel, he's actually inside the heel.