Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Forty Six - Blow Up

Shoes: Pink metallic platform sandals Topshop Unique

This was my outfit from a week past Saturday (!) when I went out for a pre-birthday lunch with my friend. Can you see the heel detail? It's pretty cool. It was wild and windy that day and I suffered several 'Marilyn moments' thankfully I was wearing leggings-embarrassment aborted! I didn't have much time to take photos, so the fotd ones were rushed later in the evening when I was all hot and tired and not really looking my best! My hair, the shoes and dress all worked perfectly together, a pleasant mix of bright colours-I'm going to wear this dress lots, I can tell!

Wearing: Floral dress Red Herring (limited edition) at Debenhams, leggings and cardi Primark, brooch Miss Selfridge, peacock ring River Island, frog ring Evans, pearl hairband gift.
Fit: True to size, back zip. Heel just over 5" and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort: The thing I find uncomfortable is my little toe poking out between the straps-it's really annoying and looks a little odd! They rubbed a little across the top of my big toe, but other than that, they're fine.

Day Four Hundred & Forty Five - Caught In The Net

Shoes: Cream 'Faith' mesh bootie L.A.M.B.

Just over an hour and a half left for this pair if you wish to bid. Stunning shoes-so unusual. I wanted these for soooo long and finally saved enough and now they don't really fit properly. Story of my life! I wish I could afford more L.A.M.B. shoes, but they are rather expensive so they're not a brand I can purchase regularly (I've started these much lower than what I paid for them). The striped box and dustbags they come with are pretty cool too-always a sign of a well made shoe when you like the box and get dustbags!

Wearing: No outfit post-can you see how many posts I can get through without an outfit to edit?
Fit: These are a US8 and even then I find them a little small for me (a big UK5)-getting both feet zipped up is the issue, although looking at the length, they are long enough.
Comfort: I've never had the chance to wear these, but they seem like they are easy to walk in.

Day Four Hundred & Forty Four - Cherry Pie

Shoes: Red rhinestone 'Glace Cherry' by Kandee

I haven't had these shoes for long, but the decision to sell them was relatively easy considering they were too tight and I knew that even one minute of wear would kill me! I tried them on again to take these photos yesterday though and realised they weren't as small as I once thought! Oh no! I absolutely adore them, they're even more gorgeous in the flesh-if that's possible because they do photograph well. However, how often will I wear them? And I spoke about the red thing before (note to self-try and avoid red shoes with this hair). They're the type of shoes you just want to look at and stroke, but hopefully they'll go to someone who will love them. The auction has just under 4 hours to go, so there's still time to bid! Stunning right?

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: A little narrow in the toe. 6 1/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort: I don't know becaue I haven't worn them for any length, but I would assume your legs will get a workout in these!

Day Four Hundred & Forty Three - Such Grace

Shoes: Bright purple 'Grace Lace' wooden stacked wedges Irregular Choice

I've had this pair for over a year and haven't ever worn them, so they're another pair up for sale this afternoon. I really love the bright colour, the touch of floral and that statement heel is amazing. Unfortunately it just doesn't feel high enough for me and this is what deters me from wearing them. I really wanted 'Once In Love', a style with a similar heel and after missing out on them, I settled for these instead and I guess I was still hankering after OIL.

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: Unlike OIL and Dance The Night Away, they are slightly more roomy so you don't necessarily need to size up on these. I did buy a bigger size and they're slightly too big but still wearable. Heel 4".
Comfort: Really comfortable and I'm sure they'll be easy to walk in.

Day Four Hundred & Forty Two - Dotty

Shoes: Black and white polka dot 'Lampard' ruffle shoe boot New Look

You may recall me purchasing these shoes a short while ago. I haven't worn them at all so that kinda says it all really. They are gorgeous, they really are, I love the shape, the size of the heel and platform and the fabric-I'm just not keen on the plastic lining which acts to reinforce the sheer fabric.

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: Probably true to size, they are a little large on me and I ordered a size up. Back zip, 1" platform and 5 1/4" heel.
Comfort: I'm not sure how comfortable that plastic would be after a while but can't really comment because I haven't worn them.

Day Four Hundred & Forty One - Green With Envy

Shoes: Green 'Tabitha' snake effect shoe boots ASOS

As I said, I've pretty much got my shoe collection down to the pairs I really love, so it's getting harder and harder to part with any on eBay. I'm being ruthless though and the pairs I don't wear enough are going and unfortunately this pair qualifies. I can remember saving for these at the time and being so excited when they arrived. I was obsessed with concealed platforms and these had such a fantastic shape around the toe and I love the lacing.

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: True to size, lace up. Heel almost 4 1/2"
Comfort: Comfortable and easy to walk in.

Day Four Hundred & Forty - Bright Times

Shoes: Pink and purple suedette platforms E-Vie at Peacocks

I still have a pair of shoes to show you from last Saturday and Monday and other than that I haven't been outdoors all week. With the bad weather it doesn't seem sensible to get dressed just to go out and get soaked for 5 minutes! Plus it's been manic here with one thing and another. So, I thought I'd fill in the gaps with some shoes I'm selling on eBay this weekend-a kind of goodbye to them because we may not see them here again if they sell!

Wearing: No outfit post.
Fit: True to size, elasticated sections either side to help get them on. Heel 4 1/2" with 1 1/4" platform.
Comfort: Really comfortable and steady base to walk on.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirty Nine - Eventually

Shoes: Floral 'Kim Oh No' Irregular Choice

I wrote this post yesterday and just had to put the finishing touches to it today (Tuesday) and it didn't save anything last night other than the damn title-I could've screamed! Pop over to Pink Haired Princess and you'll see I've been stressed this week and have some serious catching up to do on posts. These are my shoes from last...Friday. I went shopping and needed something reliable-they actually looked pretty perfect with that dress. *update, now Wednesday and hopefully I'm going to get this post finished today!!* Super shiny face in the pics-sorry, it had been a long day and I hadn't managed to take the images first thing!

Wearing: Beach print dress, cardigan, leggings and sunglasses all Primark, all jewellery Miss Selfridge (it seems those skull pearls are my current fave-I chuck 'em on with everything)! Black frill and pearl hairband (just seen) gift.
Fit: True to size, just over 1" platform and 5" heel.
Comfort: Tres comfortable and easy peasy (or is it peesy?) to walk in!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day Four Hundred & Thirty Eight - Colour Pop

Shoes: Black peep toes with metal heel Marios Schwab for Scorah Pattullo

I am preparing for another massive clearout for the free listing weekend on eBay. I literally have this tiny path in my room, which goes from the door to my bed then onto my wardrobe. There's boxes of shoes, piles of clothes and makeup storage everywhere and it's driving me insane-I need it gone! I don't know how much stuff I'll manage to list as it's only two days, but every little helps as they say. I just have to remember to be ruthless...!

Wearing: Lilac pansy dress Fearne Cotton at Very, black high shine leggings Miss Selfridge, sunglasses Primark.
Fit: true to size, although perhaps a little narrow in the toe. Fabulous metal 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: I'm going to wear these shoes more often, they are tres comfy!

Day Four Hundred & Thirty Seven - Lifted

Shoes: Black wedges with gold and silver leaf detail Dolce & Gabbana

My parents are on holiday currently which means I have more computer time (I realise I sound like a 5 year old but anyway), all it's meant is that I find silly things to do like playing online games, watching videos on YouTube or googling people! I really need to get back into a routine and get some work done! So these are the shoes I wore y'day-first time on TSGD. I didn't get to wear them outside though because by the time I got organised, it started raining-story of my life right now! My hair is an utter mess in these photos for two reasons 1) I had just cut it and washed it without conditioner/styling products to prep for colouring it and 2) resizing the images is not kind to my hair, it always makes it look way more fuzzy than it actually is but I don't think you want images 3x larger than life!

Wearing: Polka dot jumpsuit (which was seriously hoiked up in these pics, because it is so long), black vest and sunglasses all Primark.
Fit: Run a little tight. 6" wedge heel, 1 1/2" platform, adjustable buckle.
Comfort: Well I didn't get anywhere in them so can't really comment on their comfort yet!