Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Day 949 - Under The Sea We Off The Hook

Shoes: Pink satin shoes Miu Miu 

I cannot wait to show you this outfit as I'm wearing an Ariel dress! Yes, The Little Mermaid on an adults dress, it's the best thing EVER!!  I had a hard time getting it as it's by American brand Hot Topic and so I trawled eBay one weekend and eventually found a few US sellers with them. Just as I totted up how much it would cost and who had my size, somebody else bought it. The only one left. I was gutted. The website had sold out of the biggest sizes too, so I thought all was lost. I began stalking the hell out of eBay and Hot Topic. Eventually, after it completely sold out, they restocked all sizes! Long story short I didn't delay and after a hefty customs charge and expensive delivery, it arrived and fits perfectly! I ordered another (gorgeous) dress with it and wanted tonnes of other things but knew customs/postage would be too much. It's worked out pretty expensive, but it's a Little Mermaid dress!!! Fit wise if anything it was slightly big, it's cosy as it's fully lined and it's super soft and comfy to wear. I love it!

Wearing: Little Mermaid Ariel dress Hot Topic, leggings and spotty coat Primark, swallow cardigan Dorothy Perkins, wine belt Swan by Clements Ribeiro, hair flower ASOS.
Fit: True to size. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: No problems with these.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 948 - I'm Going To Break Me A Million Hearts

Shoes: Black patent heart peep toe Moschino Cheap & Chic 

I had a busy weekend, but am on a mission to catch up on blog posts today!  This outfit from last week features two new items and a cardigan I've never worn before.  The cardi was something unusually I spied instore (usually I browse online and know what I want before heading to the shops).  I knew exactly how I wanted to style it but for some reason it's sat unworn all these months.  This is the type of thing I used to wear a lot (in my early 20's)-I was all about pencil skirts and fitted tops back then!  Despite being twice the size I was then, it's actually a style that still works for my curvy figure.  I don't think plus-size women should be made to cover their curves in billowing fabrics if they don't want.  Celebrating and emphasising your shape can often create a much more flattering look than hiding those curves.  I really loved this outfit and felt awesome in it, so that's all that matters to me.  I've been desperate to track down another black pencil skirt and found this one in Primark which fitted the bill, it's got a velvet baroque floral design on it and just pulls on with an elasticated waist.  I bought mine a size smaller as I wanted a snug fit and it's just perfect on me.  It's got some stretch to it, but is quite stiff, so you feel it really pulls you in.  I also got some shapewear at the time, a little black slip, so wore that underneath for a smoother silhouette.  I also teamed it with these stunning Disney tights, how cool are they?  You'll have already seen them if you follow my Facebook or Tumblr.  They are sheer nude with Minnie and Mickey Mouse on the backs of the legs, that kinda look like tattoos.  So awesome!  Then there's the shoes, as if the outfit was fabulous enough!  Are we liking this look?

Wearing:  Leopard print cardigan Star by Julien Macdonald, pencil skirt, Mickey Mouse tattoo tights Primark, red patent belt gift (Madeira).
Fit: 4 1/4" heel, a little generous in the heel.
Comfort: No issues with these and easy to walk in.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Day 947 - Even Judas Knew He Had Lied

Shoes: Red 'Flashing Lights' Irregular Choice 

I've got 7 blog posts in differing stages of completion (kid you not) and am so looking forward to sharing them all with you. However, I'm clearly getting stressed with the workload as I've taken to writing a 'list'. This only happens when I have a ton of things to do, purely so I can get that huge wave of satisfaction at ticking or scoring it out as completed. Haha! This outfit is from Wednesday and includes a new dress which features in a haul post (on my to-do list)! I first saw the black-watch tartan one and instantly fell in love with it despite not being a big tartan wearer and feeling a little blase at the vast punk/tartan themed things out there just now. This dress had a collar though and a bow, which we all know I love and it took the dress into my territory. I told myself I need to break free from florals on occasion. My sister however, thinks I look like a mix of ginger Annie, Parisian school girl Madeline, a Scottish 'French maid' (!) or a school pupil from Neighbours or Home & Away. I'm seeing a theme there and it's not entirely good for a 33 year old! That said, I always kinda loved the school uniforms on Australian soaps! The dress is Saint Laurent inspired (and mine 'only' £2530 cheaper than the real deal), so I followed the grungy theme of teaming it with tights and boots as seen on the catwalk. It's a little shorter than I'd usually wear without leggings, but the tights were really opaque. It was super windy when I was out for my walk, so I chose to protect my modesty rather than attempt a shot of my shoes outdoors!  Even the top photo isn't too great, but I liked the reflection of the boots in the door!  Then today I discover this image (bottom) and realise my style hasn't changed one bit since 1984!

Wearing:  Tartan collar dress and tights Primark.  
Fit: True to size, lace up front. 4 1/2" heel and 1 1/2" platform.
Comfort: No issues with comfort, just takes a while to get used to the curved sole (similar to Long(er) Lashes boots) and they are quite heavy to lift.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 946 - I'm Mad You Think I Hurt You

Shoes: Nude satin 'Bailey' KG by Kurt Geiger 

Today was a bit of a strange day. I was late to bed last night (getting stuck back into eBay-nothing exciting!), then rudely awakened by the workmen (at a ridiculous hour)-cue whole house shaking, drilling and banging like you've never heard! So I got up, did a little internet shopping, had a shower and usually I would write the rest of the day off, but I got dressed and went out for a walk. I knew the forecast was for torrential rain tomorrow and as I haven't been out much lately, I wanted some fresh air while I could. Plus I miss doing my outfit posts when I'm stuck in my jammies all day!  So I suppose the early start was actually a help to me.  I didn't manage a Monster High Monday makeup look again this week sadly, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of it again soon.

Wearing: Heart print dress and tights Primark, red patent belt and horse scarf gifts, black cardigan Red Herring.
Fit: True to size, 4 3/4" heel.
Comfort: Aching arches, but they don't rub and are easy enough to walk in.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 945 - The Person You Were Kissing Wasn't Me

Shoes: Turquoise poodle ankle boots Irregular Choice 

So on Wednesday my Mum, sister and I all went off for a little shopping trip to Edinburgh. I haven't been for two years and before that it had been at least 10 years, despite living not too far away. Before that, when I was at Uni, I was in Edinburgh almost every weekend, so it's strange to visit so rarely now. With my illness, I'm not really capable of the long bus journey and the capital has to be one of the least wheelchair friendly places you'll visit (think cobbles, roadworks/scaffolding, tram lines and old buildings with steps up to them), not to mention it's very busy and wheelchairs and lots of people rushing around don't mix. In saying that, I'm keen to go a couple of times annually just for a change of scene. Mum and I are considering going to The Lion King (at the Edinburgh Playhouse) and staying overnight for a treat. This time we only visited a couple of shops, but got what we went for (haul post soon) so the trip was successful. I'll have to figure out what to do about the lack of light during winter as I reenacted the outfit today (had no time to take shots on the actual day) and the light was extremely poor even at lunchtime. I managed some head shots on the day, but only quickly before we left, so the whole post is a bit higgledy piggledy!  I dressed for comfort and rain, but thankfully we missed it.

Wearing: Cartoon girls dress H By Henry Holland, leggings Primark, cardigan Bonmarche, hair comb Yama Yama Pretty Mama, midi ring and pearl ring gift, blue ring my Grannys, turquoise ring Primark, pink floral bag Love Moschino.
Fit: Just over 4" slim wedge heel, true to size. Can be worn several ways.
Comfort: No problems with these.