Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Day 1148 - Shoesday Tuesday

crossed legs wearing furry pastel rainbow ankle boots
Shoes:  Irregular Choice Zodiac

The second I saw these boots online, it was a "need" moment for me.  I hadn't bought any of the planet boots earlier in the year that are similarly shaped.  I'd been slightly put off by the lower heel and they just didn't excite-excite me, but whenever I saw these, I was glad I waited as they are much more me.  Yeah they have that same lower end of 'high' block heel, but hey if you throw rainbow fur and glitter at it, I can overlook that!  Although I was desperate for them, I had no money, so kept an eye on them, then panicked when they only had one pair left in my size.  My Mum loved them too, so was willing to lend me money in the meantime (always a bonus if she likes them)! 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Day 1147 - Well Way Up North Where The Air Gets Cold

wearing pink bow shoes with nude jewel fishnet tights and lace trim hem skirt
Shoes: Irregular Choice Savan swan heels 

No Shoesday this week, as I've got a lot on, so haven't had time to shoot anything new.  Instead I have an outfit for you from last New Year...well this year, you know what I mean.  I think you saw my Christmas outfits, but I never got around to posting this one.  We spent it at home, as we'd been at my sister's for Christmas, so it was quiet and I hadn't planned my outfit at all.  I can get a bit jaded of the Christmas thing once it's over (I love the run-up), so I think this was me saying "no more Christmas shoes and red and green"! 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Day 1146 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink Christmas tights and festive snow globe heeled shoes
Shoes: Santas Globe Irregular Choice 

Sorry I'm a day late, it's been a busy week already and I was going to persevere last night at midnight and get this post finished, but my brain was frazzled. I knew the post was going to be quite picture heavy too, so I wanted to wait until I could see straight! So, another pair of Christmas shoes for you this week and Irregular Choice have really gone to town on their festive releases for 2018. Last week, it was light-up gingerbread ankle boots and this time, it's the amazing snow-globe heels. So we've just seen the carousel release where the horse was inside a glitter globe heel with liquid and this is similar. Instead of a Santa character heel, he's actually inside the heel.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Day 1145 - Shoesday Tuesday

side angle of tartan tights on legs wearing gingerbread house themed ankle boots
Shoes: Ginger's House ankle boots Irregular Choice

I'm back with a brand new pair of boots for you this week.  Irregular Choice surprised us this season with lots of new festive themed footwear and something different from the usual Santa character heels.  Now you're going to laugh when I say this, but these ankle boots are a welcome Christmas shoe for me as they are more casual.  I know they are glittery, embellished, blah, blah, blah, but for me this is a casual, relaxed style, especially compared to the Santa heeled shoes that I'd consider as 'dressy'. It's also pretty much as low as I dare go in a heel.  I'm sure there are plenty people welcoming the deluge of low and mid heels right now, but I'm not one.  This season has without a doubt been all about those heels, true high heels have been few and far between and I've really not liked that!  I don't want 6" stiletto heels ALL the time, but I do appreciate a heel higher than the 3 1/2" on these.  That extra inch or even just a half inch would make all the difference to me.  I noted my legs looked chunkier than usual in these photos and I feel that's down to the lower heel, I'm just not a fan of the way mid heels or flats look on me and you know I can't walk very well in them either!  I know technically these are probably still considered a 'high' heel, but definitely the lowest in that category.  Anyhow, I've had to suck it up or else lose out on the gorgeous uppers altogether and sometimes (in this instance), I just didn't want to do that, so went ahead and bought them. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Day 1144 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Disney Dumbo bright tights and Dumbo ankle boots
Shoes:  I Give You...Dumbo! ankle boots, Irregular Choice Disney Dumbo

Hello! Feels nice, if a little strange, to get back into blogging after a week of doing nothing other than sleeping. I've been in so much pain lately and had another 48 hour migraine last week, which I quite honestly would've appreciated someone drilling a hole in my skull to release pressure, it hurt that much. Medication, sleep and rest did nothing to help, there was no escape and obviously blogging and the internet were the last things on my mind. I'm still trying to take it easy, thus this post has taken a little longer to write and I'm still a bit hesitant to get back into Instagram and Facebook. I also did a  bit of rearranging in the shoe room at the weekend, which nearly killed me, whilst sorting out some bits and pieces to sell on eBay (another thing I'm trying to get back into).  It's all been quite physically demanding and I'm pretty limited in that department these days. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Day 1143 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Woodland Playtime ankle boots
Shoes: Woodland Playtime boots, Irregular Choice Disney Bambi 

I'm going to try and keep chatter to a minimum this week because I'm absolutely exhausted.  These boots arrived late yesterday (too late for photos), so I managed to shoot them earlier today to get them onto the blog.  I only bought two pairs of shoes from the collections that launched last Friday, these and a Dumbo pair.  There wasn't much in the way of high heels in these ranges and that's what I prefer.  No character heels either which is always a slight disappointment.  In saying that, the bags slayed (I got lots) and both boots were pricey, so I'm kinda thankful as that was all I could afford. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Day 1142 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice yellow Gonzo Muppets shoes with glitter stars
Shoes: Irregular Choice Muppets, The Great Gonzo 

I'm way out of my comfort zone in these shoes today, because they are...gasp...mid heels!  You know I loved The Muppets collection and I already have the Gonzo bag and purse to match these shoes (though more on that later).  I recently completed my Muppets collection by managing to find all the high heels and I extended this to mid heels too, because I loved the styles regardless of the heels.  The uppers on these are quite unusual in my collection, so that's why I was drawn to them.  Yes, I'd love them more if they were higher heeled, but I just wanted a pair of Gonzo shoes and they didn't come any higher, so I bit the bullet and got them. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Day 1141 - Shoesday Tuesday

crossed legs wearing turquoise lamb print tights and pink satin Barbie platform shoes
Shoes: Barbie Girl, Charlotte Olympia 

Most of you know I'm a big dolly fan, so I was super excited when Charlotte Olympia collaborated with Mattel on this Barbie collection. Given their hefty price-tag (£1145 for this pair!!), it's taken me a while to own any, but earlier this year I managed to find one pair in my size for a very reasonable price. I know some TK Maxx stores are stocking them now too (this wasn't where I got mine), my parents saw them in Manchester and I was a bit worried they'd see the original price and think I'd paid that for them! I also know they've been getting quite a lot of flack in TK Maxx as many think they are hideous. A friend of mine absolutely hates when I wear any of my Blythe or doll themed shoes, as they give her the creeps, so I do get it, but personally this is right up my street and I think they're beautiful.

Day 1140 - I Would've Noticed A Gold Wedding Band, Diane

close up wearing black unicorn heeled shoes with holographic stars
Shoes: Black Eternal Friends, Irregular Choice

Hold up, how have I never worn these on the blog before? I checked back and I included them in the 12 Shoes Of Christmas post I did with Tomi back in 2015, but I can't find a separate Shoesday post for them at all. Usually I'd remember taking photos and never getting around to posting them, but I'm not even sure I've done that. Anyway, I did wear these the week before last and was trying to work out if it was their first wear. I think I may have answered that, judging by the lack of photos here. I really don't know how I've missed posting them on the blog before, but here they are with a full outfit.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Day 1139 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing red tartan tights and metallic circus themed shoes with carousel heel and tassel ankle cuffs
Shoes: 'You're Invited' Dan Sullivan Irregular Choice 

Ok, lots to talk about regarding the fit of these shoes, so I'm just going to dive right in. Some of you might know that last week when my super limited, You're Invited arrived, they didn't fit and I mean spectacularly didn't fit. A week on, my second pair arrived (in the size up) and I was a bit hesitant to even try them to be honest as they still looked tiny. I measured the outer sole of the 39 against the 38's and they are exactly the same size, so there was no confidence boost there (though the soles on this style really taper in comparison to the upper shoe).

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Day 1138 - Shoesday Tuesday

bent legs in jewel fishnet tights with black sating shoes with pink feathers and Miss Piggy heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Muppets black All About Moi 

Unfortunately no carousel heels shoes to show you today, because they arrived last night and don't fit! Oh, it's been such a worry and stress, but I have the bigger size on their way-total luck finding them. I used to always size up in character heels, but for a good while now, I've been finding my usual size fine and look at the Angelica Pearson boots last month, a 37 (size down) would've fitted, they were so generous. Anyway, hopefully it all ends well. One thing that has ended well, is me completing my own mission of owning every single heel in the IC Muppets range. There's been some eBay bargains recently and I've added another 5 pairs (even went for mid-heels, gasp) including two colourways of styles I already owned. These are one such pair, All About Moi in black.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Day 1137 - Dust Yourself Off And Try Again

feet side by side wearing odd shoes, one with palm tree other with Miss Piggy
Shoes: Original Diva - Muppets (right foot) and Miami (left foot) both Irregular Choice 

I felt like sneaking in an extra (outfit) post for you this week. This look was from the beginning of July, one of those really hot days we had during summer, which all seems like a distant memory now huh? I was meeting my three Uni flatmates in Edinburgh for a little reunion as it'll soon be 20 years since we first met. I honestly can't believe that. I do feel like a long time has passed since I was school, maybe not 20 years though, but since meeting the girls? It really doesn't feel that long. I have to remember I've been ill for 16 years since then though, so I suppose it does add up. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Day 1136 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing mustard tights and blue flower shoes with fairy toadstool heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice blue Ember Starwand 

Ugh, I was so over these photos last week! I photographed them last Monday, didn't have time to edit them until the Tuesday, thought I had nothing more to do than crop, resize etc and it was going great until I ran into some issues when resizing. I don't know if there's a technical term for what was happening, there probably is, but my tights were coming out swirly. Like they had a knots of wood or a psychedelic swirl pattern to them. Sometimes, it was super, super strong and really distracting.  Cropping further only intensified the issue. The only way around it was to either edit it out (I'm not a whizz at these things) or not crop the image at all, just resize. That wasn't an option for me as the photos stopped being about the shoes and instead became about the legs and the room. Like I say, I'm not very good at photo editing and it got to the point I was ready to lash the laptop out the window y'know? My head quite literally hurt and it was just picture after picture with swirls and more swirls.  I considered leaving it like that and explaining to you what was going on, but honestly, I couldn't concentrate on the shoes for the busy tights, it was really distracting. So, I've left it a week in the hope I'm not quite as P'd off when looking at the photos now!  I was just angry I spent so much time on something that shouldn't have taken as long.  If the tights look a bit dodgy, it's my lack of prowess at editing (and tiredness trying to complete it at midnight) rather than the tights themselves. They are fleece lined, so really thick and completely opaque, so if anything I figured these would be less likely to perform the way they did, but I guess the weave has just been manipulated in the photos.  It's safe to say I'll never wear these for blog photos again!

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Day 1135 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice glitter fairy boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice turquoise Angelica Pearson

Hello! I suspected you might want to see the boots from the fairy toadstool launch first, as the style is a little different. Help me out on this Instagram post though with which tights you'd like to see next week for the shoes. I'm really going back and forth between the two and can't make a decision on which I like best. Thank you to everyone who voted so far, I didn't expect so many comments. If you haven't guessed, I am keeping both the shoes and boots. I decided this pretty early on and thanks to my family for not letting me starve whilst I pay them back!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Day 1134 - Did I Let Go Of Your Hand For A Castle Made Of Sand

close up of foot wearing glitter heel less tropical marble printed shoes with black fluffy pom poms
Shoes: Blue Carni Val Irregular Choice 

Hello gang, how are you all today?  No Shoesday post yesterday as I was busy photographing the new fairy toadstool shoes (see initial snaps here) and I collapsed in a heap afterwards and slept all afternoon.  As much as I'd have liked to get the fit reviews up for those styles and for you to see (especially the boots) on my feet, there's no way I would've been able to stand for photos.  My legs were unresponsive!  So instead I have an outfit post today of a pair of shoes you've seen before.  I've decided to go back to doing outfit posts outside of my Shoesday ones and reserving Tuesday for never before seen here shoes.  I have enough of both to keep me going for some time! 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Day 1133 - Shoesday Tuesday

side angle of legs in Irregular Choice Tingle Tastic shoes and fishnet tights
Shoes: Irregular Choice Tingle Tastic

It's been a little over a month since my last post.  I'm daytime sleeping a lot and not feeling particularly motivated when I am awake, so I'm unable to commit to posting regularly, which gets me down sometimes.  It's to be expected, London was a huge thing and I've noticed if I do something now (like a small outing), it floors me, when pre-London it probably wouldn't have.  It'll just take time and honestly I was prepared to give up the rest of my year for having such an awesome time and fabulous experience. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Day 1132 - Shoesday Tuesday

bent leg in background, straight leg in foreground wearing floral patterned tights and Disney Toy Story shoes
Shoes: You've Got A Friend In Me - Irregular Choice Disney Toy Story 

Hello gang! How are you all this week?  So last time, I showed you my You Are A Toy boots from the IC Toy Story collection and I mentioned I'd unexpectedly bought another TS pair...and here they are! Schuh have an imperfects section online with anything ranging from shop display fading, missing trims, scratches, breakages or irremovable marks on the items.  You can get really lucky-I think it must depend on who inspects/lists them, but sometimes the damage is minimal (and not worth discounting imo) and/or they are drastically reduced.  These were a lucky find before the sale had started, or so I and many others thought.  They were reduced a lot for a mark on the uppers that I couldn't even spot from the images.  Sadly someone else had them in their basket and until they checked out, they were reserved for them. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Day 1131 - Shoesday Tuesday

side angle of legs in black fishnets with cow print ankle boots and Woody Toy Story heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Disney Toy Story 'You Are A Toy!*  

Hello gang! It's been a long time since I've been able to post here. I've been sitting on these photos for a looong time!  Since May actually and I was editing them on the train during my London trip, hoping nobody was sneaking a look over my shoulder and seeing them before they should!  Without fail though, every Tuesday, I've had a migraine and/or spent the entire day sleeping. It's been rather freaky how regular it's been, so Shoesday was never getting a look in! This week though, I'm going for it, so here's my first pair of Toy Story boots. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Day 1130 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing fishnet tights and colourful fruit flower shoes with hula girl heels
Shoes: Waikiki by Irregular Choice 

I'm back! Or rather my feet are. I hope you've missed my shoe posts, I've certainly missed my weekly dose of Shoesday blogging. I have a longer post over on Pink Haired Princess regarding my health this year and why I had to take a break from blogging, if you don't follow me over there, it's worth a read rather than me repeating it all here. The good thing (for you) is, I have a ginormous backlog of Shoesday and outfit posts.  So I'm going to try and work my way through them when I can. Without stressing about it, I must add! It's funny, after I finished the shoe challenge all those years ago and started just working off new shoes or rare outfit posts, I expected the blog to come to a standstill. Every time I think I'm maybe about to run out of new posts, a big collection comes out and I seem to be back to not seeing an end in sight. A good thing! Anyway, these are my latest purchase, one of two pairs actually because I really loved this launch.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Day 1129 - Shoesday Tuesday

crossed legs wearing gold fishnet tights and irregular choice christmas shoes
Shoes: Mr & Mrs Clause Irregular Choice 

Hello, another outfit for you this week. This time from Christmas Day. We were spending it with my older sister and her brood, so we got up as usual in the morning, but with the intention of not opening all our presents (as we might not have time). My younger sister and I were pretty speedy (and Mum doesn't wrap much for me as she knows it tires me out), so we managed everything and our stockings, had a quick breakfast and off I went to get ready. Obviously I was wearing my Santa heels again-trying to get as much use out of them as I could and not pictured here is the gingerbread bag from last week, which I also took. I bought this dress in the sale over summer after ogling it last year in the winter sale (well, 2 years ago actually or maybe even 3, must remember it's 2018 now). I'm glad I didn't buy it back then, because I've had to sell all the coats and dresses I bought at the time as they are too big now. It's most definitely a wiggle dress, getting in and out of cars was tricky to say the least!  I was pretty roasty-toasty in it too. It's fully lined and the collar is removable, the fur hem isn't, but I liked it with the fur around the neck too. The neckline is quite high at the front, but lower at the back.  I had to try the outfit on again for this post, because I didn't have time on the day and isn't it always the way that when you feel nice in an outfit, you don't get photos of it?  I only managed to sneak in a couple of selfies before leaving, so I look a bit awkward in them! 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Day 1128 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice light up Christmas shoes
Shoes: Mr & Mrs Clause Irregular Choice 

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!  I took a little break from blogging and social media over the past few weeks, because there was so much going on in the run up to Christmas that I couldn't manage it all.  As usual, it all felt a bit of a chore and rushed in the end, then my sister was sent home from work with the flu, which really threw our usual traditions and plans.  She's been really ill with it.  She's back at work now, after having to take 3 weeks off, but is struggling.  She's really weak and finding it hard to stand all day and walk the distances she used to.  I can sympathise!  Sitting on hard backed chairs for meals, wearing makeup and getting dressed and wrapping presents are all things that have hit me hard over the festive period.  They may seem like 'little' things, but a few days on, I'm still in pain from our meal on New Years Day.  All this activity though means I do have a few outfit posts for you.