Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Day 1178 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing animal print tights and green cat face ankle boots with gold cuffs and satin bows
Shoes: Delicate Diamond | Irregular Choice 

I forgot I still hadn't shared my thoughts on these, after buying them last year. Money has been really tight, so in 2020 I was trying to not buy anything new at full price...it's hard.  I did drastically reduce launch day purchases, but I'm definitely not a fan of waiting for sales and worse, worrying about and watching them sell-out.  These were part of the new diamond shaped heel collection for AW20, much slimmer (and lighter) than the likes of Diamontina we've previously seen and this particular pair were an exclusive colour to Irregular Choice.  I didn't buy them right away, but once my size went low stock, I buckled.  I just knew I'd be really sad if I didn't get them, as they were the stand-out pair for me in this range.  I made the right decision as they've never been restocked in my size since.  I'm actually really keen on the red/pink pair too, not the colour I'd usually go for, but I think the heel looks really pretty in pale pink. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Day 1177 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink metallic ankle boots with checked jersey dress
Shoes: Anastasia | Irregular Choice 

I went on the hunt for something to photograph today as I think I've shown all my most recent buys.  I got these in the January sales last year, they are from AW19.  They are really plain for me, but there's something about that simplicity that I'm really drawn to here.  They came in 3 different mirrored metallic shades and for once, I didn't buy the blue option!  I know, who am I?  If you're new here, I have more than a tendency to buy blue/green colourways over anything else!  However this very pale pink really appealed to me.   There's only little bits of black trim around the cuff and a bow across the front and even the bow is 'sensible' by IC standards. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Day 1176 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing colourful ankle boots with acrylic big rotating wheel
Shoes: Topsy Turvy | Irregular Choice

This is what Santa brought me for Christmas; amazing ankle boots from the Irregular Choice Fun & Games collection (AW20).  I would've shown you them last week, but they didn't fit, so I had to re-order the size up and I've been pretty knackered the past couple of weeks, sleeping a lot and unable to stand to take photos.  Anyway, I had a burst of energy today, so took the opportunity to get this post done.  These boots are just...wow!  I think I said that multiple times when I took them out the box.  It's such a novel idea.