How can I contact you? 
You can comment on posts or find links to my social media/email in the sidebar (just below my profile).

What is your policy on affiliate schemes, gifted items and sponsored posts?
Please see my disclaimer page for more details on this.

Are you on social media? 
Yes, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I post on Tumblr every day and am active on Polyvore. You can also follow this blog on Bloglovin'.  I do have a YouTube channel but my activity there is much more sporadic.

What camera do you use?
As of May 2012, a Nikon D3100 DSLR. Sometimes I use my phone (Alcatel OT-808). Previous to that, a Samsung L201 and briefly a Panasonic Lumix TZ3. All photos are taken myself. Stock photos are copyright of the specific company/brand.

Can I use your photos?
Under each blog post there are buttons to share via email, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ which directly link back to the blog.  It is expected photos used on any of those platforms or elsewhere will include a link/credit to the source or may be removed due to copyright infringement.

Who is Pink Haired Princess?
Me! It's my original blog, Pink Haired Princess, which covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

How many shoes do you own? 
Several hundred (I think). The long awaited 'shoe room' is just around the corner!

What size are you? 
A UK/EU 5/38, though sometimes a 6/39.  This will always be mentioned in the 'fit' details in each post.

Are you on eBay? 
Firstly, no you can't steal my images to use on eBay (!) and any found will be reported. Yes, I did used to sell shoes etc there, but haven't for a year or so due to illness.

Do you ever wear flats?
No.  I haven't worn flat shoes since I was a teenager-I can't actually walk in them!

Where do you store your shoes?
I'm in the midst of getting an entire 'shoe room' for some of my collection (and yes, I will blog all about it).  At the moment there are piles of shoes boxes (shoe mountain) and a converted shoe cupboard in my bedroom.

I'm looking for information on sizing, can you help?
For years now I've included how a shoe fits, the fastenings it has and how comfortable and easy they are to walk in, in each post.  If you're still in doubt or I don't own the particular shoes then you can always email me or send a message on social media and I'll try to help.  Please note in all cases, it's only my opinion and personal experience.

Would you consider going back to the 'one pair/one day' challenge with no repeats?
Never say never, it was very restrictive though, especially towards the end, when you knew you only had 20 pairs left and the weather, occasion and outfit was pretty much predetermined for them (which is impossible to stick to).

I'd like to buy a shoe I've seen on your blog, but can't find it in the link you've given.
My links are current and in working order at the time of posting, but if years have passed, it's likely that item is now discontinued. Likewise, if it's an old style I'm wearing, I'll link to the brand website, rather than the specific style which is no longer available.  I get a lot of requests to buy my actual shoes, but if I wished to sell them, they'd go on eBay and currently I'm not selling anything there.

Shoe FAQ's  
Any tips on how to walk in high heels?
It comes naturally to me, so I'm never sure what I'm doing that others aren't.  Walk confidently and practise makes perfect.

I always wear flats and really can't walk in high heels but have an important event where heels are required, can you help?
Don't try to wear anything you're uncomfortable in and know your limits.  One persons idea of a high heel can be completely different to another.  If you really need a higher heel then I would suggest a wedge.  Kitten heels may look the lowest/safest option, but the base of the heel is usually very small and will cause wobbling.  A wedge however has a larger base for you to walk on-like pumps, so this should come more naturally to you.  Check the base though, some wedges have a very narrow sole, so look for something more suitable.   Failing that, try something with a chunky high heel, again your base is larger so you're less likely to fall.  Small platforms can also help with aching legs, taking some cm's off the heel height.

My shoes are slightly too small, anything I can do?
Some shoes will stretch a little with wear-you'll just have to ride out the discomfort at the start.  I tend to wear them around the house with really thick socks (it's uncomfortable at first), to stretch them.  Or you can take them to a shoe repair shop to be stretched.  Failing that I've heard alcohol soaked newspaper inside can help or fill a little zip lock bag with water and poke into the toe box of the shoe and place in a freezer.  Take them out once the water has frozen and carefully remove the bag (once it's defrosted) and the shoes will hopefully have stretched a little.  Though I haven't personally tried either of those options.

My shoes are slightly too big, what can I do?
This is easier to fix than them being too small.  You can buy all sorts of insoles and heel grips these days which can work miracles.

My shoes are so uncomfortable, what can I do?
Some feel like comfy slippers the first time you wear them, others need broken in.  Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do without some level of discomfort.  Try wearing the shoes at home with thicker socks for short periods.  Then build up to longer spells and removing the socks.  You just have to keep wearing them until miraculously one day, they no longer hurt.  My sister swears by Compeed's, they are jelly like cushioned, stick on plasters that act like a thick layer of skin to protect against blisters and are a must-have for protection and prevention!

Any tips on how to store shoes?
It really is important to keep shoes in boxes or at least separated rather than 10 pairs all thrown into one large box.  No matter how careful you are in that situation, the shoes are going to get dented and scratched.  I have sturdy boxes that can be piled high with easy access and the shoes are completely safe inside (unfortunately there is no link for these boxes-I got them years ago and haven't seen them anywhere since).  I realise not all shoes come with boxes or boxes you'd like to keep, but there are lots of shoe storage boxes available nowadays. Or if you have room, Billy bookcases from Ikea make perfect shoe shelves.

How can I protect my shoes?
Most of my shoes are made from suede or fabric and usually don't require shoe polish.  A little Vaseline can help prevent creasing in patent shoes (just massage it in).  Try not to get suede shoes wet...if you do, you can buy a little suede brush, which can usually help with staining. Otherwise, store your shoes carefully, especially those with embellishments.  Buy or make little dustbags for travelling.  Also try not to take shoes off by using one foot to push the back of the other heel-you're just going to get the shoe all misshapen.