Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Day 1243 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Barnacle Betty
Shoes: Barnacle Betty | Irregular Choice 

Another set of old photos and a pair I find it hard to believe I've never reviewed here before (from SS17).  Firstly, last week were the lilac version of Pooch Perfect boots if you missed those and there's a link in that post to the white pair I reviewed first.  These perspex carved heels haven't been appearing all that much lately.  There were ankle boots in both Pokemon and The Wizard Of Oz collections, along with the red Click Your Heels shoes that I bought from Oz and prior to that, Little Twin Stars shoes in the Sanrio launch. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Day 1242 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing Irregular Choice Pooch Perfect
Shoes: Pooch Perfect | Irregular Choice 

I finally get to share this pair with you as it's my birthday this week and Mum said she'd give me these boots (after I ordered them last month), so although they've been in my possession, I haven't wanted to wear them before now. Last week, I posted the heavily embellished Garden Gala-it seems I've been buying ankle boots a lot lately!

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Day 1241 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Garden Gala
Shoes: Garden Gala | Irregular Choice 

Another fantastic sale pair for you today, after the rainbow Quartz Order boots last week.  Garden Gala came in three colours and it might surprise you to know, that I didn't buy the green.  It can happen folks!  The other pair were black, but these pink ones stood out to me immediately.  They're the brightest and most colourful of the bunch, so that's why!  The heel is a textured metallic fuchsia and the uppers, a multi-coloured lurex with sporadic patches of sequins.  The sequins are multi-coloured, but silver on the flip-side.  However, the main attraction are the oodles of flower embellishments in varying sizes, colours and finishes.  The yellow pompoms are a favourite, but really I love them all. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Day 1240 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Quartz Order
Shoes: Quartz Order | Irregular Choice

I got these boots for an absolute steal, alongside the Shoot For The Stars courts I shared last week.  They were part of the AW20 diamond heel release, which featured a much slimmed down version of the old jewel heel seen on the likes of Diamontina and Shimmy.  You may recall my favourite from the newer launch was Delicate Diamond in green and then I later got the red version in the sale.  Quartz Order came in four colourways; plain black fabric, a Prince Of Wales style check with rainbow finish, metallic camouflage and these, rainbow metallic. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Day 1239 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Shoot For The Stars
Shoes: Shoot For The Stars | Irregular Choice 

Today I have another style from AW21, after my Little Red Riding Hood inspired ankle boots last week, from the same season. Shoot For The Stars grabbed my attention when they launched, but unsure of how practical they'd be for me, I didn't buy them. I kept going back to them and decided to take the plunge recently at a very good sale price. They came in 2 colours and I had the option of both. Initially I was drawn to the more green pair (you know me!), but it wasn't until I saw 'real' photos of these that I realised how green and blue they were too.  The lightning bolt on this pair, have a mirrored finish with printed stars.  The colour flips between bright green and blue in the light, often with purple in between, which you'll see throughout my photos.