Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 495 - Irregular Choice Special #22

Shoes: Blue floral 'Lucite Lovely' Irregular Choice at Schuh

Last day of the month, but I'm going to keep the IC Month going another week, until we've seen 30 pairs of shoes. Another gorgeous pair I ordered last weekend arrived today (think IC Month has only encouraged more IC purchases). I'm going to put together a little video of them for you...let's just say they deserve a video rather than photos, hmmm! I ended up popping (made a spelling error and wrote 'pooping' there) through to Dundee in the afternoon yesterday to return some of my Primark purchases and a pair of River Island shoes-thankfully these shoes didn't hurt my feet seeing as it was their first outing.

Wearing: Floral wrap dress (see the amazing pocket detail?) Jasmine Guinness at Very worn with scarf (in same fabric) around waist taken from another dress, black leggings and vest Primark, skull pearls Miss Selfridge which I changed into after deciding the ones I was wearing (fyi Primark) didn't look right, wolf ring and flying unicorn ring also Miss S, heart shaped pony ring gift, bag Irregular Choice (double IC whammy)
Fit: True to size, just under 4" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 494 - Irregular Choice Special #21

Shoes: Unicorn tie cortesan Irregular Choice

Still a day behind if you hadn't noticed. Summer has hit the UK this week-I've decided we get warmer weather before and after the summer months, but not during! Strange but true! Anyhow, it's a nice little surprise and I'm getting to wear more summery clothes (and no need for a cardigan!) before the cold properly sets in. I've had these shoes for a few years now but have never worn them because the ties on one shoe are completely faded (if I recall, I ordered them online and there were no other pairs left, so I just took what I could) and I've never gotten around to replacing them. Lazy me! Yesterday, I just thought 'stuff it', I'm going out with one bright pink foot and one faded pink foot, these shoes are too pretty to hide away and I'm sure nobody will notice anyway.

Wearing: Pale blue lace dress, silver keys necklace and black leggings all Primark.
Fit: True to size, 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: No issues with these.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 493 - Irregular Choice Special #20

Shoes: Purple 'Making Moves' Irregular Choice

Had the day from hell yesterday, it just got worse and worse. Needless to say, my time was taken up with sorting the mess out and I didn't get out or to post the shoes from the day before, so here goes. I think 'IC Month' will have to last longer than just September because for various reasons, I haven't been able to post every day and we're only at #20 and it's the end of the month. Soooo, these shoes cause great mayhem everywhere they go! In daylight the purple with clashing pink dolly is so vivid, you can't help but stare. They are one of the most fun pair of shoes I own and it's a pleasure to wear them plus I'm glad I was accidentally sent the wrong colour, because I couldn't have asked for a more stunning pair of shoes. Btw, not sure why my lips look so plump in these pics, heehee!

Wearing: purple and pink floral dress (love this) Red Herring at Debenhams, black leggings and cardigan Primark, fox brooch Claire's, pink fox ring gift, parrot ring and bunny ring Miss Selfridge.
Fit: Can be a little tight across the foot, otherwise ok. Almost 4" clear heel.
Comfort: Easy to walk in and very comfortable

Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 492 - Irregular Choice Special #19

Shoes: Blue and peach star 'Audrina' Irregular Choice

I'm blogging a day behind but will hopefully manage to catch up tomorrow. I had an appointment at the optician today and my nephews came out this morning, so this is the first time I've sat down. My photos from yesterday are pretty crap though, I've just realised, oops! There are none of the actual dress or the belt I was wearing, so I've adapted some from last time I wore this dress! It was another lovely day on Sunday and this week is supposed to be glorious (aside from Tuesday). In typical Scottish/UK style though, they are anticipating snow for October. Oh yeah, shorts one minute, gloves the next! About these shoes...they are lovely, but I much prefer their sister style 'Whitney' for comfort and sizing. I always have to buy a size larger in Audrina because the vamp comes far up the foot and really cuts into my skin. Actually this pair aren't as bad as my suede versions and I had to sell the orange suede pair because they were far too painful to wear. Strange when they're all the same style, but there you go!

Wearing: Coral lace dress G21 at Asda, brown belt taken from dress (Primark), cream pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: See above, take a size up. Heel 5".
Comfort: Aside from the tightness across the foot, they are fine.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Day 491 - Irregular Choice Special #18

Shoes: Peach 'Take A Bow' Irregular Choice

I could quite happily live in this dress forever, I love it so much (although you wouldn't know it, considering the fabric doesn't photograph well). It's incredibly comfortable and always looks like you've really made an effort, when sneakily, you've just chucked it on. Yesterday my sister had a day off and when we're together we turn into 4 year olds; everything is hilarious, we have our own language and I actually hurt from laughing so hard. We spent most of the day watching clips on YouTube of Ant and Dec in their SM:TV days, doing 'Wonky Donkey', 'Cat the Dog', Pokemon (with Brian from Westlife, the funniest thing ever) and '15 To Fun' with S Club 7, Westlife and Blue! Next thing we know, it's 4pm and I'm still in my pj's! So this outfit was really thrown together, yet I come off looking rather polished, haha! Last time I wore this dress, I said I wasn't sure of the type of shoes I wanted to wear with it and honestly didn't think Irregular Choice would work until I stumbled across my teddy cortesans. Well surprise, surprise, I managed to find another IC pair that work pretty well. I kinda always forget I have these shoes and really need to wear them more, it's just the awkward colour doesn't really fit my palette...until this dress obviously!

Wearing: Spotty pleated dress, leopard belt Primark, cream pearl cardigan Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: True to size. Just over 4" heel.
Comfort: Dig in at the heels, just think they need breaking in.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 490 - Irregular Choice Special #17

Shoes: Wine 'Whitney' Irregular Choice

Wow, what a productive day! I've actually achieved more in one day than I have all week. I've managed to make two videos and am in the process of uploading them to my YouTube channel now. One being a tutorial on headscarves/turbans and the other a Primark haul. I also managed to try on most of my clothes from said haul....hmmm, think a few will be going back. Both videos were made pretty quickly and in one shot, so they were easy enough to cut up and take out the unnecessary bits. I really enjoy video making actually, I'm not so keen on being in front of the camera though. Actually that's an understatement, I pretty much hated the turban one, but there you go. The weather has definitely changed this week, much more autumnal or 'bloody freezing' as I said yesterday on my jammie day! This outfit works perfectly for this weather though and these shoes are possibly the comfiest IC's ever-or have I already said that about another pair recently? Haha.

Wearing: Navy floral dress New Look, silk stockings Prada, boat cardigan Peacocks.
Fit: True to size, 5" heel and double platform.
Comfort: Very comfortable and no issues.