Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Day 1187 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink metallic zebra court shoes with fishnet socks
Shoes: Zevra | Irregular Choice 

I really fell in love with this style when it launched in 2019.  They came in black and white, the more obvious colour choice for a zebra upper, but the amazing tinsel tail on the pink version stole my heart.  The other pair had plain black, but here we got this wonderful multi-colour metallic which immediately reminded me of my favourite 80's doll, Superstar Sindy.  I've attached a photo at the bottom, as she lives in my shoe room!  I wasn't prepared for how full the tail would be, it's like a cheerleader pom pom at the back, it's fabulous and so swishy. 

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Day 1186 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing SS18 wooden wedge shoes from Irregular Choice with socks
Shoes: Funshine | Irregular Choice

Something very summery today; an older sale buy, originally from Spring/Summer 2018.  These are perfectly named Funshine; such a cheery shoe.  It's a medium weight wooden wedge platform and heel.  I've felt lighter and definitely felt heavier too, but it does feel pretty solid to walk on.  Obviously they are high, there's no denying that, so if you're usually pretty wobbly on higher heels, I'd avoid these as I don't think they are so stable that you'd never fall.  Obviously I haven't properly worn shoes for a year now and I've noticed recently when trying them on for these posts, I'm struggling a bit with comfort, but actually I was fine in these.  No aching arches, no desperation to get them off because they felt too high, so if you do wear heels, you can manage these, just be mindful of uneven surfaces! 

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Day 1185 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up of legs and feet wearing pencil ankle boots with concept heel
Shoes: Chalk It Up | Irregular Choice 

I knew I jinxed myself the other day in this post by saying I was really organised with blogging just now! I've been so distracted by other things these past couple of days that I'm hastily trying to piece this post together last minute. Anyway, these were another sale buy from Irregular Choice; I was trying to drastically limit my full-price buys last year because money was/is tight (I miss eBaying!), so I had a lot to buy when sale time came. That's actually reminded me that I still have to pay for these on Klarna! Anyway, I really liked these when they launched as part of the Fun & Games collection last year (not to be confused with the Gaming collection my last two posts came from). This collection was really fun; snakes and ladders, chess, the big wheel and then these pencil items. There's a bag, which I also have, a court shoe and then these boots.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Day 1184 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing wedge shoes with toy car theme and mesh socks
Shoes: Spaghetti Junction | Irregular Choice

Another week, another Irregular Choice sale buy!  Like High Score last time, these were from the Gaming collection for Summer last year.  They were also another IC exclusive colourway.  The other option was a bright rainbow finish, which I also liked, but something about the contrast between the black and white with green glitter really drew me in.  Again, their weight or lack of, really surprised me.  This is a super lightweight wedge.  They are a bit tricky to get into at first, with the circular part of the road.  I found just pushing my foot in slowly, bit by bit and pulling that circular part up little by little worked best, rather than trying to do it in one move.  The strapping is elasticated slightly on the inner side which I've photographed below (8th image, visible slit in the red strap). 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Day 1183 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing patterned gaming tights with pinball themed wedge shoes
Shoes: High Score | Irregular Choice 

The Irregular Choice sale came to a close this week, so I bought the final pieces I'd had on my wishlist (well the bits that were still in stock). Then I got the guilts, even although I've been coveting them since they launched last year! I was in two minds about whether or not to keep these ones, but after trying them on with these tights, I decided they were a keeper. Unfortunately the photos turned out quite dark and brightening them just made the tights look white (when they aren't) and I was getting that moiré thing going on too, so I've stalled on this post all day! However, here we are.