Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Day 1110 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing moschino cheap & chic prehistoric bone bow shoes
Shoes: Moschino Cheap & Chic bone bow courts

Hi gang, I'm back! I took a few weeks off to recover from my gallbladder operation, but am feeling great (well the wounds have other ideas, but I, myself, am fine). I wanted to post this OOTD from a few months ago, the one I mentioned in a previous post, that I struggled to blog about. I don't know why I avoided posting it. Despite the current wardrobe struggles, I loved the outfit and felt nice in it at the time, so maybe I thought the photos didn't quite reflect that, I don't know. I am struggling a bit to decide what to wear, while nothing fits me and I don't really want to buy anything new until my weight sticks. So I probably have roughly 30% of my wardrobe left and even then, a lot of it is ill-fitting. This outfit was for my Mum's 60th birthday in March. I felt really guilty because while the gallstone issue was ongoing we were avoiding going out for a big family meal and I suggested everyone went without me, but then they would've felt guilty leaving me at home and I couldn't exactly sit there and eat nothing. It was also my parents Ruby wedding anniversary a few days later and we were having family round for a little daytime party, plus my wee cousin was getting married the next week (same family), so it would've been a bit much to organise another party and with my M.E. as well, I had too much going on as it was. Instead we went out for a wee treat one afternoon on my sister's day off.