Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 693 - I Can Easily Understand How You Could Easily Take My Man

Shoes: Pink 'Miss Sicily' PeepToe (Australia) 

Wow, it was super-windy today (as you can see from the images at the bottom of the post)! Thankfully I wore an underskirt beneath this dress because one step outside and the dress was billowing out behind me and I'd have been flashing more than I'd have liked! I felt like wearing something new today and although I've had these shoes for years I've never worn them. Now I realise I look more than a little chavvy here, but to be honest, I couldn't be bothered washing my hair and it had been in a bun yesterday with a scarf over the top, so I re-did the bun and for once couldn't care less that my roots were extremely bad! I'm desperately needing it re-coloured, so I've lost interest in attempting to make it pretty in the meantime! I'm going to make it my mission to order some dye this weekend, I'm just hoping I find some in stock because they've been completely sold-out nation and worldwide for some time : /

Wearing: Parrot dip hem dress Dorothy Perkins, black cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, silk hair scarf gift, earrings Claire's, Mischief sunglasses Irregular Choice.
Fit: True to size, 4" heel.
Comfort: No issues these and this was the first time I'd worn them outside.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 692 - I Might Drink A Little More Than I Should Tonight

Shoes: Blue floral 'Itsy Bitsy Betsy' Irregular Choice 

I wasn't entirely happy with these shoes in regards to the dress I wore them with, but I'm struggling a little at the moment.  As you'll have noticed I've 'lost' my usual space in my bedroom for photo-taking-it's currently floor to almost ceiling with shoes (mostly that I'm selling) and besides the floor space, it's a very dark corner when there's nothing but shoe boxes blocking out the light!  Add to that the fact that it's now restricting the shoes I can access (my IC cupboard is completely blocked off behind these piles as is two 'towers' and some of the top of my wardrobe), so I'm really down to a smaller selection of shoes to pick from each day.  It's annoying, but there's not much that I can do until I get some of them out of the way.  I'm feeling a little (actually a lot) like my room is closing in on me just now and I don't like it, but I'm trying my hardest to clear some of it and if I could just curb my new purchases it would help lots (eeek).  Anyway, this dress is lovely, the skirt is just soooo floaty and pretty and at least the shoes kept it off the ground a little.

Wearing:  Floral ruffle maxi dress ASOS Curve, belt (taken from dress) New Look, leopard print cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, shoe scarf gift, earrings Accessorize.  
Fit: I sized up on these and they're a much better fit. They can be quite tight across the foot so watch out for that. Adjustable buckle on slingback and 4 1/4" heel with small platform.
Comfort: Didn't have any issues with these.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 691 - Some Of Us Soar To The Stars

Shoes: Black skull 'Lady Dragon' Vivienne Westwood & Melissa

What a beautiful day today, it was like 'proper summer', so exciting and about time!  I wasn't quite sure what to wear to mark the occasion (!), bare legs or summery, flowing maxi?  I'd actually worn this dress the other day but had to change when the weather turned nasty, so I got it out again and eventually found these shoes hidden in the furthest away corner above my wardrobe to pair with.  Hope this weather is here to stay!

Wearing: Turquoise floral shift dress Dorothy Perkins, cardigan Be Beau at Matalan, 'Nikita' sunglasses Tom Ford.
Fit: True to size, adjustable slingback, 4 1/4" heel.
Comfort: Easy to walk in, it's on and off whether you'll get a 'good day' with the Lady Dragons or they'll rub your feet, today was fine!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 690 - There's More To See Than Can Ever Be Seen

Shoes: Black 'So-Yeon Sarah' London College of Fashion and Irregular Choice 

Hello, I'm still alive!  I had a mountain of eBay stuff to get through over the weekend, spent the end of last week in my jammies and yesterday helping to look after my nephews.  It was a pleasant change to get washed and dressed and makeup on today!  You may recall that you haven't seen these shoes for a while, well it's because they were super uncomfortable on me and I tried so hard to get them to like me, but it just wasn't happening.  It got to the stage that the more I tried to break them in, the more painful they became.  I had to admit that I needed a bigger size and thankfully a pair appeared at a much reduced price and I jumped on them!  I paid a ridiculous amount for my original pair...full-price at £345, I know, I know, I could puke thinking about it (it's by far the most I've paid for shoes), but what's done is done.  I'm hoping to at least make back the cost of the second pair by ebaying the originals, as much as it pains me to do so.  I have a lot of pairs that I've struggled with selling but the need for both room and money has left me with little choice.  Sad times, but I'll hopefully get over them!

Wearing:  Mint butterfly dress Dorothy Perkins, cardigan Matalan, leggings Primark, hair flower clips Debenhams.
Fit: Run a little small, these are a full size up. 4 1/2" heel.
Comfort: I popped these on straight out of the box with little problems, phew!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 689 - It's The Dream Afraid Of Waking

Shoes: Purple croc 4 buckle courts Matalan
Shoes: Wine 'Whitney' Irregular Choice 

A two-shoe post for yesterday.  I ended up changing at the last minute from the strappy shoes into the platforms, because I knew I had a lot of walking to do (well a lot for me) and I could already feel the purple ones rubbing my heel from wearing them around the house.  Shame, because they were super gorgeous! I had popped out shopping and managed to get soaked 'running' from my house to the bus-stop (which is literally across the road), not good!  Onto the dress and this is the one I was talking about the sizing issues with.  I had heard it was on the larger side, so had already sized down to an 18 and ordered a 16 with it.  I tried the smaller first and it still felt large, so I ended up re-ordering a 14 and had it been produced in a 12 that probably would have fit better!  I guess then it's supposed to be quite loose, but I hate feeling like I'm wearing a tent.  The fabric is sheer (not to the point of seeing everything underneath, but shadows/outlines of your legs are visible in the light) and I certainly wouldn't have paid £75 for it.  It's got pockets (good) and it's just a nice, simple dress to throw on.

Wearing:  'Frida' floral dress Swan by Clements Ribeiro, leggings and cardigan Primark, shoe scarf gift, bag Gossipi, unicorn ring Miss Selfridge, leopard ring Primark, other two rings part of set H&M.  
Fit: True to size and I love the 4 buckles because they are quite large and not those fiddly little ones you often get these days. Heel 4 3/4".Comfort: You feel safe enough, like I said the back of the heel/straps can rub after time.
Irregular Choice
Fit: True to size, 5" heel and double platform.
Comfort: Very comfortable and no issues.