Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Seven - Here We Go Again

Shoes: 'The Sky's The Limit' nude courts Irregular Choice

I was sifting through the blogger help section today and noticed quite a few people have now highlighted this issue with line and paragraph spacing, so hopefully it will be resolved soon. It's actually put me off posting, because I don't want the blog to look messy and it's too daunting for my readers to look at one long paragraph. Typical that just when I find a layout I like, they do something to stuff it up! Anyhow, getting my hair coloured today, hence it's half bleached state below!

Wearing: Peach pleated dress, black leggings & cardi, leopard belt Primark, headscarf Fafi/MAC. Fit: A little roomy, if you're between sizes go for the smaller. 4" heel and small concealed platform. Comfort: No issues with these. I did manage to scuff the toe on the steps outside one day : (

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Six - Rock On

Shoes: Yellow 'Rocko' Irregular Choice

If you hadn't noticed I'm having trouble with blogger! Those last couple of posts are all messed up and I can't stand an untidy blog! It's not accepting the 'return' button as a new line or paragraph and so I tried using html (which FYI, I hate having to use as it just takes that much longer) but now it's doing the opposite and giving me massive spaces between each paragraph! It looks exactly how I want it when I'm typing then when I post, it jumbles it up. I hope they rectify it soon and this isn't the new format because it's peeing me off! Also annoying me is my hair, I can't tell you how desperate I am to be able to wear my hair styled and uncovered. It's sooo gross right now, it's dark brown at the roots, then yellow, then pale pink, then bright pink ends. I've almost forgotten how my hair looks as it's chucked up in a scarf every day. I'm sure my neighbours are wondering what's going on under my scarves and hats!

Wearing: Floral dress Florence & Fred at Tesco, black leggings and scarf Primark, bow cardi New Look. Fit: A little roomy, if you're between sizes opt for the smaller (don't think I've ever said that with IC before!). Almost 4" heel. Comfort: Easy walkers and relatively comfy (sometimes I find the uppers rub the top of my toes on one foot).

Monday, 28 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Six - How Refreshing

Shoes: Kandee 'Refresher' wedges in turquoise and yellow suede

Hello! This is yesterdays post, I did manage out for a quick walk in between all the eBay stuff I had going on. I haven't managed to even get dressed properly today though, soooo many parcels to package up and messages to send, it's been non-stop. I hope I remember the shoe info correctly here, I may have to double check my measurements tomorrow! I didn't think I had an outfit which would perfectly match these wedges, but then I found this dress with both colours in it. The dress is super large on me though, guess that weight loss is making a difference (to some dresses anyway)!

Wearing: Cream floral dress, Florence & Fred Tesco, black leggings Primark and black belt Dorothy Perkins. Fit: Very narrow in the toe, you need a full size up in these. 5 3/4" wedge heel and 1 3/4" platform. Comfort: I did find (on one foot, my larger foot actually) that the shoe slipped off when walking which was quite annoying. Other than that, they are easy to walk in with a large solid base.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Five - Walk This Way

Shoes: Leopard print 'Kitten' shoe boot Irregular Choice Loves Heatherette

Just a quick shoe pic today and I'll try and update with the outfit etc tomorrow or Monday. I've been away to Dundee today to spend my Boots vouchers as they didn't have the items I wanted here. I'm also super busy with eBay this weekend, check out my items here. I'm realising I put up way too much stuff and if it all sells, I'll be snowed under with parcels for a week!

Wearing: Scenic print dress New Look, black leggings, headscarf and daisy ring Primark, sunglasses ASOS. Skull cameo pearls and bracelet, pink unicorn ring Miss Selfridge, shell bag River Island.
Fit: True to size, 4" heel, slip on.
Comfort: Really easy to walk in and comfortable. Look there is still some pink hair left on my head!!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Four - Pretty Peachy

Shoes: Office Vintage collection 'Pentlow Prom' peach patent peep heel and toe

Gee, I seem to be really indecisive today. I pulled out this dress which is slightly longer than usual, below the knee and harder to style. I figured I should take advantage of it and wear tights rather than leggings, so settled with some pin dot ones but then couldn't decide on shoes. Either these bright pink satin Faith platforms or peach patent peep toes from Office (below). I decided on the latter purely because I couldn't be arsed doing up the buckles on the pink pair! Then I didn't feel comfortable and ripped the tights a little (probably a good thing as the tights were horrible to photograph), so changed into leggings. They kinda give the dress an artsy feel and I quite liked it in the end. Yes, I resemble Carmen Miranda in the face pics, that's what I get for standing in front of my Mums fruit wreath with a scarf on my head!

Wearing: Black floral and spotty midi dress, black leggings, cardi, sunglasses and cameo headscarf all Primark. The shoe colour is probably most realistic in the 'tights' image below, they are much brighter in real life but the flash has washed out the colour in most pics.
Fit: A little narrow but true to size in length. 3 3/4" heel.
Comfort: The fan detail digs into your foot, more annoying than painful and they can be known to rub a little at the heel and peep toe over time with bare feet.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Three - Blooming Lovely

Shoes: Floral 'Whitney' platforms Irregular Choice

Hello pumpkins! This is my first time wearing these shoes and they definitely were the best choice for this gorgeous weather we've been having! Perfect spring shoes. I'm also getting really creative with my headscarves, seeing as my hair needs covered up all the time!

Wearing: Floral dress, black leggings, cardi and cameo scarf, all Primark, sunglasses ASOS. Long pearl necklace Miss Selfridge, pearl bracelet and rings Primark.
Fit: True to size (yay IC), 5" heel and just over 1" platform.
Comfort: Really easy to walk in and so comfortable.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & Two - Just Jump

Shoes: Office 'Sight For Sore Eyes' black leather and wooden platforms

I'm running behind today, so showered, chucked on my new jumpsuit, threw this cameo scarf around my head and grabbed my new extra large sunglasses and headed out the door! It seemed pointless putting on makeup this late in the day. I was a little unsure about my outfit though. My first time wearing trousers in such a long time, but I think I looked ok-ish. You feel the need to do awkward poses you see in magazines when wearing wide legged trousers! There are very few shoes in my collection that I would pair with this outfit, they need to be platforms and/or wedges and chunky or have that 70's feel. These shoes are perfect and the trouser legs are just off the ground and no more. My wide legged trousers I bought really need taken up though, even in high platforms they are trailing along the ground.

Wearing: Spotty jumpsuit & cameo print scarf Primark, sunglasses ASOS.
Fit: 5 3/4" heel and platform over 1 1/2", adjustable buckle fastening. True to size.
Comfort: A little concentration is required, so you don't lose the 'rocking' routine and wobble! Comfort is fine.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Day Four Hundred & One - I Wonder

Shoes: River Island 'Guest Wonder' black mules with leopard bow & heel

I've given you an extra shoe pic today, so you can see the leopard print heel on these. The bright pink trim really 'make' these shoes. Surprisingly they are very comfortable and easy to wear. I'm saying that because I'm almost crippled in my 'design forum' bow sandals which feature an identical heel. Not only that, mules are notoriously difficult to walk in, you have nothing keeping your foot inside the shoe and often resort to that scrunched toe effect to stop them slipping off. I'm happy to report no such issues with these though-perhaps the mule has moved on from my early 90's memories!

Wearing: Black leggings, sheer pink + black floral dress ASOS Curve.
Fit: 4 3/4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: Can't speak for wearing them for a long time, but I had no issues with walking or comfort.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Day Four Hundred - Whoop Di Doo!

Shoes: Prada tri-colour suede t-bar sandals

These are another pair that you've never seen before, my most recent addition if I remember correctly. This is my second pair from the Prada SS08 collection of which I loved the footwear. I'm permanently on the hunt for the carved flower heel pairs!! One day I'll find them for the right price! The heel on these is pretty cool actually, so I've photographed that below, because when I'm wearing them you don't notice it. It's another lovely day today, so the perfect opportunity to wear peep toes or open toes for a change.

Wearing: Purple floral silk wrap over dress New Look, black slip and leggings, hairband gift, sunglasses Primark.
Fit: true to size, elasticated strap, 4 1/2" heel and very small platform.
Comfort: The bar across the toes may rub after a while, but otherwise no problems and easy walkers!