Friday, 20 December 2019

Day 1161 - Shoesday Tuesday

yellow and blue brocade mid calf boots being worn with fishnet tights
Shoes:  Irregular Choice A Tale Of Enchantment (Beauty And The Beast)

Onto Belle this week from Beauty & The Beast, which launched alongside The Little Mermaid collection this month as the last of the Disney Princesses at Irregular Choice. I ended up not going for a Belle character heel, which is unusual as characters are usually my thing. I fell for these boots though, honestly the moment I saw them and so I decided to get those and the matching bag and because Ariel is my favourite, her things were basically my priority. I think I said last week, I wasn't going to get Make A Splash because the heels were the same as the boots and I favoured those. Had I done that, I might've gotten a Belle heel, but my budget only stretched so far and I'm so glad I did opt for those shell shoes because they are lovely.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Day 1160 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing grey leopard print tights and little mermaid water globe heeled shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Make A Splash (The Little Mermaid) 

So my Disney order arrived on Saturday and it's given me a chance to try everything on and I'm hoping to run through fit reviews of all 3 pairs I bought, as soon as possible, rather than leaving it to one a week.  First up are one of my Little Mermaid pairs, Make A Splash.  I actually nearly didn't buy these.  The boots were top of my list initially and as these have the same heel, I thought I should go for other (different) pieces first.  I'm so glad I changed my mind, almost everything sold out of all sizes on the day and they are really lovely.  The uppers are an iridescent sequins, so they change colour a bit depending on their surroundings.  Sometimes they are almost white or pink or lilac.  The pinky bit is a very pale pink, then you have that glitter platform which is covered in multiple sized bits of various colours.  It's shedding everywhere, it looks like there's been a party in the shoe room, the floor is covered!