Thursday, 29 July 2010

Weekend Break

Hi, sorry I haven't been able to post these last couple of days. I've been babysitting my nephews who have chicken pox : ( Poor little mites. I'll be back on Monday with lots of pics from the weekend.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Five - Cherry Sparkles

Shoes: Pink cherry print satin sandals with crystals River Island

Gah, it's so annoying that I've kept some of my most beautiful shoes until last, yet I haven't been anywhere special (or indeed out of the house at all) to share them. Today I'm getting my hair coloured and my countdown to the weekend wedding has begun! I have 2 spots that have sneakily appeared (thank you!), so I've applied a vitamin C microdermabrasion peel today and my skin is feeling so clean despite the blemishes. After my hair is coloured, I'm doing a pedicure (as you can see my nails are in need of it) and I'm leaving my manicure until Thursday/Friday. I just have to pack once I decide which outfits (and shoes) I'm taking with me! Now that I see these shoes, I'm wondering if they could be yet another contender for my wedding outfit. The photo is kinda crappy, but the crystals are just so twinkly, beautiful!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Four - Stars And Stripes

I've changed my mind about the shoes I'm wearing to my friends wedding this weekend. I really wanted to wear my Charlotte Olympia Greta platforms, but now I'm leaning more towards my Irregular Choice Kitty Princess. It's really difficult to find 'dressy' shoes that aren't stiletto heeled and I tend to not feel very dressed up in chunky heels. Oh, I don't know! There will be no posts from Friday until Sunday, but on Monday there will be lots of photos of the shoes I did wear over the weekend. I actually only have 3 more pairs of shoes to show you that I haven't blogged here...sad I know! Beautiful slingbacks today, heart peep toe, gorgeous oversized bow, stripes and a carved heel all in one shoe! Feud shoes are really made well which I appreciate-very pretty.
Turquoise striped 'Beetroot' slingback by Feud

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Three - Zany Zayna

I've just spent the last two hours rearranging the shoes in my room, to find space for all my latest additions. Strictly speaking, I only have room for 2 more pairs at the moment. I really need to start (and keep) a 'one in, one out' policy, but I know what I'm like and can't see that lasting! One recent purchase are these peep toes in soft grey suede with cut out flowers, pretty aren't they?
Grey and pink 'Zayna' platforms Zandra Rhodes by Strutt Couture

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty Two - I Will Be

Next week at this time, I'll be at my friends wedding, so I thought I'd better 'break in' the shoes I'm going to wear, seeing as I haven't worn them before. All this week, I'll be wearing them indoors, but of course still photographing a different pair for you. I'm not totally sorted with my outfit, I need to try it again and check what accessories I need. My Mum is having second thoughts about these shoes, she doesn't think they are 'dressy' enough! However I can't think of another pair of non-stiletto heels (apparently not allowed to wear thin heels inside the venue!) that look good with my dress. To be honest I can't remember half of the shoes I own-I think this blog has messed with my memory! I'll maybe have to check through The Shoe Girl Diaries archives!
White patent and black suede 'Greta' platforms Charlotte Olympia

Friday, 23 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty One - Dolly Dangler

Pretty knackered today after shopping yesterday and meeting up with my friend at night, so I'm taking it easy. This is my final combination of these shoes-just with the doll charm. This is definitely more wearable than with all the hard charms. There's still quite a swing, but at least it's a soft pom-pom hitting your ankle!
Paint splatter 'Making Moves' with doll charm Irregular Choice

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Eighty - Starman

Had a pretty successful shopping trip for all the presents I needed and surprisingly didn't buy anything for myself (patting myself on the back!). I came home with a floral bucket that I filled with colourful kitchen utensils, a floral dustpan and brush and matching washing up gloves, 3 aprons that you would actually want to wear as dresses and oven gloves covered in shoes and handbags! I'm afraid all my wedding presents are very girly based, but hey it's what I do best. Very glam pop platforms today-I actually need a bigger size in these because the vamp comes quite far up the foot and is rather tight across the foot (it looks really tight here, but it's just after a long day and the angle I think). The actual inside length of the shoe would've been fine in a size 5 though. They have a lovely stitching detail and contrast striped section. The peep toe is tiny, so you don't actually see your toes.
Pale blue and peach star Audrina platforms Irregular Choice

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Nine - Seasons In the Sun

Feeling yucky today and the weather agrees. How can it be beautiful, sunny and warm one day and dull and pouring with rain the next? Oh yeah, it's Scotland! I can't complain though, I would be lost living somewhere without changing seasons. It would just be nice not to get them all in the one day. I'm going shopping tomorrow for birthday and wedding presents (dread), it's my first time shopping in months-hopefully the weather (and me) will feel a little brighter tomorrow.
Paint splatter (without doll and charms) Making Moves by Irregular Choice

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Eight - Cherry Pie

Had an unexpected visit from my little nephews today and it's a scorcher of a day, so we went out. The farm we went to last time, was so busy, so we popped to the park instead. I wore a new candy striped summer dress and my lovely cherry shoes. Both new on and the dress ended up covered in mud and the shoes kept sinking in the grass! I have Shudoo to thank for my lovely new jellies, as I mentioned yesterday they very kindly donated a pair to my challenge-how fab is that?
Pearly Lady Dragon Cherries Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa

Monday, 19 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Seven - Happy 1st Birthday

I'm so proud today, because I've reached one year of The Shoe Girl Diaries! Yep on the 19th July 2009, I was perhaps suffering from some sort of madness when I decided that I would wear every single shoe in my collection without repetition, until I ran out! Below are the first pair of shoes to start the blog. There were various technical (or other) difficulties along the way, so I haven't managed to fit in 365 pairs in the year-not that I own that amount anyway!
I actually had no idea how many pairs I did own and I am astonished to be almost close to 300 (gone is my mantra of 'I own less than 200 more than 100'!). Although in my defence, I have drastically reduced my collection over the course of the blog, so don't actually own that amount anymore. I only have a few more 'unworn' pairs left to show you now (sob!), but I'm hoping to keep the blog going after I complete the challenge. Knowing me, there will always be new shoes and I still have a couple of boxes of older styles that I need to get out of storage to show you. I might change the 'rules' a little, because it is really restrictive to only wear a pair of shoes once in a year. I must admit that I am really looking forward to having a wide variety of shoes to wear again, as the past couple of months have been quite difficult with fewer choices each day. Looking back my blog archives, I've actually forgotten some of the shoes I own, because I haven't seen them in so long! Anyway, as always, thank you for your continued support. Your comments are what keep me going! I hope I've added a little bit of fun to your day, every day and I think my photography skills have perhaps improved over the year! You can read a little interview with me on the Shunews blog today as Shudoo very kindly donated a pair of their wonderful shoes to my challenge-you will see them this week!
Pink, grey, tan and white 'Primavera' platforms Asos

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

You may notice a new image to the right of the screen. Cosmopolitan have launched their first ever Blog Awards. There are several categories to vote in, The Shoe Girl Diaries can be nominated in 'Fashion & Style'. I am positive I have no chance of even being shortlisted never mind winning, but it would be fabulous if any of you could take the time to vote. Pink Haired Princess can also be nominated in 'Beauty' or 'Fashion & Style'. Just click the logo (to the right) to be taken straight to the site.
Come August, Cosmo will shortlist five blogs in each category which will make it through to the final round of voting. All you need is my blog url ( or (the and a brief comment. Merci!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Six - Splat Attack

You've seen these shoes before; this is them with all the charms attached but minus the dolly dangler. I'm not sure if Irregular Choice actually tried to walk in these before the shoes went into production, because as much as I love each and every charm, they are just sooo noisy and swing around so hard! Next time I'll try the dolly alone, she's softer at least!
Paint splatter (no doll, just charms) Making Moves Irregular Choice

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Five - Bright Lights

My Mum and sis are away to watch the golf today. The weather conditions have made it pretty exciting, with Tiger and co. playing until 10pm last night after a short halt in the afternoon due to high winds. They eventually decided to pack it in when it started getting dark. The game was really slow yesterday because the ball kept rolling away and even today it's sunny but still gusty. I don't think I've ever watched so much sport on TV as I have the past few days! I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about don't I? Haha, fooled you! Either that or you've fallen asleep with boredom. So onto the shoes, you may remember them from a little while back when I wore them without their ankle strap. They are actually darker pink in real life, but it was so bright outside that they look lighter. These shoes are from the SS08 runway and I've always fancied making the little frilly ankle cuffs like the models wore.
Pink satin court shoe with gold ankle ties Miu Miu

Friday, 16 July 2010

Day Two Hunded & Seventy Four - A Gutsy Move

I just walked uphill for 2 hours in the gym on the treadmill. No, not really! I actually took a 5 minute walk in these sandals which have an unbelievable effect on the back of your calves and I'm pretty sure it's the equivalent of that work-out! I'll be sore in the morning! Your foot is vertical and you are forced into walking heel then foot-I was worried the skinny heel would snap! They are absolutely stunning shoes though-I love every single part of the design. However even to a seasoned high-heel wearer like myself, I admit that they take a lot of courage and are best saved for shorter journeys.
Cream studded sandals with bow and leopard heel River Island Design Forum by Sophia Grace

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Three - Razzle Dazzle

I love these shoes! Such a shame I had to wear them yesterday when I didn't even leave the house. I spent the day babysitting my 2 nephews, one has chicken-pox! The poor little thing looked worse as the day progressed. Anyway, do you notice the heel on these? It is flat (in line with the shoe front to back rather than right to left) and inserted into the shoe so that it juts out-pretty cool! They look completely different when shown from a front view with all the strapping too.
Pink metallic, platform sandals Topshop Unique

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy Two - And Then Came The Rain

Oh dear, it's the first day of the golf and it's been torrential rain, non-stop! Oopsy! What did I say about projecting a positive image of the town? I did get a laugh at the poor sports correspondent on the BBC news today, wrestling with his giant umbrella. The golf course is situated right next to the beach and it's so open, that's it's usually pretty windy at the best of times. Needless to say I'm not leaving the house, so I popped on my old faithfuls. I hope it clears up tomorrow because the only shoes I have left are pretty summery and special, so I don't want to 'waste' a pair when I'm not even leaving the house!
Black patent shoes with black ruffle Matalan

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy One - Whatever Your Fantasy

I feel like I'm missing out on something, because the town is apparently buzzing with tourists, reporters, golfers, celebs even, for the Open Golf Championship. The shop displays are extra pretty and there are wonderful pots of flowers and displays throughout the streets. Although I think it would all probably be a little too busy for me; people pushing or worse, dawdling! I can't stand that at the best of times. Well if I can't see it for myself, I can have my own little floral display on my feet-note the super quirky perspex panel on the side and an IC fave-the coloured, carved, see through heel.
Fantasy Flower by Irregular Choice (and my wonderful House of Holland tights again)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Seventy - Check It Out, Ted

Hello chickadees, how are you so far this week? It's turned into a beautiful day today, which is good as the town is busy, busy with tourists and Tiger Woods and the like for the Open Championship. I always think it reflects well on us, if the town looks sunny on TV! Just a shame it isn't like that all summer though! Anyway, I'll be hiding in my house this week (no change there then), no shopping trips planned (unfortunately) because it'll be mayhem on the roads. Wearing my gorgeous teddy courts and don't you just love that contrast striped heel?
Blue striped, teddy 'Love Games' Irregular Choice

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Nine - All That Glitters

A bit of a difficult pose for me today-wearing my new maxi dress. Usually I end up kind of bent over and twisted to take the best image of my feet, but when I lean in this, the dress gets even longer and covers my pretty shoes! So I had to hoik it up a little, therefore ruining it's shape-however this is a shoe blog and it's the footwear that matters! These are my first pair of see-through Lady Dragons and they have a lovely sparkle to them.
Lilac 'Lady Dragon' jelly shoes with green globe Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Eight - Lace Love Games

Wearing another fabby pair of House of Holland tights, which you can buy from Tights Please or My Tights if you're wondering (as well as Debenhams, River Island and John Lewis on the high street). I've been a massive fan of the collaboration with Pretty Polly since it started-remember my colour block tights in pink and black? I'm thinking of buying the house print ones I wore yesterday in black too because I really love them. It's pretty nasty here today weather wise, so I didn't venture out in these beautiful metallic heels.
Metallic 'Love Games' courts Irregular Choice

Friday, 9 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Seven - House Of...

Sorry it's a bit late-seem to be running on slow mo' today. Wearing my lovely new House of Holland tights, with little houses all over them-gorgeous!
Black patent strappy shoes (worn without ruffle) Matalan

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Six - Love Me Tender

Hi gang! I'm very excited with my River Island order that just arrived-surprisingly I managed to avoid buying shoes and instead opted for a bag, some tights and jewellery. It's been a lovely day today, but I've been waiting for this parcel to be delivered so couldn't leave the house! Had it been raining I'm sure it would've arrived first thing! Cutesy shoes today anyway, love the curvy heart shape.
Star print 'Love Me Tender' peep toes with heart Office

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Five - Toying With It

Really special shoes today, how cute are these? They are a little bit annoying though because the ankle strap to which the robot is attached, fastens with velcro and when you walk, it has a habit of coming unstuck. Well, only on one foot for some reason! I ended up bent over in the street trying with one hand to refasten. It was so loose that as I was walking again the robot started to rotate around my ankle, haha! Other than the fact that they would benefit from a real buckle fastening, I love them. FYI, I bought a bigger size because the cortesan style usually runs small.
Blue cortesan robot print heels with robot toy ankle strap Irregular Choice

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Four - Without You

I'm blaming the miserable weather this week on the fact that my sister is off work. She never benefits from nice weather when she's on holiday, shame! You may remember these shoes from Day 224, this time worn without the gold bow (which is actually a detachable brooch).
Leopard sequin Winehouse platforms (worn without bow) Shoemissy

Monday, 5 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Three - Last Time

My final combo with this raspberry shade. This time the ruffle is worn with black shoes, the colours remind me of poppies, like giant poppy feet! I'm trying to capture these shoes from different angles so you don't get too bored of them.
Black patent shoes worn with raspberry ruffle, both Matalan

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Two - Be Blunt

A changeable day today-I had wanted to get out for a bit, but we keep getting really heavy showers on and off. It's given me a chance to get on with things around the house though and keep busy. Now did I manage to snag these beautiful boots for £22 the other week? Indeed I did and the same pair are selling for £150 on Amazon! Bargainista! I just happened to be lucky and was sifting through the ASOS outlet section and spotted an extremely massive bargain and purchased them immediately. Luckily I did, because the boots quickly sold out in all sizes. I was going to buy the Tremour ankle boot too (it was in stock in my size in 2 colours), but for once I decided one purchase was more than enough or I could buy them later. They sold out too, but I'm not too bothered. I'll post more pics of these beauties on Pink Haired Princess later today.
Indigo Blunt ankle boot with carved heel Feud London

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty One - So Hard

I just had to double check that I hadn't already worn this combination-but I haven't! It's been a bit of a trying week-I've had loads going on and had some really devastating family news last night which is hard to come to terms with. It's moments like these that you just want a big hug from your family. My parents are away on holiday and I just want to see them and have a big heart to heart. Other than that I just haven't had a minute to do anything this week, so I took the time for a nice long shower this morning and actually put on makeup and managed to go for a short walk. It was really great to get out! Hope you're having a good weekend and enjoying the sunshine.
Patent raspberry ruffle shoes Matalan

Friday, 2 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty - Busy & Noisy

Busy, busy, busy today and it's so lovely outside, but I'm waiting for some deliveries (well I'm hoping they arrive today), so I can't enjoy the sunshine, boo. I do have time to show you my lovely new sale shoes though. Perhaps the most insane pair I own, I reckon! They don't look too crazy (well actually they do), but there is some amount of charms going on there! One of which is a rather large perspex glitter heart (pretty thick) with a horse inside and when you walk, you've got crazy charms dancing and dotting around everywhere and the noise is incredible. I think I'll have to take some off or maybe just keep the Kewpie doll on, at least she's soft and quiet! I ordered a size bigger and they are probably a little longer in length than I needed, but I think a size smaller would have been too tight in the cuff and they are quite tight across the foot anyway. Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend. The school kids here are off for their summer holidays now, so I'm guessing it'll be pretty busy! Paint splatter Making Moves with charms Irregular Choice
*update: I've just noticed we are on Day 260 and 60 of those pairs have been Irregular Choice (I've never had any idea how many IC pairs I owned, so that's good to know)! It was obviously fate that I wore these today! Still more to come!*

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Fifty Nine - All Over Again

I seem to be taking crappy shot after shot lately. I need to brush up on my (lack of) photography skills. Anyway out of the dozen or so images I took, this was probably the clearest one albeit not from the best angle. Retaking the photos certainly isn't an option though because I can't stress enough how tired I am of un-threading and re-threading these ruffles onto different coloured shoes! Seemed like a good idea at the time eh...
Raspberry patent shoes worn with black ruffle, both Matalan