Friday, 16 October 2009

Day Fifty Nine - Princess For A Day

I absolutely adore the shoes today. Totally, unashamedly girly with huge bows, pastel shades, a floral print and gravity defying heel, what more could I ask for? Eagle eyed readers will spot that these shoes were the first ever 'Shoe Of The Week (SOTW)' on my Pink Haired Princess blog. Gorgeous!
Pale blue 'Prom Princess' shoes by Irregular Choice


  1. I love the fact that these are so crazily comfy - i recently wore this pair around Liverpool shopping for a whole day, and they were fine, all day! Did you get people asking about whether the heels made them weird to walk in? :)

  2. Yes! Everyone wonders how I can walk in them! They just feel normal on though don't they?


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