Sunday, 27 December 2009

Day Ninety - Thigh's The Limit

I've barely left the house for the past month, which leaves me in a dilemma with this blog. Technically I'm not wearing any shoes, so it defeats the purpose of the challenge. I could take a break for a month or so until the weather (and myself) get slightly better or I could just continue taking images, even when I'm not really wearing those shoes that day. I think I've decided on the latter because I enjoy this blog so much, I don't want it to dwindle away to nothing. So with that in mind and seeing as I'm sitting doing nothing today, I thought I'd show you these thigh high boots. I just bought them in the sale, but think I will return them. They are quite big around the leg and keep falling down. I didn't expect them to go so far up my thigh either, I can't even fit it all in the picture! I'm going to review these and another pair I bought on Pink Haired Princess if you're interested.
Black thigh high, platform boots by Miss Selfridge

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