Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Day 1253 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Looney Tunes Saturday Morning
Shoes: Saturday Morning | Irregular Choice (Looney Tunes) 

I have another high heel for you this week, after my Vivienne Westwood tartan shoes last time. Irregular Choice just launched their Looney Tunes collection and loving this new character heel, I ordered a couple of pairs intending to keep just one (it came in this ankle boot or two colourways of a court shoe). The pair I have today are definitely my favourite of the two, so let's start with them. This style is exclusive to IC, so only available online from their website and from their Brighton store (the only one left in the UK currently). Firstly, I adore their name, "Saturday Morning", it brings back memories of watching cartoons when I was little with my sisters.  When I was 12 I started a paper round, so TV had to wait until I got home (I recall rushing home for The Legend Of Prince Valiant). Even as a kid though, I have to admit I got really frustrated with the continual chase and animosity between duos such as Tweety and Sylvester and Tom & Jerry, it tired me out!

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Day 1252 - Shoesday Tuesday

Vivienne Westwood Vargas Elevated
Shoes: Vargas elevated | Vivienne Westwood 

If I threw you a curveball last week with the (almost) flat Irregular Choice Booyah, then you'll feel much more at home with these high heels and big platforms.  When I got these shoes last month, they immediately went onto my favourites list, I absolutely love them.  They'd been on my radar, but I hadn't been keeping a close eye on them until the sales started.  Luckily for me, the place that had them the cheapest and still in my size, made further reductions just days later, so there was no hesitation, I bought them right away.  They were the last pair and have since gone in most sizes elsewhere, so I was very lucky.  I actually own these on Stardoll and wear them a lot there, which was what made me look them up again.  It always makes me weirdly satisfied when my virtual me and the real me own the same clothes! 

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Day 1251 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Booyah
Shoes: Booyah | Irregular Choice 

I finally made it into the shoe room, emptied the overspill and photographed a few recent new pairs for you, so there's lots to look forward to in the coming weeks.  I thought I'd choose something very different (for me) today, after something a little more regular, Odette swan heels, last week.  These sandals/trainers/platforms/flatforms? launched last Spring/Summer and I liked them right away, even although they are far from my usual style.  I'm a sucker for fur, it must be that! 

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Day 1250 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Odette
Shoes: Odette | Irregular Choice 

Another scorcher today, I've been struggling since I woke this morning, it's just so muggy.  The current weather warning ends here at midnight, so I'm hoping for a better sleep, but won't bet on it.  Once more I'm having to rely on old photos for this post and have just realised I didn't have any of the back view (I took these photos back in 2019 for the shoe challenge on Instagram, so wasn't intending them to be used for my fit reviews here) and I wanted to familiarise myself with the sizing, but although I know where the shoes are, I can't reach them.  In this heat, I'm refusing to exert myself, so I won't be moving boxes around the shoe room.  I'll update this post once I reach them, if anything changes, but I think I remember the sizing.  Last week, I posted the very old Shimmy Pom Pom if you missed that. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Day 1249 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Shimmy Pom Pom
Shoes: Shimmy Pom Pom | Irregular Choice 

Another unusual wedge shaped heel for you this week after Dotty Love last time, although I didn't think I'd be able to post at all. I actually have a couple of new pairs of shoes to show you, however this heat is killing me, it's unbearable. There's absolutely no way I was attempting to empty the shoe room overspill, then shut myself in and wear tights/pose for photos in said incubator. I expected to do my usual and find some old photos on my laptop, but it's even been too hot for that. I'm sleeping more (probably because the heat makes it too difficult to sleep at night) and any attempt to sit with a hot laptop near me has failed quickly the past few days, I just can't concentrate or focus.  I honestly don't know how people manage to go about their lives and work in this.  It's been somewhat cooler at times today (i.e. enough for me not to have the fan on full-blast), so I did manage to scavenge some old photos of a much older style, dating back to 2007, but as I'm typing it's boiling again and it's early evening!