Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 988 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Cream 'Mouse Trap' Irregular Choice 

Happy Tuesday! How are you all? I'm feeling thankful that my iron infusions are (hopefully) over and that I didn't feel icky yesterday at my final one. It seems I'm getting the hang of the cannula at the last gasp! I'll get a blood test in a couple of weeks and we'll see where I'm at and if it's been helpful (certainly haven't noticed a change for the better yet). The nurses (and patients) are a little disappointed they aren't going to see my fancy shoes anymore. I hadn't thought I'd been wearing particularly brilliant ones (quite literally been grabbing the first (and comfiest) shoes I can find and throwing on a dress), so I think had I worn these statement heels, they'd have been hyperventilating! I still haven't got round to a full blog post on these little kitties (I took the photos months ago with the best intentions), but you can see the details here. They have fine knit uppers and the strap fastens with Velcro (I can't quite get it fully across, although my feet were feeling particularly swollen this day). On the front straps are two little mice and then the adorable cat heel, complete with real ribbon around it's neck. I love the vintagey feel of the cat, it's very Paul & Joe looking isn't it?  There's contrasting bow print fabric for the platform and I was pleasantly surprised with the neon flashes of colour throughout the uppers when I saw them for the first time in real life.  What do you think?  

Fit: A little tight at first, but no need to go up a size.  Velcro strap.  4 3/4" heel and 3/4" platform.
Comfort:  Don't foresee any problems with these.   

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Sam Edelman Erin

A little later than usual with my luxe edition of The Shoe Girl Styles It. I don't often pick the outfit first, but when I saw this dress, I knew I wanted to style it here. It's got a gorgeous bold, floral print and I wanted a contrast to that, so chose black accessories. I wanted it to look a little fierce, but decadent too. The necklace especially pulls the two themes together very well. The strappy shoes are Sam Edelman 'Erin' £89 (sale) and were exactly what I was looking for as I didn't want simple peep toes or courts. Do you like this look?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: Sam Edelman Erin
Worn with: Maxmara 'Rino' floral dress £205, Ziba 'Tia' statement necklace £47.50 (sale), Lulu Guinness studded lip clutch £475, Dior Diorshow Art Pen £24.50 and Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick £25.

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: VW Melissa Lady Dragon Bow (Purple)

Ok, so I couldn't quite fit the full name of these shoes in the title of the post, but you'll probably know, they are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa 'Lady Dragon' slingbacks £67 (sale). They look bronze, but are actually usually referred to as purple or 'aurora' because they change in the light and reflect off colours around them. This style come with a flat gold metallic bow (as opposed to the looped one we've seen in previous seasons). I haven't got myself a pair yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I'm pretty torn because all the colours they come in are so lovely! I've styled them with this cute unicorn tee and a little pencil skirt and I'm completely in love with that bag. There's loads of other colours and styles, but that one is my favourite, it's firmly on my wishlist now! I would definitely wear this entire look, do you like it?The Shoe Girl Styles It: VW Melissa Lady Dragon
Worn with: Goodie Two Sleeves 'Stabulous' unicorn t-shirt £16.99 (sale), M&Co crepe pencil skirt £10 (sale), Therapy 'Hana' bag £45, Oasis cat eye sunglasses £14, Lancome Baume In Love £20, Clinique Cheek Pop £16.50 and Nails Inc Garden Party in Princes Gardens £12.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: VW Melissa Slave (Red)

Hola, another lovely day here today (a bit too hot for me actually) and so I was inspired by these jelly shoes for this simple, summery look. The shoes are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa 'Slave' sandals £60 (massive 70% off right now) and also come in black, bronze or powder blue along with a glow in the dark version (they would be my faves)! They look even better on the foot than a still life image, I saw this photo posted on the Daniel Footwear Facebook page and was positively drooling. Did any of you catch the Commonwealth Opening Ceremony last night? I have to admit to being a bit of a traitor and watching Chicago P.D. for an hour instead...judging from my FB feed this morning, it appears I avoided the cringey bits! Though quite what anyone has against dancing Tunnocks teacakes, I don't know. Yum! Plus I thought the slated Scottish team outfits actually looked brilliant on the night. Anyway does this look get the thumbs up?
The Shoe Girl Styles It: VW Melissa Slave (Red)
Worn with: M&Co bow print tea dress £30 (sale, online exclusive), Oasis chiffon bow hat £20, Dickens & Jones canvas tote £25 (sale), Clarins Sun Care Milk Lotion Spray UVB50+ £19 and MAC bulk wipes £16.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Daniel Sultry

Between the hospital and my nephews being here (3 days out of 5) during the holidays, my blogging schedule has been forced to take a backseat. This post was originally scheduled for the beginning of last week and got pushed back several times. In that time, the lovely little bag I styled sold out and since then I've changed it several times but never quite liked the substitute as much as the original. By sheer fluke today, they got one back in stock, so I'm pressing 'publish' before it sells out again (even if it's not the post I had scheduled for today)! I've lusted after the Verity bags for some time and the pink is one of my favourites, have you seen the gorgeous lipstick charm dangling at the side? I just adore it! Anyway the sandals (come in black too) are Sultry by Daniel and currently reduced to £59. Apparently this makeup brush (it's limited edition for summer) is sooo soft, certainly the strange shape and colours are really intriguing me. I don't think I need it, given I'm not much of a bronzer girl (I got a "why are you so white?" from my tanned nephew yesterday), so I'm trying to think up non-bronzer related uses for it. I really shouldn't encourage myself! The dress, I could probably style a million ways, it just looks so versatile.  Do we like this look?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Daniel Sultry
Worn with: M&Co spotty dipped hem dress £24 (sale), Warehouse oversized sunglasses £16, Lulu Guinness 'Verity' pink patent bag £147.50 (sale), Kabuki bronzing brush £30, Star bronzer palette £35, both Golden Riviera collection and Juicy Tubes £16.50 all Lancome.

Day 987 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes:  Liquorice Incense Ice-Cream Heel Karl Lagerfeld & Melissa

I hadn't realised how wiped out I'd feel with these hospital appointments (iron infusions), so posts have been a little thin lately.  I feel like my motivation is back this week, though I'm still tired (got up at 11.15am today, so that should help).  Anyway, you are here for shoes and these are my newest addition.  You'll perhaps have already seen them in this post on Pink Haired Princess.  As far as I'm aware that free flip-flops offer is still valid and the sale is definitely still on these gorgeous ice-cream heels if you fancy some for yourself.  I can't think of anything else I didn't mention in my original post, so I won't repeat myself.  These are my first Karl Lagerfeld/Melissa shoes, but I already have Jean Paul Gaultier strappy sandals and of course, a trillion pairs of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania!  I read a review somewhere that said "no self respecting woman should wear jelly shoes" and that these ice-cream heels "make a ridiculous fashion statement and are not for the well dressed woman with class", so apparently the Melissa collaborations aren't to everyones taste!  Personally, they are firmly on the right side of kitsch and fun for me, so I love them.  What do you think?

Fit:  4" heel and small concealed platform (3/4").  Quite a low cut vamp.  Snug fit, but the soft shoe moulds and expands with your foot, so I stuck with my usual size.  
Comfort:  As the shoe is so soft, it doesn't feel like it could ever hurt or rub.  

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 986 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Blue 'Gingham' Bow Courts Topshop 

I left the house yesterday, for an early hospital appointment, so for once got to actually wear the shoes in my Shoesday Tuesday (albeit without any walking).  I was getting the first of my three iron infusions. I was really calm about it, despite the nurse struggling to find a visible vein (a recurring problem this year). I ended up having to get the cannula in my right arm (which I didn't really want-a blogger needs her 'mouse hand' afterall) and although it was uncomfortable and not very pleasant going in (I won't even mention the amount of blood pouring out my arm to the squeamish!), I felt fine. Then I took a wee turn! My vision started going and Mum and the nurse were talking and their voices started to fade. I said I felt light-headed, then I felt this overwhelming wave and knew I was going to be sick. If there's something I dislike more than needles it's vomit, so that just wasn't going to happen. Mum said I actually turned grey, my freckles and lips included! Long story short it eventually passed and getting the actual iron was no problem. Suffice to say I'm not looking forward to it next week and the week after now!  I was shattered afterwards too (still am today), but I think that's just from being outside, because I've been unable to leave the house for weeks and months at a time.  Anyway, even cute gingham bows could do little to make me feel better.  I'd had my eye on these and eventually got them in the sale straight after the Topshop website recovered from a glitch and thankfully so, because they disappeared shortly after.  They also came in black, but I kinda liked the reverse Dorothy-ness of the blue!  Do you like them?

Fit: 4" heel, true to size.
Comfort: Don't foresee any issues with these.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Daniel Mustio Metallic

Hello peeps! It's so hot here, I'm typing with a fan blowing full-blast in my face. I'm too young for hot flushes, right? Today for our luxe edition, I chose these Mustio metallic courts from Daniel Footwear £111 (sale). They've got a 4" heel and their iridescent finish means they'll change colour in the light and reflect whichever shade you happen to be wearing. The ditsy floral dress also comes in a full skirted style or a top or pencil skirt. No wonder, it's such a lovely print. I would pile on these 'stacking' rings (actually I'd probably put all four on one finger, so would maybe wear even more than that) and this little pink bag just finishes it off nicely. What do you think?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Daniel Mustio Metallic
Worn with: L.K. Bennett Rosa ditsy floral dress £265, Red Valentino pink Minaudiere bag £195 (sale), selection of Bouton stacker rings £65 each and Amore Argento lavender ring £195.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Chocolate Schubar Rip

Look, flats! I have actually styled flat sandals, whooooop! I'll admit I changed my mind on the shoes about half a dozen times but then these appeared and seemed so right. Yes, it's another flamingo outfit, but with flamingo-pink shoes, it was obvious. The shoes are Rip by Chocolate Schubar (nope, me neither) and reduced to £27.30. This dress is another sale gem (down to £35) and I just love the colours in it and of course that photographic print of the flamingos. Unfortunately it appears to have sold out since I prepared this post, so get thee to Coast to find it. Do you like this too?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Chocolate Schubar Rip
Worn with: Coast flamingo print dress £35 (sale), Guess satchel £95.20 and blue sunglasses New Look £4.99.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Paul & Betty Pretty Lips

These Paul & Betty Pretty Lips sandals are so darn cute! I love a lip print and this glossy, puffy version is adorable on these nude patent sandals. As you can see the top strap has a buckle, the bottom two don't have anything and the second one is elasticated. I'm sure I'd still struggle getting my heel past that bit-I'm wondering if a centre back zip would've made more sense, although I always seem to have to size up on those too (had to send back a gorgeous pair of CJG shoes to Topshop for a similar issue), plus they have a tendency to rub. Anyway, I haven't tried them, so may be making problems where there aren't any. It's perhaps super stretchy.  They have a 4 1/2" heel and are a bit pricier than I'd usually include on my weekly TSGSI, but they have 40% off at the moment (down to £143.40).  I actually really like this look, do you?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Paul & Betty Pretty Lips
Worn with: Dorothy Perkins yellow floral jumpsuit £30, cut-out straw hat £20 and red Alex aviator sunglasses £16 Topshop and Joyce In The Hamptons bag Barbara Rihl £282.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 985 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Nude Mal E Bow Irregular Choice 

A little later with Shoesday Tuesday this week. What do you think of these beauties? I've wanted these lace courts for ages, so I treated myself just before my birthday. I'd say they are true to size, although on one foot my toes rub a little. They feel a little rigid in the toe area to start, but I think they'll soften up and stretch a bit. It's certainly not troublesome enough to warrant going up a full size. I'm convinced my feet have grown a little over the past few months or perhaps it's just with the hotter weather. Either way, it's worrying (although my 'size 5' friends would rejoice). Anyway, hope you're enjoying the sun-we had horrendous downpours and thunder this morning, which I found rather exciting! See you tomorrow for another 'TSGSI' post.

Fit: True to size, 4" heel.
Comfort: Like I said above, a little rigid to begin with, rubbing the top of the toes.  

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Mellow Yellow Myshooz

Hi peeps! How are you this week? Today brings a sale bargain, these Mellow Yellow 'Myshooz' wedges have 60% off, coming in at £47.60. They also come in brown and have a rather gigantic 6 1/4" heel. I've teamed them with a pretty simple look, I didn't really want to overshadow the pattern of the shoes. What do you think of this outfit, like it?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Mellow Yellow Myshooz
Worn with: FeverFish navy polka dot dress £40 from Debenhams or Dorothy Perkins, ASOS red cat eye sunglasses £12, What About Paris bag Barbara Rihl £306. I'll see you tomorrow for Shoesday Tuesday : )

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Terry de Havilland Coco

Hola! A fabulous but somewhat freaky pair of shoes today. Coco by Terry de Havilland £225 (sale) (for an extra 10% off with the purchase of two or more sale items, enter MORESHOES), featuring a 5 3/4" heel and small platform. Now I realise they might scare some people. I'm not exactly fond of clowns but I'm not phobic either. I can understand how they could frighten people though, they can a little sinister. Did you ever see that episode of CSI: NY with the clowns? Eugh! Anyway I sort of love the weirdness of these shoes and the bold stripes are pretty cool. I'd wear this shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, the top couple of buttons undone and probably the collar up. I suppose the necklace could be worn over the shirt or underneath (I'd probably favour the latter) and the shirt would be tucked into the skirt. Or you could do that "I'm so cool" one flap in, one flap out thing! I can't decide if I'd wear both bracelets on the same wrist or not. Either would work. The colourful jewellery really amps up the fun factor of the shoes I think.  Question is, will Coco the clown give you nightmares, even on your feet?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Terry de Havilland Coco
Worn with: Current/Elliott 'The Prep School Shirt' £81, Tory Burch 'Donovan' pencil skirt £172 and Marc Jacobs 'Isobel' stripe clutch £412 all The Outnet, Apolonia necklace £614, 'Baraka Rainbow' braided bracelet (right) £139 and 'Tyson' cuff (left) £375 all Shourouk at FarFetch.  Like this look?  Let me know.  You can also share this post using the social media buttons below.

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Studio TMLS Louanne (Brown)

These Studio TMLS 'Louanne' peep toes are apparently 'milkshake' colour with a 4" heel. Chocolate rather than strawberry, I'm guessing! They come in a variety of finishes and colours with this particular one down to £63 (30% off). I've been trying to find a look worthy of skirt for a couple of weeks now. It's gorgeous and got so many fabulous colours in it. There's a matching top for it, but I wanted something a little different, so instead opted for this t-shirt and the bag was just made for those shoes. I seem to be picking from this brand a lot, because they come in loads of sizes and fit with almost any outfit. Do you like this look?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Studio TMLS Louanne
Worn with: Rio pug selfie t-shirt New Look £7.99, 3D flower sunglasses £18 and limited edition taffeta picnic skirt Topshop £95 and Parfois bag £27.99.
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