Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Day 1135 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice glitter fairy boots
Shoes: Irregular Choice turquoise Angelica Pearson

Hello! I suspected you might want to see the boots from the fairy toadstool launch first, as the style is a little different. Help me out on this Instagram post though with which tights you'd like to see next week for the shoes. I'm really going back and forth between the two and can't make a decision on which I like best. Thank you to everyone who voted so far, I didn't expect so many comments. If you haven't guessed, I am keeping both the shoes and boots. I decided this pretty early on and thanks to my family for not letting me starve whilst I pay them back!
So, I already briefly spoke about the fit in this post. The boots are very generous, all over. I really think I might've managed to fit a size down (a 4 when I'm usually a 5-6). If you are between sizes, definitely go for the smaller one. There's no fastenings on these, they are just slip on and I have previous negative experience with IC boots like this, so, I wasn't expecting them to be big. They remind me of the All Mad Here boots from Alice actually, they were just generally big all over too. The leg isn't too bad, but the foot is (width, length and all around). That said, I've been wearing them around the house a couple of times and they aren't hindering me walking, but had there been any left, I definitely would've liked to try the 4. They sold out very quickly on the day and there was random sizing available as not all of the stock arrived on time, so I can't even recall if these had a 4. I know they didn't have the 6 and the pink pair which I debated getting did have the 6 and not the 5.  At that point a 4 wasn't even in my thoughts though. I've included a photo below (second last) which shows that these aren't tight around the top, as it wasn't apparent in the other photos. They are similarly shaped to cowboy boots with the curved top and sit mid-calf.  The mesh uppers are strong enough to stand up on their own without slouching, but don't feel stiff.  You can see what's being worn underneath (you might see some of the rhinestones on my leggings), so if you're wanting to wear socks and don't want them seen, it's only the foot part that is covered  There's no 'real' flowers on the inner side of the boots (3rd photo from bottom), just embroidered, so there's no worry about them catching when walking.  Getting them on and off isn't too troublesome.  I do find they have quite a steep instep, so I think they're only suitable for those accustomed to wearing higher heels.  I think I've covered everything there, let me know if you have any other questions.     

Wearing:  Crystal leggings Topshop (old). 
Fit:  4 3/4" heel and 3/4-1" concealed platform.  Slip on.  Generous all over in the foot (length and width).  Leg has no stretch at the top and sits mid calf.  Definitely size down if between sizes and you might even manage to go another size down.   
Comfort:  I haven't noticed any rubbing anywhere yet.  As I said above, these are on the higher end of the character heels, so suitable for those used to wearing heels.   
front view of turquoise glitter boots with flower adorned mesh uppersleg tilted in aqua cowboy style sparkly bootsback view of mesh boots with fairy toadstool heelsflower mesh glitter boots being worn with toadstool and fairy heelsbent leg and straight leg wearing fairy toadstool heeled boots
crossed legs showing floral mesh boot inside legglitter boots being worn from above showing top of boot against legclose up of fairy toadstool heel on boot


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL but definitely not for me because they’re too high. I tried some of the other higher character heels and can’t walk on them, so I’m not even going to try these. Too bad because they’re so lovely!

    1. Yes, these are up there with the unicorns, white rabbit, deer etc. Although most of those took on a semi-wedge like shape whereas these are definite separate heels, which might make that even harder for some people. Such a pity for you as they are stunning boots.


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