Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Day 1131 - Shoesday Tuesday

side angle of legs in black fishnets with cow print ankle boots and Woody Toy Story heel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Disney Toy Story 'You Are A Toy!*  

Hello gang! It's been a long time since I've been able to post here. I've been sitting on these photos for a looong time!  Since May actually and I was editing them on the train during my London trip, hoping nobody was sneaking a look over my shoulder and seeing them before they should!  Without fail though, every Tuesday, I've had a migraine and/or spent the entire day sleeping. It's been rather freaky how regular it's been, so Shoesday was never getting a look in! This week though, I'm going for it, so here's my first pair of Toy Story boots. 
I got more accessories than footwear in this collection. Well, actually I'm just totting it up in my head, because I had an unexpected bargain TS pair the other week, so it's maybe equal on the shoe/bag front now. I photographed these boots before I bought the TS tights (Ride Like A Comet), but I think they'll look awesome together. The Woody boot is the obvious match with the same pink cactus print, but the materials in these boots are designed to clash in my opinion, so any of the tights look amazing with them. Ok, so fit. They look tiny. I never thought they'd fit and was regretting getting a 5 (my usual size) before I'd even tried them on. They are super flexible though and although there's no wiggle room once on, they do fit and I suspect the fabric will stretch a little with wear too. I was pleasantly surprised and majorly relieved that this was the case! If you prefer to have some room, wear with socks or are between sizes, you'll likely need to size up.  I've been more of a straight 5 than a 5.5 for a couple of years now. 

On launch night I saw several people try these on and everyone looked like they had tiny feet in them. Mum was convinced one girl was a 3, when actually she had on the 5. I'm not sure that comes across in my photos, but when you see them in real life, there's barely any toe to the boot, your leg just goes straight down. Like I said they are really flexible and that meant for once, the tops didn't rub my legs. Halle-freakin-lujah!  Every IC ankle boot I've had lately, rubs the outer side of my leg, above my ankle. No such issues here. As there's a little give in the material, I can adjust them across my foot when zipping up (full length inside zip), had they been stiffer, I might've struggled to zip them up. I mentioned in my main review that there's no heel issues with bits sticking out or clinking together when walking, though I've only tried them on and taken a few steps so far. Woody measures roughly 5cm across the widest point, whereas Buzz is 8cm, but I didn't notice them hitting each other like R2D2 or the dinosaurs for example. They are really lovely and I think, quite different to my other Disney styles.

I managed to find room for them on my character heel shelves (they fitted!), but I put my other TS pair on the Disney shelves as I had one space remaining there. Then forgot I'd bought that third pair which I have no room for!  I do the shoe room shuffle right now, which is basically take one off, put them on the floor, put new pair on shelf, then marvel at how I 'made' room!! My sister keeps saying the time has come to ditch the other brands and let IC take over the entire room...they have been doing a great job of that already! I'll pop a picture up on my Instagram later of these boots on the shelf to show you. I've been neglectful of my social media too lately, it's just so hard to stay on top of everything.  Plus the heat is slowly killing me, I'm not good when it's stuffy and there's no air.  However, phew, post written and published, go me!

Wearing: Jewelled fishnet tights New Look.  
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 3/4" concealed platform. Full length inside zip. Snug fitting, see above. I stuck with my usual size, but there's no wiggle room.
Comfort: As there's little to no room to move, I'd imagine if I were on my feet all day in these, they would get uncomfortable.  legs facing forward wearing jewelled fishnet tights and cow print and holographic ankle bootsBack view of feet wearing Toy Story character heeled boots of Buzz Lightyear and WoodyWoody heeled boot in foreground with Buzz heel in background on feetBuzz Lightyear heeled ankle boot in foreground with Woody heel in background on feetleg facing forward and other slightly raised wearing fishnets and Irregular Choice Toy Story bootsside view of purple Buzz Lightyear boot being worn with Woody in backgroundcrossed legs wearing ankle boots showing zip fasteningRaised foot showing Toy Story printed sole on bootclose up of top of Toy Story ankle boots on feetclose up of foot wearing Woody heeled Toy Story ankle bootclose up of foot wearing Buzz Lightyear heeled Toy Story ankle boot


  1. Ahh, they look so cool! I love them and very glad that they fit you even though, YES, they look TITCHY!!!! HOW do you get those tights on without ruining them. I even LOOK at a pair of delicate tights and they are ripped!

    1. I don't know, I must be really gentle with tights or something as I have pairs I've had for years and years that are still good.


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