Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day Two Hundred & Sixty Two - Be Blunt

A changeable day today-I had wanted to get out for a bit, but we keep getting really heavy showers on and off. It's given me a chance to get on with things around the house though and keep busy. Now did I manage to snag these beautiful boots for £22 the other week? Indeed I did and the same pair are selling for £150 on Amazon! Bargainista! I just happened to be lucky and was sifting through the ASOS outlet section and spotted an extremely massive bargain and purchased them immediately. Luckily I did, because the boots quickly sold out in all sizes. I was going to buy the Tremour ankle boot too (it was in stock in my size in 2 colours), but for once I decided one purchase was more than enough or I could buy them later. They sold out too, but I'm not too bothered. I'll post more pics of these beauties on Pink Haired Princess later today.
Indigo Blunt ankle boot with carved heel Feud London


  1. Oh my I love these. I have this thing about boots that don't touch the ankle or legs at the top, I wish my legs were thin enough to wear ankle pixie boots like that..

  2. My ankles must've been having a thin day, that or it's a good angle! No seriously, they do have a really nice angled shaped at the top and it's nice that they've lined the inside that you can see in bright copper.

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  4. Wo0t girl! Those are awesome! And for £22!? WOW! I love concealed platforms as well, just gives it that little extra. Love the heel to! I like a lot of Feud shoes, but don't own any...yet ;) lol


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