Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Chie Mihara Gene

This is my luxe outfit from last week as I'm running a bit behind after all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff. We got snow at the weekend, did I tell you that? It was a bit out of the blue because it's been unusually mild (up until last week). I figured it wouldn't lie because it was raining at the same time and the ground was soaking, but then I blinked and the whole street was white. As we're on the coast we don't usually get it as often or as bad as inland, but it appears this time we did. It was so cold it quickly turned to ice after going slushy, so was rather treacherous yesterday I believe.
Anyway, today the shoes are Chie Mihara 'Gene' £224 (sale). They have brown leather and blue crackled metallic uppers with contrast dalmatian (? speckled anyway) print. I thought they looked perfect with this beautiful Paul & Joe Sister dress, which is totally to my taste in black floral lace with contrasting white cuffs and collar. I added these wonderful Irregular Choice tights...yes, they do tights now! They are a little pricey as they are a limited run and not your standard leg attire, but unfortunately I think my legs and bottom are too big for these anyway! They come in four prints, this pair feature the delightful forest animals from the soles and boxes this season. I finished the look with this ribbon brooch by Prada. I'm undecided on whether or not it needs it actually, I wanted something and a bit of colour in the dress, but I'm not convinced.  It kinda looks like I tried too hard to match and tie it in with the tights, which wasn't my intention at all. What do you think?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Chie Mihara Gene
Worn with: Paul & Joe Sister 'Iphigenie' dress £265, Irregular Choice Forest tights £39.99 and Prada corsage brooch £135.


  1. The ribbon brooch is amazing! I'm not sold on the tights to wear myself but they ARE pretty!

    1. If I knew they'd fit, I would have a hard time deciding which pair to get, they have pastel pegasus ones!


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