Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Day 1052 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Schuh glitter Crazy courts* 

Argh, what a manic week so far! I have sooo many blog posts on the go at once between here and Pink Haired Princess and I'm juggling them all, trying to prioritise which should come first because at the weekend, I have something really exciting which is going to be quite time consuming. I've been quite busy in life too...darn that's just reminded me of the outfit/shoes I was supposed to post today, I knew I'd forget something!! Well yes, I had an appointment with the doctor last week, getting told off for leaving it 6 months since my last visit, but I don't like to bother him and have nothing new to say. It went well, other than adding a new medication to my already thriving list!  I took outfit photos and it was my first time wearing the shoes (I posted photos on my Instagram and Facebook), but alas I forgot about that, until now. The reason being, I was distracted by these glitter beauties which came last week.
With the bridge closure and Storm Desmond, Scotland (and the East coast especially) has been a bit crazy this past week, but Friday was like Christmas, with a whole heap of deliveries turning up at once (all from different couriers!) including these shoes, my first Christmas present! I was really touched to open the bag and see a beautifully wrapped parcel inside and the shoes far exceeded my expectations, they are really beautiful. They are what I'd describe as 'midnight' coloured with larger multi-coloured pieces of glitter throughout. A hard thing to capture on camera, but amazing in reality.  The heel is a darkened silver mirror-metallic and despite the height, they are really comfortable and also easy to walk in. The padded and leather lining is a dream against the foot.  I'm really fussy about pointed toes and don't like anything too elongated so I'll be honest and say, I fully expected to dislike the toe in real life. They do look a bit long on the website, don't they?  In real life though they are just perfect and fit the foot really well (I feel they come across as more elongated in my photos than they are though). The vamp is cut quite low at the sides of the foot and the front, so expect a little toe cleavage if wearing barefoot. They are the perfect Christmas party shoes...well, you can't really go wrong with glitter can you? Remember to use hairspray on shoes like these before wearing to minimise glitter fall-out. I'll have more detailed photos on Pink Haired Princess sometime this week (you're so not getting a definitive date out of me right now).  What do you think, like these?

Fit:  Just over 4 1/2" heel.  True to size.  
Comfort:  Surprisingly easy to walk in and comfortable, though I suspect the narrow toe may pinch after a couple of hours.  

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