Monday, 21 December 2015

12 Shoes Of Christmas - Day 9

How is the run up to Christmas going for you?  I feel like I'm getting somewhere now.  I ordered the last couple of things on Saturday, which surprisingly arrived today (though I could've done without the early morning text when they got to the local sorting office).  My cards are written and sent and my friend is coming on Wednesday night to pick up a present for her wee boy (Playmobil pirate ship) and my Auntie and Uncle during the day.  Now I just have to tackle the wrapping.  Might need some help on that one as my arms tire easily and I get frustrated when they start shaking and I end up in a tangle of twisted sticky tape and creased paper!
I've probably told you this before, but when I was younger I worked on a perfume and makeup counter, so this time of year was super busy for us.  I used to be in charge of gift wrapping (because I was neat but efficient at it) and I loved all the Chanel, Clarins and Dior gift wrap and ribbons we got in.  I worked alongside an absolute gem of a woman, Louise, and we made a great team serving and wrapping and keeping everything running smoothly.  It's not far off 20 years ago now, but sometimes it's worth reminding myself that I used to lead a busy life and be capable of doing worthwhile things, no matter how small.  Someone who has only known me since falling ill, said a couple of months ago "I hear you used to be really talented", used to be as in not now!  That's a story for another day though!  Today we have stars galore and I'm only just appreciating from the images Tomi sent me, that these Abigail's Party boots actually have a sequins covered heel.  That's a rare thing to find, usually brands have contrast glitter, metal, plastic, leather or whatever, as it is easier to cover.  The heel hasn't lost it's shaping at all either, it's very impressive.  They are red with stars in gold.  I'm wearing Eternal Friend with gold glittered unicorn horn and holographic stars, which shimmer under direct light.  What do you think of the starry shoes today?  

Today Tomi is wearing:  Red and gold star Abigail's Party Too 
Today I'm wearing: Black Eternal Friend unicorn heels 


  1. I love the stars- I really liked those Abigail's party- wish they were lower!x


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