Sunday, 20 December 2015

12 Shoes Of Christmas - Day 8

Some new season shoes for you today that are most definitely festive!
Both Tomi and I own the original Santa heels, but we were honestly desperate for this new version to launch in the UK.  They have the same heel as before, but the uppers are fluffy reindeer with googly eyes and big shiny red noses.  Like a Christmas version of Squeezy!  I'm annoyed I didn't stick with my gut instinct to buy my usual size and instead went for the size up.  When I tried them on for these photos, they are really quite big.  The shoe is wide fitting, so I definitely would've gotten away with the size below.  Easier to fix than them being too small though.  I'm disappointed I'm not going anywhere over Christmas to wear these, seems like such a waste and I like to get as much wear out of 'seasonal' items as possible.  They will remain in the shoe room though all year, so I can still appreciate them.  What do you think?
Today I'm wearing:  Rudy Rudolph Santa heels 
Today Tomi is wearing: Rudy Rudolph Santa heels  


Thank you for your shoeaholic love!!

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