Wednesday, 16 December 2015

12 Shoes Of Christmas - Day 4

Hello, how are you all this evening? Today we have some glitter, sequins and...bunnies!
Yes I'm wearing my white snow bunnies for the first time. I will do a proper Shoesday Tuesday post of them at some point, but in the meantime, here they are. They are very comfortable and I think I mentioned this in my review, but I expected them to feel quite delicate (never had all-white shoes before), but I could wear these daily, no bother. The way the glitter twinkles green and pink is so sweet and I'm a big lace fan, so love the uppers. Tomi is wearing one of the many Abigail's Party styles. This pair have gold sequins uppers, contrast metallic trim and large satin ribbon laces. You can see why this style is so iconic and has been reproduced in so many colours and prints over the years. What do you think?

Today I'm wearing:  White Bunnykins bunny heels 
Today Tomi is wearing: Gold sequins Abigail's Party 


  1. Wow, they both are real showstoppers! I love Tomi's beautiful Abigail's parties!x

  2. Hello bunny!! How adorable:)) Those are some incredible shoes!


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