Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Sixty Nine - I Hate February

Shoes: Black and nude pleated 'Alice' shoe boot ASOS

I do hate February. Nothing good ever happens in it and it just seems like a pointless month to me, the dregs of winter still here but not quite into the next season yet. People always die in February too or maybe that's just my personal experience. Anyway, my first day of the month isn't going that well. Nothing major, just feeling bleugh. So I decided to pull out these fabulous shoes to make the day slightly better. They're just so cute!

Wearing: A new dress I got last week in Primark (same style but different colour of one I got last summer-oh and 2 sizes bigger)-can you see why my day sucks? My boobs don't fit in where they're supposed to, as you can see, but they rarely do in any dress! I wore my black waterfall cardi over it and belted. New rings too; cameo Primark and spike one from ASOS (so cool).
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and small platform, all 3 buckle things open. My toes felt a little scrunched up in my regular size, so I opted to go up for comfort.
Comfort: They are high, but you feel very steady on them, comfortable too. My Doctor said they "looked dangerous"!


  1. Oh my, I want this dress! How much did it cost? x

  2. these dresses are weird, i bought one last year and this year and neither are right in the boob area, so i don't think that helps!

  3. Rai-it was really cheap, either £7 or £9. they had other similar styles, maybe not quite as god quality for £5 (including a lovely pony print in 2 colours, but they only had 8/10/12's in my store).

    Phew it's not just me then! Was having a particularly 'fat day' yesterday!

  4. Could you pleasepleaseplease tell me the pinned ring by ASOS if it lose color? Like the gold is smudged out? x~

  5. Would you like to know if the gold scrapes off or it goes tarnished Mei? Only worn it once so far and no issues yet...


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