Monday, 21 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Nine - I Heart Syd

carvela syd shoe bootShoes: Taupe and navy patent 'Syd' shoe boots Carvela at Kurt Geiger

You may notice a slight difference to the layout of this post today. I'm just trying it out-let me know if you really dislike it! I'm glad to be 'back' after my busy week. I sold a ton of stuff on eBay this weekend, so I've been packing up parcels all morning-that's the majority done now though. I have to tell you the conversation I overheard from some school kids when I was out walking today. "Do you know Ben...?" "He's a a proper Jew"! Kids huh?!

Wearing: I totally crushed this dress taking these photos-sorry about that! It's far too shiny to take a decent photo anyway. It's by ASOS Curve and has this strange ruched middle which isn't what I would call 'ruched', it's just kinda lumpy and too big, so I needed this Topshop metal bow belt to pull it in. Heart tights Primark (so comfy) and the usual outer layers.
Fit: 5 1/2" skinny heel and 1" platform. Small inside zip and the strap is elasticated for ease of getting on and off.
Comfort: You know what? Sometimes the shoes that look 'killer', actually aren't. I found these easy to walk in, although the arch support isn't that great, after a while they may ache.


  1. love the whole combination of the patterned dress and tights with those lovelky shoes !:)

  2. I was worried it was a bit much, but the colours all went well together.


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