Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Four - A Sight For Sore Eyes

Shoes: Black leather and wooden 'Sight For Sore Eyes' platforms Office

Wow, the boobs are out today, haha! I bought this dress the other week in green and it was just too tight across the bust, so I returned it and found they had more stock (tonnes more sizes and colours). So I bought a bigger size and got it in green, peach and black! It has a lovely pleated bodice which although is aesthetically pleasing, it doesn't really mould to ones curves, so it kinda squishes your boobs and seeing as I have a lot to squish, it's a little revealing. My Mum told me not to bend over, but quite honestly I'm packed in here for good-one of the plus points of having a large bust, it's highly unlikely you ever accidentally 'fall out' of your top or dress! A combination of my ever increasing bust and growing older means I usually try to cover up, but I just thought 'what the hell' today, besides there's really nowhere else for them to go!
Wearing: Hawaiian floral print black dress (with pockets-how cool), black leggings and black cardi all Primark and black belt Dorothy Perkins.
Fit: 5 3/4" heel and platform over 1 1/2", adjustable buckle fastening. True to size.
Comfort: They have a rubber sole, so that helps, but you do have to be careful because you can wobble every so often! The heel is chunky enough that you have a reasonably solid base though. Comfort is fine.


  1. i love your shoes!!! :) xoxo Eli

  2. i managed to refrain from buying it in this colour, i got the green one instead as i already have a very similar coloured dress from there from last year - lookat me being sensible for about the first time - ever!

  3. Thank you Eli!

    Haha, I was so 'sensible' the first time I saw them, but then when I saw all 3, I buckled. I love that it has pockets!


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