Friday, 25 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Eighty Three - A Royal Affair

Shoes: Raspberry patent strappy shoes (worn without ruffle) Matalan

It was another lovely day, albeit a bit windy which was good considering Prince William and Kate were visiting. I often wonder if these Royals realise the work (and money) that's involved preceding their visit. The town has been utter chaos all week with press everywhere, security checking every drain, lamp-post and anything else. Bins have been taken off the street as they are an eyesore, various items have been removed for security reasons (even although they were nailed into the ground) and fresh paint has been applied anywhere that stands still long enough. My Dad works for the University and was given brand new boots to wear (he's retiring soon, so really doesn't need them and was not directly with William at any point!). Dad also had to give the names, addresses and dates of birth of all his team that were working in the area today. Guests at the event were not allowed bags, cameras or phones and they needed their passports with them (after security checks obviously) and had very strict guidelines on what to wear. All that fuss for a couple that lived here (pretty anonymously) for 4 years and which I'm sure have seen wheelie bins, chipped paint and casual attire!

Wearing: Pearl Lowe for Peacocks peter pan collar dress which is so see-through, so I need a slip underneath (also very creased-oops) and black tights.
Fit: Very narrow toe box, these are my regular size. 4 straps with adjustable buckles. Heel 4 3/4" and concealed platform.
Comfort: With the narrow toe, they will probably ache after a few hours, but I didn't have any issues today.

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